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Poker with Mom:Part 7

< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>”Sweetie I cannot say and you should not know.”

“Mom did you shave your pubes?” she looked like she had just won a beauty contest there was a great big smile on her face.

“No honey,” she lied.

“Let me see,” I said as I jumped towards her dramatically grabbing at her gown.

“Eeeee no sweetie get away I’m your mother don’t touch me.” She had hardly moved.

“Mom you were caught stealing by the room owner you must face the consequences of your actions plus I really want to see your bare vagina.” She looked back at me as I lifted both shoulders of her gown pushed them back and let them drop down her back.

As the gown slid off her shoulders she moved her arms to stop it falling on to the floor. Nevertheless she was effectively naked as I lowered my eyes to look again at her great big beautiful breasts.

I was looking at her naked body all over again. I stepped back to stare at those heavy large tits with their large dark pink areolas her nipples were starting to harden. She could see me looking at her. She started to lift the gown back on to her shoulders.

“You did shave your pubes and you look very sexy shaved bare.”

“Yes sweetie I was hanging around the house took a bath and decided to shave.”

“Well you look fantastic now you are ready for Rio.” She smiled as though I had given her my approval perhaps I had. Her pussy lips looked even hotter than yesterday slightly puffy much naughtier the hint of a gap between her lips.

‘Let me look at the bare skin.” She now had the gown back over her shoulders and held it closed in front of her.

“Sweetie we are done with all the touching I am your mother you cannot be messing with me. You can have a quick look but do not touch.” She climbed onto the bed showing me naked ass and sat on the bed her back to the wall just like in her room yesterday but with the gown closed across her breasts it barely covered her crotch as she made herself comfortable.

“Mom why don’t you slide down a little put your head on the pillow let me have a look.”

She looked suitably nervous but complied taking some time to ensure her gown was still covering breasts and just over her crotch. I had to make sure I did not give her a reason to leave the room or turn me down.

“Mom regarding the crime of sneaking into your son’s room to steal his property; what should the punishment be?” I was looking closely and intently at my Mom’s shaven pussy quickly I realized she had shaved everything. My fingers slipped into her vagina down her crack and under her body to touch her asshole.

“Mom how did you shave everything on your own wasn’t it difficult not to cut yourself?” She was thinking about the crime question and jumped on the easy one.

“Well sweetie I took my time twisted my body into some weird positions and used a mirror for some of it.”

“Wow Mom that must have been great to watch.” My fingers were now backing into her pussy sliding up and down her labia closing in on her clitoris.

“Mom your vagina feels fantastic so smooth and soft. How much are your clothes worth the judge must take into account the value of the items you were going to steal?’

“Sweetie you cannot sell them they are…were mine. The bra was seventy five, the thong fifty and the camisole one hundred and thirty.”

“Mom that’s two hundred and fifty five, I could buy a starter motor perhaps you should buy them back.” She looked distraught.

“We still have to discuss your punishment in lieu of reporting you to the authorities.” There were no authorities, we were not even close. Dad would never hear about Mom losing her clothes at poker and fooling around with her only son, sucking dick, swallowing cum, reaching orgasm 3 times and then being caught nearly naked trying to steal her stuff back from her son’s bedroom.

Mom’s expression said I don’t know how serious this is; am I really in trouble, there is no way I can have sex with my son again?

“Mom, I cannot believe you were going to take my poker winnings. Maybe the bra and thong are yours although they were part of the cheating, the rest I won fair and square. In fact you were wearing the boxers you won from me, I never dreamt of stealing them back. I had no money for that weekend I had to stay home because I could not go out.” I paused and tried to look sad.

“Sweetie I am sorry I don’t know what came over me you are right, let me get up.” She started to sit up I plunged my hand into her very wet vagina putting my thumb on her clitoris.

“Mom, you cannot just leave after what has happened you have to play or earn your way out and presumably you want your clothes back. I have an idea.” She looked blankly into my eyes I could not read her expression but I knew what I wanted.

“We started poker night yesterday at around nine thirty, we are still within the 24 hour period of that night I suggest we treat this as your attempt to get back your clothes and money. Obviously you cannot afford to play poker again,” actually given the amount of a clothes Mom had in her closets she could have played all night losing every other hand and still have a full wardrobe of clothes but that was not what I wanted.

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“Let me touch you again.” Mom interrupted

“Sweetie there is no way you are going to do what you did yesterday.” My hand was still sliding in Mom’s pussy I was gently moving my thumb over her clitoris.

“Mom I thought you wanted your clothes and cash back you are not going to steal any of it if you are not going to pay for it how do you propose getting it back?”

“Sweetie,” she started to sit up placing her hand over mine the one with my fingers in her pussy. I stopped playing with her.

“I cannot let you do what you did last night I am your mother yesterday I allowed it to happen because it felt so good I should have stopped you. Today I know what will happen I cannot let you do that to me.” Bummer this was not going to plan.

“Mom the clock says we are still playing on poker night there are about 3 hours remaining,” actually there were closer to 6 hours remaining I did not want to scare her. She looked quizzical as if realizing I was actually telling the truth about our being within a 24 hour window from last night. Based on her actions and my actions last night I suspected my argument actually had some validity in her mind. Bets are made and paid, agreements are honored and fulfilled and rules are valid for the duration of the game.

“Mom you still have the hottest body I have ever seen and shaved you are even hotter.” The fact she had shaved her vagina and although there was no way she knew I would be home early I had found her nearly naked in my room meant something was going on. I had to tread carefully between the landmines of whatever it was that had her lying on my bed in a small gown with my motionless fingers in her pussy and being thrown out of the house.

“I have got to get my car fixed and I need beer money. Tomorrow I will push the car down the road to the garage and take your clothes to that store in town that buys and sells used clothing.” She had been leaning her shoulders against my headboard her head against the wall my words brought her face inches from mine and she shifted her body pulling my hand away from her crotch.

“Sweetie no I want my clothes back. What are we going to play? I know my luck will change.” Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. After she broke the kiss I looked at her.

“Mom, what was that for?”

“I love you honey I wanted to show you.”

“I love you to Mom.” I leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed me back her lips pressed against my lips her tongue tapped at my closed mouth trying to get in. She looked a little hurt we had not kissed for longer as I moved my head to get away from her pressing mouth.

“Mom, I love you, we have to finish what we started first. I am sorry to say you do not appear to have much left to gamble with.” I said looking down at her nearly naked body, my finger moving again very slowly back into her pussy.

“Sweetie how about I let you touch me for a minute and then we play poker.”

“Agreed, Mom how about I bet my clothes winnings and half the money you wager some minutes of me touching you, how about 120?”

“Sweetie I need all my money back and 2 hours is too much.” I remembered last night how she had never agreed a price as I had started to touch her so I carried on. A second finger on my right hand slid into her wetness moving deeper as my first finger found her clitoris.

“Mmmm, sweetie that feels good, remember you are just touching.” I smirked and did not reply.

“Mom tell me about shaving; your vagina looks and feels unbelievable.” I had slid the dressing gown off her left shoulder and was moving it off the right exposing her beautiful breasts realizing the gown was thin and flimsy with no belt or buttons.

“Sweetie what are you doing, aren’t you going to give me a kiss a real kiss?”

“I’ll kiss you in a moment take off your gown,” she was still sitting so I grabbed it and pulled the rest of the fabric off her shoulders throwing it onto the floor on the other side of the bed.

“Lie back down Mom,” she slid down on to the mattress her head barely on the base of the pillow her body nude her legs already apart as I played with her pussy moving my fingers to graze her ass as my hand moved all over her pussy. Her breasts obviously real were sitting up on her chest flatter but very sexy.

“Mom you feel so sexy with no hair down there have you ever shaved it before?”

“Sweetie I can not tell you.” She sounded shocked like we were both sitting in the living room watching TV instead of me standing next to her naked body lying on my bed with my hand playing in her soaking wet pussy. Some sort of plausible denial I assumed.

“Sweetie I want you to kiss me kiss me properly I love you.” Truth was I wanted to kiss her but not yet.

“Yes Mom in a minute, let me touch you a while.” I was rapidly undressing as we talked. My soaking wet fingers slid over her asshole and stopped for a moment trying to get into her tightly clenched hole.

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“Sweetie you are not to put anything into my asshole I do not want your tongue or fingers in it.” I knew she must like it a little because of the orgasms she had had last night at least one triggered by my anal activities.

“Okay Mom let me kiss your tits.” I leaned forward keeping my pussy hand playing with her clit my left hand caressing her neck ears and cheeks occasionally moving over her mouth. Every time my hand crossed her mouth she parted her lips and licked or sucked on my fingers. Minutes passed with me licking and sucking her breasts my right hand sloshing around in her pussy touching and tweaking her clitoris occasionally touching her ass crack never stopping on her hole lubing the entire area with her juices. Just as yesterday she was very wet and starting to make groaning and cooing noises. My left hand was now hovering around her mouth alternating two three and four fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked and licked my fingers moaning as though sucking my cock but not.

“Mom I’m only going to kiss you if you kiss my cock first.” I shifted my position a little and lined my cock up with her mouth. She was still lying on the bed, she turned and lifted her head either to argue or better accept my cock.

“Well okay dear just a kiss,” her mouth stayed open my cock slid in. Her eyes looked at me in shock(maybe it was shock) I started moving half my cock in and out of her mouth nothing threatening same as my fingers. Mom started licking and gently sucking my erect penis. All the finger action had lubed her mouth with saliva and got her in the mood for more.

“Mom this feels fantastic your pussy feels great your mouth even better.” I slid a finger to her ass and stopped at her asshole. She stopped work on my cock and looked straight at me. I moved my finger back to her pussy. She restarted efforts on my prick. I was now sliding my full length into her mouth moving it half out then back in as she purred and massaged it in her mouth. Her eyes were closed. She began pushing her mouth against my body as if forcing as much cock into her mouth as possible I could feel slight gags as my cock touched the back of her throat. She did not stop. This was very hot. Her eyes were still closed they opened as I spoke just loud enough to be heard above the sound of my finger sloshing in her pussy juices and her moans of pleasure.

“Mom I’ll kiss you after I cum in your mouth.” She looked blankly up at me her eyes seemed to flash back to last night my left hand was now behind her head much like last night but this time she kept on moving her head to keep my cock in her mouth. I knew I would not have to push her face onto my cock when I exploded in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and speeded up her cock action moaning quietly, I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth I realized it felt much better if I had her head in my hand while I was fucking her mouth. She made mmm sound as I grabbed her head and started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. Her big tits were bouncing as she laid on her right side on the bed my right hand flew in and out of her pussy it would not take long.

I felt her pussy expel fluid her mouth exhaled around my cock as she orgasmed. Same as last night I pushed her face into my crotch as my cock exploded in her mouth it was so sexy to cum in my mother’s mouth this time she swallowed as fast as I pumped semen. She kept my cock in her mouth as her orgasm wound down looking me straight in the eye.

I crouched down beside the bed and leaned in to kiss her. She smiled for a second and kissed me back. Her tongue raced around my mouth as I kissed back. We paused for a second.

“I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you Mom.” We recommenced kissing as my right hand played with her soaking wet pussy. I could taste my salty gooey fluid in her mouth as our tongues touched and parried. Thinking about the fact I was kissing my very sexy now thoroughly compromised mother immediately after cuming in her mouth made me hard again. I raised my body keeping the kiss going but climbing onto the bed forcing her to move from the edge to the middle of the bed. I knew as long as we were kissing she would not stop me.

She had moved her legs apart after her orgasm died down which allowed me to keep playing with her clit. I positioned my self directly over her body face to face chest to chest penis to vagina. We were still kissing as I lowered my erect cock to rest between and parallel to her pussy lips cock pointing towards her face.

I started to slide my penis gently up and down her vagina we were still kissing my right hand fresh from her wet vagina was massaging her left breast.

She started to pull back and break the kiss to tell me we were not going to have intercourse when I redoubled my kissing energy pushing my face into hers as my cock slid into her very wet open vagina.

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My cock was between her outer lips an inch or so I stopped moving, my eyes never leaving hers.

“Mom my penis has already been in your very sexy now bald pussy it’s going in again.”

I slid in slowly all the way until our bodies were pressed together. I broke the kiss and began to fuck her slowly. The full length of my cock moving all the way in and out then back in. Mom put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. My two hands massaged her huge breasts her nipples erect and sensitive my elbows holding me off her body. My fucking slowly increased speed, after cuming minutes earlier I felt like I could fuck her all day.

Her pussy was tight sometimes when I drove my cock in hard and fast her pussy muscles would grip my cock as it moved out as though trying to stop me pulling out. I adjusted angles increasing her moans of pleasure as I fucked her straight down touching her clit on every stroke then sliding my cock up and down the length of her pussy lips changing angles and speed.

She was pushing back her body movements and sounds telling me what she liked, when to keep doing it and when to speed up. Her legs were lifting off the bed she was about to wrap her ankles around my ass. I stopped fucking her and straightened my back.

“Mom turn around I want to look at your ass.” She pulled her legs towards her and turned over all in one movement now she was on all fours looking back at me. I got up and lined my cock up with her pussy sliding it in and starting to fuck her all in one movement. She gasped as my cock speeded up ramming into her sodden pussy I grabbed her tits with each hand pounding her hole, grunting as my cock filled her pussy. She was moaning and gasping as my cock bounced out of her pussy and back in, we fucked for 5 minutes and then 10 she came again her body tensing as she stopped moving to climax I kept on fucking her straight through her orgasm leading to another one immediately after it.

After another 5 minutes I could feel her body tiring her arms were sliding forward moving her head and chest downward her ass stayed in the air partly because her legs were stronger partly because I was holding onto her hips as I pummeled her pussy. Her asshole was open about a half an inch. I suspected it was open because her muscles were tiring. She was now moaning continuously even as I stopped fucking her and withdrew my cock putting it in her ass crack she turned her head to look back at me she knew I knew she knew my cock was going into her ass, I had to fuck her ass.

“Mom I love you,” I said as I pressed my cock head into her ass hole. She tensed and tried to move forward away from my cock but her body was pressed into the mattress she had nowhere to go her ass muscles tried to close. I slowly pressed my cock into her hole. Nothing violent I waited as each muscle relented as my cock slowly slid in. Then she relaxed let out a long sexual moan that kept on going as I slipped in. My cock was in my Mom’s ass. Mom seemed to be welcoming it now I was past the rim. She pushed back against my body ensuring I went in fast. I started to pump slowly at first getting faster, she moaned I know I heard her say Yes at least once. She was moaning loudly into the bed sheet I was pounding my Mom’s ass I grabbed her tits hard and we fucked together for a few minutes me standing but her holding up most of our weight. I felt my cum rising as she orgasmed again, I pounded through it even though I knew she wanted to stop while she came, minutes went by my cock was pounding into her ass her ass cheeks bashing against my crotch I was going to explode. She came again this time she screamed as I exploded in her ass. I did not stop pumping as cum sprayed deep into her body she tensed and shook as her orgasm lasted well beyond my own explosion.

We collapsed on the bed or at least she did and I laid on her back cock stuck between her ass cheeks both of us gasping for air. Sweat keeping our body’s slick. I slid up her back my cock popping out of her ass she turned her head to the left straining to look at me. I kissed her left cheek a wet sweaty kiss, I slid to the side she turned her head a little more. Our lips touched we kissed, our tongues danced together. She turned on her side I slid onto the bed facing her.

“Love you sweetie, where are my money and clothes?”

“Love you Mom. Help yourself.”

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