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Poker with Mom:Part 6


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>”Sweetie, be that as it may.” That was my favorite line that Mom used when she was not sure.

“We are not having intercourse, I might have agreed to something, I” I interrupted.

“Mom let me finish your back rub” I jumped off the mattress and stood at the end of the bed in front of her head which she raised to look at me as I moved fast.

“Okay honey that’s a good idea.” I reached for the oil splashed it on her shoulders and back and started to rub. My new angle of massage standing in front of her leaning past her head pushing down on her back must have felt great because she started to moan and thank me profusely. She opened her legs to 45 degrees although I could not see any crotch from where I was standing in front of her prostate body.

“Mom you are flashing vagina I am up here giving you a great back rub what the hell.” My penis was flapping semi erect above her head that was resting on the mattress.

“Maybe Mommy can make it up to you,” she looked at me by lifting her eyes to the very top of her eye lids and raised her upper body moving her elbows under her shoulders to support herself while she took hold of my cock in her right hand. She grasped it firmly it was still hard she started to slide her hand up and down my penis in a slow jacking action.

“Honey I believe I was to help you get off?” now she had a little girl look to go with the innocent voice she had used. Boy this was hot importantly it was not Mom anymore it was innocent sleazy sexy girl paying off on a bet.

“Hot cheeks you are unbelievable.” I said.

“Sweetie this is a one time deal I always honor my bets but you will never talk about this to anyone anytime ever and we will be fine.”

“Mom you have my word as a champion poker player and loving son hmm that feels so good.” She was gripping firmly and moving her hand steadily up and down. I knew I would not cum yet. She continued her amateur action jacking me off but after hours of not exploding I knew I could last longer. After 5 minutes.

“Sweetie, mommy can’t do this all night my hand and wrist is getting tired.”

“Sweet cheeks I thought you always paid off on your bets.” I feigned shock and horror in my voice.

“Part of the problem is you are lying down trying to work at a bad angle sit up show me some beautiful tits and see how you do.” I saw a little light go off behind her eyes naked Mommy breast views had to help son ejaculate.

“Okay sweetie,” she quickly sat up on the end of the bed, her feet on the carpet her hand on my cock her fantastic breasts moving as she moved. Her nipples were hard her tits looked great. Five minutes in she looked up at me my cock pointing straight up as she pumped away at it. I realized she was actually not very good at jacking me off(we are all experts with our own equipment), I had rubbed some massage oil on her hands to help.

“I have an idea hot cheeks let go,” I grabbed my cock letting it sag a little from it’s erect position. I jerked it a couple of times for luck pulled her head down towards me and placed my head at her lips.

“Try this hot cheeks if you kiss or lick I’ll finish.” She looked up at me pouted a little and remembered she was a naughty girl not Mom.

“Okay sweetie,” her mouth closed around the end of my cock she licked the tip.

“Whoa Mom, that feels great,” she quickly removed her mouth,

“Uuk that tastes bad sweetie the massage oil smells great but tastes awful.”

“I have an idea turn around put your hands on the bed stretch out” She did I immediately nuzzled my cock up to her still wet pussy and entered her for the second time.

“Whooaa what are you doing?”

“Lubing up my penis Mom seemed like the quickest way what does K-Y taste like?”

“Not good sweetie ugghh,” she let out a strong sexual grunt as I slid into her pussy. She was grabbing on to the bed sheet pushing back as I pushed in and out. After 4 slow deliberate penetrations she spoke.

“Honey you have to stop we are not having sex, I am finishing you off, you cum and we are done.” I leaned forward, and grabbed her tits and squeezed as I moved in and out of her vagina a couple more times.

“Mom I am just lubing my penis shall I stop?” no one on earth could believe I was that obtuse but the pathetic tone of my voice prevented a total withdrawal of sexual privileges.

“Yes honey you need to stop,” Mom spoke those words deliberately perhaps with a touch of regret but I knew she meant it I stopped. Pulling my cock out and physically moving her body a little as she turned around she looked sweaty very sexy and a little slutty her breasts swaying as she moved.

“Mom you look and feel so good I know I am going to cum soon.” Mom ignored me got back on the bed lowered her body a little and placed my cock in her mouth closing her lips around me. My cock was soaking wet with her juices she did not hesitate as she sucked me in, licking my cock inside her mouth quickly swallowing more of my length. I realized Mom wanted her son to cum and be done with the balance of our poker wager.

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She was working my penis hard and fast slowing down briefly but speeding up as she played her skilful tongue all over my cock alternately sucking and working my shaft with her hands and fingers. Mom was an expert cock sucker I was going to orgasm soon.

“Mom this feels great you are great why don’t you let me touch you, it will speed up my orgasm.” She looked at me and for the first time she actually looked a little tired and beaten. She had been bested at poker by her 19 year old son whose cock she was now sucking to pay off all bets and debts. She moved her legs as I posed her on all fours leaning forward her mouth never leaving my cock. I reached over to touch her ass as I ran my hand across her smooth silky buttocks. My cock was still rock hard I could feel the hours of playing with Mom and an unreleased erection taking their toll. She was sucking on my cock harder giving up the more subtle sexy tongue and mouth maneuvers switching to hard core vacuuming. My cum was rising.

My fingers slid into her wet pussy I collapsed my hand as I slid in expanding my fingers out to fill her space. I heard her moan deep and long. I kept part of my hand in her pussy and moved my thumb up her ass crack placing my thumb over her ass hole. I splayed out my hand in her pussy touching as much as I could and slowly pushed my thumb into her ass.

“Mmmm honee mmm,” was all Mom could say. I knew she knew my orgasm was close she could not afford to stop sucking to tell me to get my thumb out of her ass. I pushed it in. She was sucking my cock as though her life depended on it I was going to cum soon.

“Mom this is so hot so sexy don’t ever stop doing what you are doing.” My thumb was sinking slowly deeper into her tightly clenched ass. I had got my thumb into her asshole mostly because there was lube everywhere a combination of her juices and the massage oil plus I was pushing very hard. She moaned or groaned again as I started to pull my thumb out she relaxed her muscles a little I pushed back in.

“Mmmmm” her body started to tense she was close to another orgasm so was I.

I had started moving my cock in and out of her mouth nothing fast an in out motion that moved with her head and her sucking action my hand had settled behind her head no pressure I was familiar with the range of motion of her head. She made a couple more noises deep within her body her ass muscles relaxed as I pushed my thumb hard into her clenched bottom held it then started pumping it in and out the juices and oil allowing frictionless motion the rest of my hand pushed hard against her butt cheeks as I waved my thumb inside her ass.

My own juices rose fast, Mom was sucking hard, she must have felt my body tense because she stopped sucking and tried to pull her head away from my penis my hand pushed her head against my crotch with my cock buried in her throat. Her eyes strained in her sockets looking up at me begging to let go. No way, my eyes must have told her I needed this release into her mouth. She gave one deliberate hard suck looking up at my face and relaxed. My cock exploded in her mouth I heard air escaping through her puckered lips pushed against my crotch as I came and came. I kept on pumping jets of cum into her mouth. 4 hours of sexual tension, treating my Mom’s body like a sexual playground and bringing her to orgasm at least twice had prepared my body for a massive extended explosion of ejaculate.

I felt her body spasm tense and twitch as she shook with her third orgasm of the night. She had stopped pulling her head away from my cock. I felt her throat constrict and swallow as she ingested cum an orgasm ran through her body and kept on running as she groaned and squeaked with pleasure. I let go of her head and backed away from her face pulling my thumb out of her ass with a gentle pop. Her lips remained tightly closed over my cock as I exited her mouth effectively wiping any cum from my cock into her mouth, she swallowed again.

Her face was blank with an expression if not of satisfaction at least closure she knew the betting and forfeits were over. Cum dripped out of both sides of her mouth down her chin dropping onto her nipples and breasts. Her tits moved a little as her body sagged down from all fours onto her legs to sit side saddle, her eyes began to close.

I felt my legs sag a little as my adrenalin levels dropped I stood looking at Mom still hot and naked cum had trickled from her slightly open mouth down her tits onto her thighs. My cock had softened after my gigantic orgasm staring at my hot Mom I was still semi hard my cock pointing straight at her. My mind kept repeating I came in my Mom’s mouth I came in my Mom’s mouth.

Mom opened her eyes as though waking from a particularly deep sleep she did not rub her eyes with closed fist but definitely spent a second or two focusing. She looked at my cock for a couple of seconds wiped cum from one side of her mouth looked me straight in the eye and spoke.

“Son, we are done well and truly done. I am confident you did not set out to have sex with me when we first played poker if I thought for a moment that was the plan you would have to leave this house and stay away. As it is I am not sure if we can live here together but I am not going to throw you out right now.” My mouth did the goldfish thing opened wide no sound came out. Mom continued.

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“I am feeling very uncomfortable I am very upset with the fact I had sex with my son I understand why you had sex with your mother you are nineteen and your Mom is hot.” There was no way Mom was making jokes, her expression had not changed, I knew this was a huge deal for any mother and son, was there any way she could make a joke out of it? I realized again I hardly knew her. I smiled as sheepishly as I could just in case it was humor and looked down at her huge tits. With her next words I realized what was happening.

“Obviously you are a pervert probably a sicko pervert but I am the adult.” Was that a hint of a smile on her face?

“We played a great game of poker the stakes were high we played to win we both played as hard as we could to the limit of my guidelines and beliefs. You took advantage of the situation I let you take advantage. I was trying to win money from my own son you took advantage of the situation.” She was taking way too much blame on herself for what had happened. Combining humor and her view of events she was talking herself out of throwing me out of the house. I let her carry on.

“Sweetie, we can never speak of this again obviously you are equally to blame but I am the adult so I am responsible.”

“Mom please stop talking, I love you and we may have both gone too far.” Never admit you are wrong or sorry my brain told me. Here goes.

“We shall never speak of this again. I kicked your ass at poker won all your money some of your clothes and saved myself the cost of going to the naked beach in Spain to check out your unbelievably sexy body.” I was looking at her intently for any sign of anger. I had learned over the last few days Mom had a sense of humor I was testing the limits of her sense of humor versus likely expulsion from my family. My erection had vanished the sexual threat level was gone hopefully my words would lighten the mood or at least confuse the situation further.

“I am not sure we should hug right now but I agree we will never speak of this again. I also promise if we ever go to a topless beach I will stare at your incredibly hot body as much as I can for as long as I can.” I smiled a little.

“I have to warn you if we go to any South American beaches you and I will have to wear our bathing suits.” She looked puzzled which in these circumstances was good news.

“Well Mom I’ve seen Brazilian beaches on late night TV shows everyone over there shaves everything they would never let us on the beach.” I grinned and waited. She nearly smiled it was close enough. She spoke.

“Honey we do need a hug.” She lifted her body so that she was kneeing on the bed and opened her arms for me to lean in. She was close to the edge of the bed so I leaned forward and hugged her. Her arms wrapped around me tightly breasts pushed against my chest I hugged her back and straightened my body a little lifting her and holding her tight. I could smell cum on her body and knew some of it was sticking to me as I touched her.

My cock started to harden. We were silent holding each other tightly my cock getting harder until I felt it touch her pussy hair as it lifted up towards her crotch. Two minutes passed.

“Son please move your penis away from my vagina.” She did not let go. I struggled to get away from her as my cock got harder.

“Mom I’m trying to get away.” Fifteen seconds passed before she released me from our hug I stepped back penis pointing straight at her stomach.

“Okay I am taking a shower you are going to your bedroom.”

“Okay Mom let me collect my winnings.” I knew if I left the room I would not see my winnings again. I grabbed the cash and placed it in one of my shirts I moved around the bed and her bedroom as fast as I could. I sensed things could still get ugly about the winnings even after the sex had caused its own problems. I grabbed the boxers she had been wearing, the thong that she had cheated with, camisole, bra everything. She started to speak but I ran out of the room with my winnings. The smell of sex cum pussy juice sweat and the faint smell of Mom’s perfume stayed with me even after I had showered and got into my bed.

Wednesday morning we both said hello as I arrived in the kitchen. Mom was wearing a full length dressing gown with the waist band tied the only visible skin was her neck and ankles. I was dressed for work.

“Would you like coffee?”

“Please Mom what are you doing today?”

“I don’t know maybe take a nap or read a book.” She handed me a steaming mug of coffee and put bread in the toaster. I was waiting for a money comment. If she had lost all the household money what was she going to use for cash for the week.

“Do you want toast?” I was running late I had overslept in part because Mom had not woken me up like she usually did. I suspected things might have changed for ever at home.

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“No thanks gotta go ‘catch the bus bye love you.” I never usually said love you it just slipped out.

“Bye sweetie, love you to.”

I have a good job ‘never missed a day sick did more than the other employees my boss liked me. So when I asked if I could leave early she said okay never even asked why. I walked out of my work straight onto a bus which never happened. I was home in record time, for the record 3 hours earlier than usual. I put the key in the front door lock opened the door closed and listened. I thought I heard faint sounds upstairs. I did not tiptoe up stairs that would be silly I moved fast and quietly. At the top of the stairs I realized revisiting the scene of the ‘crime’ was risky and actually wondered why I had even come home instead I pushed my bedroom door, ‘usually closed it was open 3 inches I walked in. Imagine my surprise.

“Sweetie what are you doing home so early? I was looking for hmm my, a towel.” My Mom was caught she stuttered and looked guilty she would not look me in the eyes and started to move away from me further into the room. If I only I knew what she was looking so guilty about.

“Mom what are you doing in my room?” to be fair she was guilty of being in my room.

Dad, Mom and I had agreed that my bedroom was to be treated as separate from the house, I would keep it clean do my laundry and be responsible, in return my parents agreed not to enter the room without my permission or knowledge although part of the deal was no lock on the door. I could and had had girls stay over but without the door lock most of my girlfriends would not have sex if my parents were home.

Mom was dressed in a different dressing gown than that morning, shorter well above her knees with a lot less fabric. It had no waist band she held it together with some difficulty. I could not tell what she was wearing underneath.

“Honey I am so sorry I know this is your room, I know I am not supposed to, really need to get them back, you don’t understand.” She was babbling, looking at the words as I type them it all looks genuine confused maybe scared and definitely guilty. I looked at her leaning forward babbling maybe crying, letting some of the dressing gown fabric slacken in her hands showing cleavage. I suddenly felt smart and confident.

Just like when I had peaked at her undressing in her bathroom and my concentration level had been complete right now I felt the same I could see through the talking the gesturing the pained facial expressions even the tears, I knew she was acting or over acting I had caught her trying to find my winnings in my room. She was releasing her dressing gown to distract me with cleavage because she was caught red handed.

“Mom please stop talking. What is the problem why are you in my room?”

“Honey I am so sorry I have to get my clothes back you don’t know what your father will do.” I was pretty sure dragging my father into this was desperation 19 years of living with the 2 of them had given me no reason to think there was any danger of my father getting angry over some underwear and a couple of items of clothing. He was not the most sociable or demonstrative guy he was mellow sensible sometimes stern. My mother had closets, wardrobes and drawers full of clothes many she never seemed to wear. There was no way he would even know my winnings had left Mom’s possession. With that knowledge I went on the offensive.

“Mom I won those clothes fair and square were you going to steal the money back as well?” That got her attention.

“Baby I was not stealing anything I was getting dressed and went looking for my favorite underwear and top.” If this was the best she could do, searching her son’s room for unlaundered creased worn clothes when she had drawers full of clean clothes then she was not as smart as I had thought.

“Mom that is hard to believe what are you wearing?” She stood erect and quickly opened and then closed the top of her dressing gown like a flasher although I only saw cleavage. Nevertheless my cock was erect fast.

“I got out of the bath and wanted to wear my thong and bra that you should not have taken last night.”

“You should be completely naked just out of the bath let me see”

“No way am I showing you my naked body sweetie we are finished with all that naked stuff. I paid off our bet we are even.

“Wow Mom if you are naked under that gown you must show me.” I started to move towards her.

“You had a bath that must be what smells so good did you use bubbles?”

“Well actually sweetie I used bubbles and lotion and shaving cream.”

“What were you shaving Mom?” I figured she did not have to mention it so I had to ask.

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