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Bangla Choti বাংলা চটি banglachoti

The Twins finally learn to get along and much more


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Raj & Smriti, the twins were born to wealthy parents. Though it is normally expected for the twins to share great bonds between them, they never got along with each other. Since their childhood times the two fought and quarreled un endingly day and night. They hated the sheer presence of each other. Such was the animosity between them that unwillingly their parents had to send one of them off to hostel.
Raj hated his sister even more for that. He blamed smriti for him being sent off to hostel. Their parents had thought probably staying away from each other could in a way help to bring them closer when they grew up to be mature individuals. But how wrong they were and they saw first signs of their growing animosity when raj came back from hostel and one day out of fierce anger hit his sister with a knife. The knife injured her belly causing blood to ooze out. She was rushed to the hospital and her wounds had to be stitched. Even now at 18, she had the marks that her twin brother had given her.
Their parents had already lost hope of one day seeing them share the sibling bond. But then when raj came back after finishing his school, something about him had changed. Something definitely but what. What had caused raj to suddenly feel good about having a twin sister.
Raj had come home after 6 years and the first time after that knife incident. All these years he spent his time in hostel where he was regularly visited by his parents. It was Sunday morning when raj had arrived home after 5 years. He was beginning to mature and going through the stage of puberty. His facial beard and moustache had begun appearing, his body was becoming muscular. He had grown in height. At 18 years of age he looked like a heart throb of thousands of girls. On entering home, he saw his mother first who delightfully embraced her son and then he received a big hug from his proud father who was beaming with happiness on his son having topped in the class 12 board exams. Their daughter smriti too had topped and both the children made them proud.
As he settled down on his sofa he saw his sister walk in. she was returning from her morning yoga sessions wearing a tight top and knee length pants. She had kept her hairs untied and looked beautiful or maybe even desirable as raj found out later. Smriti was a slim figured girl, 5’3” tall, fair complexion, beautiful face. Raj noticed she had grown breasts just like any other normal girl. Staying in a hostel all these years amongst boys, he hardly ever got to see girls and whenever he got a chance his eyes always stared at their boobs. He had difficulty keeping his eyes away from their boobs and he also admired their shapely ass whenever he coud. But holy shit , she was not just any girl, she was his own sister, his own twin sister. Goddamn he shouldn’t be looking at her in that way. But then he already was feeling movements in his pant. He knew he was getting bigger, he could feel it hardening. And then suddenly pat came the hand of his dad on his shoulders.
Dad “son, didn’t you recognize her? She is smriti. Just like you she’s all grown up into a beautiful woman”
Smriti blushes at her dad’s comment “oh comeon papa” bringing smile at everyone’s face. Little did their dad know or for that matter anyone else knew that how quickly raj had observed about the physical growth of smriti.
Smriti seemed to ignore raj as she started walking towards her room when raj got up and offered his hand to her for a brotherly handshake “hi smriti”.
Smriti hadn’t expected such gentle behaviour from raj and was quite surprised but then she felt happy from inside as she never had wanted to be in hard terms with her brother. She always had a soft corner for him but then raj wasn’t willing to share his space with her and hated her deep down. But probably smriti thought things might change for better now as they weren’t kids any longer now and she softly holds his hand and smiles and says “hi raj. Its good to see you again”
Raj smiles “its good to see you too sister.”
As soon as raj addressed smriti as “sister”, it brought tears of joy in his mother’s eyes. She was all too happy now that things were looking better between the two twins.
Raj to his own surprise went on to say “you look beautiful.” Bringing an een wider smile on everyone’s face.
Smriti “hehehe, thanks brother. You don’t look bad either… hehe”. Probably the ice had been broken or so the parents hoped but then how wrong they were.
The day passed off normally. Next morning raj woke up at around 9 in the morning. He got up from his bed sporting a hard on. Soon he recalled how he had dreamed about his sexy sister last night and he felt guilty about it but never the less he felt an urge to release himself. His room didn’t have an attached bathroom and so he decided to use smriti’s room. She must have been out to her yoga classes and so he entered her room without bothering to knock.
As expected the room was empty and he enters the toilet and immediately removes his pyjamas and underwear and shags himself off to joy and happiness. It was the first time he had shagged thinking about his sis. No matter how hard he tried he could not delete images of his sister from his mind. He felt guilty again but then he had never felt so much pleasure too, he had never experienced so much of satisfaction. The very thought of doing something naughty with his twin sister brought his penis to life again. She had such power over him, he had never risen so quickly ever since he had learnt the joys of self satisfaction. He was being tempted to shag again thinking about undressing his sister and the temptation was so strong that even before he could give thought to his deeds, his hand was already playing with his dick fantasizing about smriti. It was only a matter of seconds before he experienced the most pleasurable feeling in the world. He came again. He sat on the pot for a while pondering over his new interest when he spotted a bra hanging on a rod attached to the door. Instantly his hands reached out for the bra and he brought it closer to him. The label on it read 34. Smriti had really grown up. He stared at the bra running his hand all over the bra as if it was still holding her boobs and within a few moments he knew he was ready to play with his dick again.
Outside smriti had returned home and was walking towards her room. The door was open, someone was inside. Who could it be? Who could be inside her room so early in the morning. She had definitely closed the door when she had left so either someone was inside right now or maybe someone had been there a while ago. Was raj inside? What would he be doing inside?
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