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Poker with Mom:Part 3


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>”Of course if you are holding another crappy hand you could quit,” I started

“But that would mean you cheated and quit.” Cheap psychology I knew but I had little to lose and Mom seemed very serious about playing to win and following her own advice. Plus I knew she had 3 queens.

“Sorry honey you are right, give me a moment.”

She got to her feet and put her hands under her camisole. I always enjoy watching women removing a bra from under their top without removing the top. It took me longer than it should to work out how it was done, even now it was very sexy. The bra looked thin but a full cup. She threw it on the floor towards her dressing table, her breasts bounced under the very thin material. Immediately her nipples hardened under the fabric pointing towards my penis now growing in my boxers, I tried to look through the fabric to see nipple.

“Honey, what are you looking at?” she challenged

“Your nipples Mom,” I replied looking her in the eye.

“Or at least where they are under the fabric, nice top Mom, you know naked is best”

“Well thank you son but you shouldn’t be looking at them, now turn away” I half turned peering out the corner of my eye as she pulled down my boxers and the thong together. I got another great view of her ass. I suspected leaving on the thong was probably an accident as the boxers were there to annoy me; no way was the thong there for me to look at if the game got too intense. It did occur to me that the boxers already had a value from last week only four pounds, if Mom was smart she would keep the thong despite the naughtier view it gave me.

She kept the boxers the thong flew across the room. Pulling them on as she walked back into my supposed line of sight based on my body position. I could see a lot of leg. My cock was pointing up and about to burst through the fly in my boxers.

“There should be a punishment for cheating,” I began, pausing for her to think the worse.

She looked nervous.

“I’ll bet again.”

“Okay,” she said quickly feeling she had gotten off lightly. I was sure she knew she was just playing poker with her teenage son, she was going to win my 110 pounds and if I was dumb enough to let her use her clothes to bet showing no more skin than when she wore a bikini more fool me.

If the family had gone to Spain last year she knew I would have seen at least her naked breasts on the beach. Her body looked great; she had wanted an all over tan.

“I bet twenty pounds” I knew the math it took Mom a few seconds. I could not help myself.

“That’s thirty to call Mom.” Mom had twenty five in cash, a camisole and my boxers. She threw in the cash and I let her remove the boxers completely; she half crouched stayed bent over and quickly placed her legs under her body the camisole providing pretty good cover of her crotch as she sat on the bed. I felt gallant not looking at her body knowing she would hide it. She looked at me the whole time she was undressing.

“These have to be worth at least twenty or thirty” she started to say looking at me intently as she threw the boxers onto the bed. She had to be wondering why I had not peeked at her crotch when she took off the boxers. She was about to find out.

“Well Mom, last week my favorite beautiful boxers were only worth four pounds when I bet with them, have they appreciated that much in a week?” She was dumbfounded, though a better word was be pissed off(two words). Things were going to get serious; Mom was sure I had set her up, knowing all along she should have kept the thong or worn something else, anything but kept the boxers. She was right. I smiled looked her in the eye.

“Twenty nine does not even call,” I stated the obvious. Man she looked angry she was holding 3 queens she knew she had a winning hand and she knew she had to raise the cash to bet. There was a long pause while she stared at me, I could almost hear her brain working.

“Tell you what Mom as you went to all that trouble to hide from me when you took off my boxers how about I get to look at you naked?” She stared at me, I was afraid she would throw me out of her room ending it all instead, there was a long pause.

“Okay, son,” no more sweetie or honey for me.

“You gawking at my body must to be worth a lot of cash especially to a young pervert like you,” she was serious I negotiated hard.

“This is just a look, no clothes value and I am not a pervert all men love looking at naked beautiful women especially a gorgeous sexy one even if she is my Mom,” I tried.

“This is just below my waist yes?” she started.

“At this time I only get to look at your very hot body below the waist,” I would like to think the compliments were helping but I could not tell.

“No touching?”

“Unless otherwise agreed there is no touching.” I replied.

“I get a good look at you; I get to position you so I get a good view.”

“How much am I worth to look at son? It has to be hundreds” Mom was negotiating hard too.

I laughed as heartily as I could, looking into her eyes then down her camisole her nipples were hard and pointed straight at me. My penis was poking through my boxers, no one noticed.

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“Mom, to see your naked skin would usually be worth a lot however we are playing poker for cash, some of the clothes we took off were hardly worth five pounds and this is a one time look no camera.” I was working her I am sure the no camera comment made the greatest impression from her expression.

I repositioned my body sliding towards her on the bed trying to surreptitiously cover some of my cash stash. After using my shirt and shorts to bet I was still sitting on ninety five pounds plus my tee shirt and boxers. My penis poked out of my boxers distracting both of us.

“Keep that thing away from me I say a look is worth fifty pounds, where shall I sit?”

“Mom you are crazy, if we had gone to Spain I probably would have seen this entire hot body on the beach.” I gestured towards her chest, there was no doubt she would have been topless only she knew if she would have been nude on the beach. She moved onto all fours looking closely at me as her face moved towards mine on the bed. We had not agreed a value but she was already moving.

“Stay in that position, face the door.” I commanded. She did, moving slightly to her right so that her ass was closest to the right side, her body perpendicular to the bed as she faced the wall where the bathroom door was. If I got off the bed and stood facing the right side of the mattress and crouched down a little I would be looking straight at her ass hole. I started to move off the bed.

“No honey we both have to stay on the bed for the duration of the game.” A little weird but I saw no reason not to agree.

“Okay, move forward a little,” I ordered. Still on all fours she moved towards the wall lowering her head so she was looking down the left side of the mattress at the floor, ass closer to the middle of the bed on all fours now looking back at me over her left shoulder. Strangely she had not asked me to confirm her last offer of fifty pounds to look at her nude in fact my last comment had been to dispute the amount. It occurred to me she may have assumed I was going to look at her body as though she were lying on the beach, my next position combined with her current pose would quickly erase that thought. I did not wait for the cash to be discussed and she was moving of her own volition it was up to her to stop me. I maneuvered behind her kneeling, sitting on my feet legs bent under my body my cock was pointing up at her labia. I could smell the faint scent of pussy.

“Honey what are you doing?” she looked back at me still in doggy position. Any woman twisting her head back, looking down her body as you sit in front of her backside is one sexy sight. If it’s your Mom it is one weird sexy sight.

“I am looking at you Mom as agreed. I need you to pull your ass cheeks apart please so I can look at your vagina.” I figured I should go for it.

“Sweetie, you were not supposed to…” I interrupted

“Mom a deal’s a deal do you want to play poker or not let’s do this and get back to the game?” She lowered her head and moved her arms back towards me. She quickly realized she would have to lay her face on the bed raising her ass higher in the air to reach her butt cheeks with her hands. She looked so hot so sexy my cock was straining to touch anything naked. I started to straighten my body lifting my ass from its position sitting on my feet raising my penis with the rest of me.

“Come on Mom the sooner I look the sooner we’re done.” Just keep talking keep the pressure on don’t give her time to think (especially the fact we had not agreed a value to any of this), my tactics seemed to be working.

“Okay pervert, it’s hard to reach,” she growled as I looked at my super hot Mom stretching back her face side up on the bed cover her ass high in the air her hands struggling to get around her unbelievably smooth blemish-less ass. Then she kinda bowed her back and raised her head and her hands grabbed both ass cheeks starting to exert pressure on them. To be honest by the time she grabbed her ass checks I could see all there was to see. The position of her legs and back had spread her ass cheeks wide enough for a great view of pussy and ass hole.

“Take a look you pervert” she kinda spat it out, pissed off and straining to maintain position, I did not care, her brown hole was peering out from between her perfectly rounded cheeks. Light blond hairs surrounded her butt hole leading to darker brown towards her pussy. I will not claim her ass hole winked at me but I sure winked at it.

“Mom if you don’t wanna do this I can hold,” I knew what she thought I was going to say so I let her interrupt.

“Thank God honey she gasped,” letting go of both ass cheeks and dropping the front of her body onto the bed. I placed both hands, one on each cheek and pulled them apart gently and firmly.

“What the hell are you doing young man we agreed no touching.”

“Mom I was only offering to hold your cheeks apart not cancel the deal.” I sounded bossy and in control with a touch of sarcasm,

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“Did you really think I would give up checking out your pussy so fast?”

“Well I don’t want you looking at my ass hole that is not in the deal” I did not argue although I believed it was nevertheless I offered a solution.

“Mom I’ll use my finger to cover your little hole and check out your cheeks, thighs and back instead.” I slide the back of the camisole up her back to expose beautiful flawless skin pushing it as far as I could.

“Okay sweetie, this is supposed to be a look at naked skin not a porno.” I did not know what that meant given the position she was in and what I had already seen but even I knew the victor should give a little. Right now my Mon was losing big time. My cock had touched pubic hair during the last few seconds when she dropped her hands and I took over butt cheek duty.

I moved my right hand up, allowed the right cheek to close a little then I pulled both cheeks apart and placed my right thumb on her little brown hole. I could feel it twitch I was holding her cheeks far apart I figured she could not hold her hole closed too long. My thumb did not move it was glued to her asshole like I was giving a thumb print to her puckered hole.

“Mom you look very sexy you smell great your back is so smooth and your legs feel great.” My knees were touching her calves my cock was gently touching her pubic hair occasionally sensing skin. I suspected she would not mention my thumb because she could feel I was covering my view of her hole so presumably I was concentrating on naked skin. She was wrong I felt her ass hole slowly relax and very gently pushed my thumb a little into her ass all the while chatting about her shoulders, legs, thighs and how good she smelt. The slight odor of pussy was hanging in the air.

“Sweetie this is supposed to be a look not a night.” I shifted my body to ensure my cock slid under her crotch gently touching her pussy lips they were damp along the length of my penis, I continued to shift my body as though getting ready to move away from her.

She still had her ass in the air and her face side down on the bed cover as she looked back at me. Then her face started lifting off the bed and arms tightened to lift her torso up off the bed as she heard me move. Her ass hole relaxed I was using my body movement to push my thumb against her ass further into her asshole. I started to twist my thumb so that instead of flat thumb she was starting to receive the tip of my thumb. I took my left hand off her left ass cheek and twisted my body my right hand stayed on her ass as if to provide support my thumb started to move into her ass hole but she snapped the brown hole closed like an airlock on a nuclear sub. I barely got half my nail depth into her ass but that meant I had got half my nail depth into my mother’s ass. It felt great.

For the record I had never had much interest in any of my girlfriend’s assholes, with Mom it was naughtier and more forbidden and I wanted to do it because it was Mom.

I grunted as I continued to slide around to her side checking for any view of her breasts in the camisole opening. I caught a glimpse of boob swaying to the rhythm of our movements.

“Uhh Mom I am stiff,” I said groaning as I moved wondering if she would notice the subtle innuendo- ha ha. I moved away from her rear moving along her side I caught a glimpse of moisture along the length of my erect cock as I moved along her body.

“Are we done son?” she asked abruptly apparently choosing to ignore the minor accidental ass penetration and very funny comment.

“But Mom I need to look at your front,” yes I think I whined.

“Oh okay let’s get it over with.” She turned away from me momentarily putting her ass in my face. I took a breath smelling pussy and a little bit of ass. She moved to the head of the bed rapidly turned around sitting down facing me her back on the pillow her head and shoulders against the head board her body straight down the bed, She brought her legs together and up in front, her feet flat on the mattress. I was now kneeling in front of her basically looking at her knees. I had moved up the bed and was inches from her legs but without a view of anything good. I was worried she was shutting off viewing privileges my brain kicked in.

“How about I pay ten pounds for the camisole?” I peered to the right of her legs that were blocking my view of her chest covered by the camisole, she looked straight at me. The camisole was tight over her chest, nipples were straight out and I could see her belly button, an innie.

“If we were on the beach in Spain I would have seen your breasts by now,”

“We are not in Spain son.”

“I bet they look great Mom ten pounds is a lot of money.” I could see her refocus as her eyes tightened; poker game that was what this was about. She knew if the family had gone to Spain on vacation not only would the family have seen her topless thousands of complete strangers would have as well.

“No way son I am already naked from the waist down you are about to see me completely nude, I am sure I’ll be flashing more than a beach view.” She was right.

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“Alright thirty pounds?” I countered trying to sound exasperated as if I would give up on the camisole if she did not agree. There was a minutes silence while she thought about it. I had read somewhere about picking the moment to shut up during a negotiation. Apparently this was it because her next words were,

“Okay sweetie.”

She sat up crossed her hands in front of her and grabbed the base of the camisole to the sides and in one wondrous movement lifted the silk item off her body. Her breasts were fantastic, big and heavy large dark pink areolas and pink nipples that were pointing straight at me they rested plump and buoyant on her chest slightly longer than wide very natural.

“Mom you look fantastic,” I whispered as I stared at her breasts. My cock was too hard to cum.

“Absolutely beautiful I cannot believe we did not go to Spain.” She smiled at my comment I think she was enjoying the compliments.

Then she surprised me. She lifted her legs still together towards her chest her feet off the mattress and then spreading her legs wide apart lowered her feet to the bed exposing her entire crotch her heels barely touched her ass cheeks as they touched the bedspread I stared at her open pussy lips. She looked unbelievable. My eyes moving constantly first at her great tits and then her pussy, through pubic hair I could see her pussy lips wet and open. I could see inner flesh of her vagina not a lot because of the hair but plenty for a first time, she had her knees almost touching the mattress as she lay there splayed open to view.

“Mom I’ll cover your ass hole again I know you don’t want me looking at it.” Quick as I could I moved to place my right thumb against her ass hole. I had to wiggle my thumb around to place it on the hole because I could not actually see it from my angle close to her body.

My right thumb was extended out forming a backwards “L” shape with my first finger as far from my thumb as possible. Nevertheless my finger was immediately sitting along her pussy lips lined up exactly with her pussy lips. My thumb tip was covering her asshole but my finger and the fingers above it were gently sliding into the length of her vagina, she was wet and slippery. I sat there looking at her breasts avoiding her eyes. She had to say something

“Sweetie, I thought there was no touching,” her voice was neutral.

“Mom I thought you did not want me looking at your asshole I am looking at everything else and you look fantastic.”

“Your finger is touching my vagina and I think it is moving.” It was moving just a little no man could resist moving his finger as it sits in his beautiful sexy mother’s vagina. I looked at my mother sitting up her back against the head board completely naked splayed out showing me everything her head leaning against her own bedroom wall looking me in the eye talking coherently and reasonably about my finger gently splitting her soaking wet labia.

It was time to go verbally all in. I needed to do some quick math in my head very quick.

“Mom, I know this is all about the poker game you want to win I definitely want to win you are doing what it takes to get an edge.” Some bullshit but some truth I figured she was still listening.

“I have ninety five pounds a tee shirt and boxers worth over one hundred pounds. You owe a pound to call you have thirty pounds for your camisole and whatever we agree for allowing me to look at your unbelievably hot body and Mom it is a fantastic body.” “Problem is I would have seen this body naked in Spain on the beach or in the chalets we were going to rent the value of your nudity is lower.”

Truth was in 19 years of living in the same house I had never walked in on my Mom changing in underwear or less and for what I had just witnessed I would have paid a hundred pounds a month for a year to see prior to today. Never let the truth get in the way of good bullshit.

“Son this is great talk you need to remove your finger from my vagina and let me get up. Thanks for the compliments.” She started to lift her body away from the headboard placing her hands on the mattress to lift her body. Immediate effect was to lift her crotch a little allowing my finger to sit a little deeper into her pussy I nudged the finger in a little further I spoke immediately.

“Here’s the situation you believe you have a good hand or I would not be looking at your very hot naked body right now I believe I have a good hand although I am getting a little nervous maybe I should fold.” I paused she looked back at me she knew this was the hand she had to win big. If I folded and we dealt new cards she was in big trouble the pot was only about sixty five pounds cash and she was completely naked. I continued.

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