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Poker with Mom:Part 5


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>Mom was making some new noises a gasped inhale blowing out air then a moan with a few groans mixed in. I knew could not stop my actions at her crotch then I felt her tongue lick my cock head I lowered my body a little. She was still moaning and breathing heavy. I could feel her breath on my cock hot and breezy. My fingers speeded up in her ass racing in and out my tongue was slapping her clit and then sucking it hard into my mouth. I felt her lips close around my cock I lowered a little more into her mouth she was sucking cock then opening her mouth to breath down the sides of my penis. I was rock hard, after so long without coming I felt like I could stay hard forever.

I began to move my penis in and out of her mouth. Her mouth locked on to my cock as I moved out sucking me down. Each time she let go to breath I started to withdraw then she would suck me back in. It felt fantastic. My Mom was sucking my cock while my mouth was buried in her vagina.

“Mmmm uhhh,” she groaned her mouth releasing my cock as she gasped for air. I added a third finger and slid it into her ass as far as I could leaving all 3 jammed in her butthole although in the interests of full disclosure my Mom’s ass was tight all three fingers were only in to my first knuckle tightly grouped together. I plunged my mouth into her pussy surrounding her clitoris with my mouth and sucking on her clit like my life depended on it. Her entire body shook and vibrated her thighs locked onto my face fluid gushed over me. Her mouth grabbed my cock and sucked on it dragging it deep into her mouth I swear I could feel the back of her throat touching my cock head. I felt her vagina muscles spasm her whole body jerked a couple of times as she came again.

We lay there not moving in the 69 position for at least a minute except for the tremors that continued through her body. My cock was rammed down her throat being sucked like candy she was breathing through her nose three fingers of my right hand jammed into her ass hole my mouth locked onto her clit.

I had not cum for one reason I was busy trying to make sure she did, plus as sexy as it was to be upside down having your Mom sucking on your cock I wanted to see her face and eyes while she was sucking (Okay 2 reasons). Now I was worried we were done forever.

Her mouth released my cock I could hear her breathing fast and deep. Mom’s eyes were closed like last time actually only about 15 minutes ago I figured she was out for a few more seconds. I collapsed my fingers a little and slide them out of her ass hole as I pushed my chest up and away from her crotch. I lifted my left leg over her body so I was back on her right side. Her vagina still looked unbelievably sexy her pussy lips were engorged pubic hair wet and matted displaying her private area. I slid the back of my left hand upside down through her pussy so wet and warm as I turned to face her.

Her nipples were puffed out a little elongated I touched one with the same hand gently moving it under my finger.

“Sweetie that was not just touching.” I knew sweetie was better than son.

“Mom you are incredible and sexy and hot and wet the most beautiful woman I have ever touched.” I was not going to apologize and I was going to throw in wet. She got up very slowly her eyes looking straight at me legs moved together forcing my hand away from her nipple. She was sitting up back to the wall her fantastic tits were hanging down nipples pointing at me pussy shiny and exposed she looked unbelievably sexy.

“Mom I wanted to get maximum time checking out your beautiful body. I loved every second I love your fantastic body didn’t you enjoy any of it?”

“Honey this is about a poker game we are playing for all the money where are the cards?”

“As we are still playing until the game is over all bets are still on wouldn’t you say?”

“I guess so sweetie”. I pushed the palm of my left hand against her left breast and gently moved it in a circular motion. My palm never leaving her nipple. I moved my right hand and placed it on her belly button bringing with it the smell of pussy and the faint smell of ass.

“Honey time is up.”

“Mom surely time is up when we play the final hand?”

“Let’s play then.” As I moved my body my hard cock moved side to side still pointing at her crotch or stomach I decided to go for gold.

“Mom my cock is sad it’s also aching I think it’s turning blue can you help a brother out.” I tried fake accent and all. I think she smiled inside.

“Honey I am not going to claim your Mother does not feel very good right now thank you for “touching” me.” She was looking at my cock.

“If you really think we are going to have sex you are crazy.”

“No Mom nothing like that how about I get to keep touching you until I cum.”

“Honey before tonight I would have said yes you are a teenager you should have cum by now you seem able to last longer.”

“That’s only because I was concentrating on touching you.” Never has the word touching had it’s meaning redefined so many times in such a short time it seemed to be working.

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“Honey, we have a game to finish I cannot be helping you orgasm I am your mother.”

“Mom I helped you orgasm twice.” I looked straight into her eyes as I spoke. She looked sheepish for a second. A hand was now caressing one nipple.

“Be that as it may there is no way,” I interrupted before she said something I would regret.

“Tell you what Mom we have been able to keep this game honest and fair between us nothing bad has happened it has been a blast we are at the climax of the hand winner takes all.”

“How about if I win this hand and the game I get to touch you some more I really need to cum Mom and you need to help we’ll touch until you go to bed.” What the hell that meant I did not know but as we were still sitting or lying on her bed I hoped it sounded harmless and simple. My left hand still played with her erect right nipple the heel of my right hand was sliding up and down her pussy lips, wet and warm.

At the end of the day I knew she knew she had a winning hand so it did not take much thought.

“Okay sweetie let’s get on with it.”

Her cards were sitting face down on her bedside table where she had put them mine were perched on the corner of the bed with the deck next to them. I am not sure what brand of mattress my parents had but there had been minimal motion transfer during our activities. I knew Mom had 3 queens in diamonds, hearts and spades plus a four of diamonds and eight of clubs. I had figured she would draw 2 cards so I had placed 2 nothing cards on top of the deck, ten and nine.

“Well honey this is for everything all the cash and all the clothes” she was sitting naked leaning back against the headboard her legs mostly flat on the mattress wide apart for me to see everything a good pervert son should see. She looked unbelievably sexy made hotter because I had just made her come twice with my fingers in her ass my mouth over her pussy and hands playing with her great heavy tits. She was still soaking wet her nipples still erect. I was holding the deck ready to give her 2 draw cards.

“I’ll take one card please sweetie, make the most of your touching, time is running out.” Huh, my brain registered the sweetie and baby comments that could almost be interpreted as a very brief come on. I did not want to hear she was only taking one draw card. Surely I was smart enough to put my king first in the draw just in case she only took one (meaning I would have to draw her second card and only two of mine). I was going to find out. Could I be that dumb, surely not?

“Okay Mom,” I dealt one card one handed face up the game was over so the cards got shown just like on TV. She had drawn a ten; she flicked over the rest of her cards 3 queens and an eight.

“I’ll take 3,” I said throwing 3 onto the bed and gently turning over my pair of kings. I saw her smile just a little then I saw an expression of triumph cross her face. Face up I dealt my cards. I got her nine of spades and

“Honey my nipple is a little sore can you stop rubbing it please.” What a way to end it. I hoped not, my right hand slid back into her pussy juices. I continued to deal one handed king of diamonds and jack of clubs. I breathed in sharply not as sharply as Mom.

“Oh God,” she said.

“Wow three kings I win.” I said with every ounce of surprise and shock I could muster some of it real. My Mom lifted her knees up to her face forcing me to remove the hand that was sliding over her vagina. She put her hands on her knees and dropped her face into her palms letting out a very non sexual groan.

“Oh no what have I done,” I knew I had to move fast to prevent a total shame filled meltdown.

“Mom, you lost at poker you did exactly what you told me to do which is believe in your hand, do what it takes to stay in and in the course of that give me the best evening of my life.” She lifted her head to look at me.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen with the hottest body I have ever seen, that I know I will never see again.” She looked at me some more her face expressionless.

“I won I get to touch you a little longer how about after we finish we play one more hand, for everything.”

“Sweetie I am not taking charity you won. I am not sure about anymore touching. You have the cash the clothes and you’ve already had way too much contact with my body young man.” She was looking animated but not angry.

“My back hurts I’m sore I need to go to bed” I looked into her eyes and raised my eyebrows a little.

“My legs and back are stiff.” I think she started a tiny grin but stopped even as she was looking at my mostly erect penis.

“Stiff like my cock?” I tried making sure the crowd got the joke as I leaned back letting my partially erect penis bounce between us. She smiled.

“Mom let me give you a massage, back rub,” I quickly corrected.

“I get to touch, you get to relax you have half an hour to think of a way to win back all that money,” I said the last 3 words slowly and deliberately no idea if it would make any difference. She looked a little confused although she opened her legs a little I looked straight at her pussy between her legs then at her face.

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“Mom I am going to keep looking at your unbelievably hot body whenever I get a chance no apology.” She smiled again.

“Just like we were in Spain?” she responded.

“Yes Mom only this is better.” Why don’t you pee I’ll get some oil from my room meet you here in 2 minutes. I jumped up before she could respond. Aware it was a huge risk to leave her alone for even a second to think about everything. The list was awesome; poker, cash, clothes, groping tits, fingering pussy, jamming fingers into ass, two orgasms all of this with her son. I ran past my bedroom into the bathroom pushed aside day to day toiletries as they dropped into my sink grabbed my massage oil and K-Y Jell. My cock had subsided I peed into the toilet bowl as I washed my hands splashed water on my face and quickly brushed my teeth as fast as I could. I raced back to my Mom’s bedroom.

She was no where to be seen. Then I heard running water bathroom door was open which had to be a good sign.

“Hey Mom want a back rub?” I asked loudly talking towards her bathroom door.

“Sweetie, I am not sure it’s been a tiring evening do you know even how to give a back rub?”

The fact she asked meant I was in.

“Come on Mom I give the best back rubs.” I doubted that but I had watched a lot of movies and porn and had taken a class that included a week or two of physical therapy instructions. I had played some sports at school and got injured a couple of times. Plus I had got pretty good reviews from a couple of girlfriends.

“I have real massage oil Mom.”

“Oh well we have to try that dear. Why do you have massage oil sweetie?” she asked as she walked out of the bedroom dressed in a long dressing gown I had never seen before.

“Truth is Mom, I bought it when I was dating Julie but I never got to use it.” Julie was the hottest girl I had ever dated beautiful and smart too smart for me because I had only seen her body in a bikini. The massage oil had been part of plan B or C to get her naked and into her pants we had broken up after a month.

“Honey, sorry to hear of your failure to get into Julie’s pants as I see the bottle is still sealed As you’ve already seen me naked I feel honored I am worthy of your unopened massage oil.” She was watching me twist off the lid and peel away the seal. I put the oil down and picked up the K-Y. She had seemed almost playful with her last comment of course I had played hard with some of her best body parts so a massage probably seemed safe.

“Honey what are you doing with K-Y?”

“Isn’t it a lubricant?” I asked innocently looking Mom in the eye.

“The girl in the store suggested I buy it with the oil.” Mom looked at me and in one beautiful movement removed the dressing gown she was still gloriously naked.

“Mom you look fantastic I cannot stop looking at you all of you.”

“Thank you sweetie,” she placed her hands over her breasts covering the nipples but still showing a lot of boob.

“You can’t hide them Mom,” I joked, she walked along the side of the bed turned and jumped onto the bed face forward her breasts momentarily hanging down as she flew through the air landing on the bed sheet. The bed bounced, technically she was the wrong way up, her head at the bottom of the bed her feet resting on the pillow. She had removed the bed spread and upper sheet off the bed. I would be massaging her on the bed sheet she slept on.

“You can’t see them now sweetie,” she laughed as she lay on the bed ass upwards. What a great looking ass. I was still naked my penis climbing to erection as fast as expected given it was still waiting for relief. I climbed onto the bed straddling her legs one of mine either side of hers I slid down a little so my cock was just below her ass hanging between her legs which were a little apart. I grabbed the massage oil off the bedside table poured a generous splash onto my hands warmed it for a minute by hand-washing the liquid and started on her shoulders.

“Mmm that feels good thank you for warming it sweetie you are getting to touch a lot of me now.” I ignored what I suspected was a smart comment comparing the parts of Mom I had already got to ‘touch’ and what I was touching now. I rapidly but apparently competently moved from her shoulders down her back slid my body away from her legs to give me room to start on her thighs. I had been generous with the oil which smelled great. Mom loved the smell and appeared to like being covered in massage oil.

I started on the upper thighs making sure to touch her vagina gently but enough that she knew I knew where I was as I massaged around her legs. I moved down her legs she was still lying on her front gave her legs a great massage judging by the moans of pleasure, I am sure exaggerated but enough to know I was doing a good job. I spent 5 minutes on each foot sensing from the thanks and murmurs she was really enjoying it.

I moved back up her body now pouring the massage oil directly onto her shoulders, back and onto her ass between her cheeks. I positioned myself sitting on the back of her thighs my cock resting on her butt nestled in the groove her cheeks made. I started a thorough deep massage of her shoulders my cock sliding easily in the oil between her butt cheeks.

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“Honey this feels absolutely fantastic please do not stop.” I swear her butt cheeks parted a little, my cock nestled in a little deeper.

I started massaging more of her back moving all over especially down to her ass, making sure I spread her cheeks a little each time my hands passed by. As I spread her cheeks my cock moved between them a little closer to her asshole. I was certain Mom was allowing her butt cheeks to spread apart. My cock was now sliding along her ass crack in pretty much constant contact with her asshole.

“Sweetie, I think you need to get your cock away from my asshole,” that was a shame I had just started gently moving my finger across her asshole as I massaged her. The simple solution was to move her legs apart so I could kneel between them she tensed and then allowed me to lift her legs apart, I moved in and placed my cock under her body returning to the massage as I did. My cock was now lined up along her vagina pushing up into her juices.

For a few minutes I concentrated on massaging her shoulders and upper back I was still getting groans of pleasure. As I leaned forward to put weight on her back my penis continued to slide along her labia, I felt her hips rise just a little but enough for me to carry on pushing my luck.

I could feel my Mom raising her ass a little at a time as I rubbed her body very soon I knew my cock was going to slide in to her vagina. I could see her open asshole looking at me as her bottom lifted higher in the air. I kept up my massage on her shoulders and upper back as I leaned back to slide forward to rub her upper back my penis hesitated at the entrance to her vagina I swear she shifted her body a little and I was in. I moved my body forward to rub her shoulders half my cock slid in damn she was so wet. I kept on moving so my entire length slid right in until my lower stomach bumped against her ass cheeks. I kept massaging her upper back my cock in my Mom. I slid my rock hard cock slowly out of her soaking pussy; probably three quarters of my cock came out before sliding back in. The back rub carried on I was pressing hard on her muscles all over her back hoping it might distract her from our intercourse.

There was no doubt she had at least facilitated penetration by raising her ass to help me get the angle right for entry. Nevertheless when you are fucking your Mom I knew I had to be very careful to only cross the line where I was allowed. About 15 seconds after I had entered her vagina she spoke.

“Sweetie, you need to stop that, this is definitely not touching.”

“But Mom you were going to let me cum or help me cum something like that don’t you remember?” I was whining again.

My cock was still sliding in and out. I stopped massaging and grabbed her ass cheeks moving in and out at the same slow speed. I felt her vagina tighten around my cock which served to make me go a little faster and speak.

“Wow Mom that feels fantastic you look and feel great thanks for grabbing my cock like that with your vaginal muscles.” My guess was she was tightening them to move her body or try and slow me down or just straighten her body away from me. However my speaking up with the compliment and vaginal muscle line seemed to have confused her.

“Sweetie I was not, did not, was not trying to make you feel uhhhh,” she groaned and moaned in one sound. I slowed a little but extended the stroke so that I was travelling the full length of my penis in and out of her pussy. That was my mistake.

“Honey, that will do,” she took advantage of the out stroke when my cock head was barely in her pussy to slide forward and drop her body down to the mattress. She did not jump up she just laid flat her beautiful ass looking back at me as my dripping penis waved in the air.

“Mom, that is not fair you let me in,” careful I told myself don’t say the wrong thing and stop bloody whining. Mom is still lying naked face down on the bed looking back speaking.

“Sweetie that is enough you cannot have sex with me I am your mother.” I was still sweetie let’s see where we could go maybe I could distract her.

“Mom you are supposed to be concentrating on finding a way to win back all my money your clothes and your fighting spirit.”

“I won, I have the money clothes and you owe me sexual favors.” The details no longer mattered even Mom knew she had agreed to something because she knew she was going to win that final hand I was positive she could not recall the details of each agreement, promise or vague bet.

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