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Poker with Mom:Part 2


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>She slid on all fours to the edge of the bed, turning away from me. My boob seeking penis seemed to follow her every move.

“No Mom that was all I have until Monday when I get paid.” She stood up, skirt settled below the knee and she walked towards the bathroom, her bare back looked sexy and smooth with bra strap interrupting the nakedness.

I was still kneeling on the bed so I straightened my back, my penis was pointing at her like a gun barrel.

“Go to bed honey, it’s late,” she said as she walked towards her bathroom I grabbed my cock and held it tightly, she moved through the open bathroom door. Still gripping my cock I slowly pumped my hand up and down squeezing hard. I could hear water running she was probably rinsing out the blouse.

I slowly walked towards the bathroom, very slowly because I could mess up everything. I had never peeked before but I had to see more skin, sex had not entered my mind I wanted naked skin and hopefully some erogenous zones. Near the door I crouched down my entire body close to the wall close to the carpet, I leaned my head towards the door and peeked around the door trim, poised on all fours keeping low. I stopped moving to look at Mom.

The water sound I had heard was the shower running. Mom had dropped her skirt onto the floor and was stepping out of it. She bent down bending at the waist her panties although designed to cover both cheeks had ridden up when she was sitting on the bed. I could see her glorious naked right butt cheek. What was left of the panties was tangled tightly into her butt crack, so tight I could see a couple of brown hairs peaking out on the right side of the crack. My cock jerked higher.

My body was still frozen I know the human eye sees movement much easier than static shapes and colors. Mom picked up the skirt did a quick fold and hung it over the shower rail away from where the water hit. Then she did the move every man knows by heart, both hands went behind her back grabbed the bra strap and undid it in one seamless movement. She did the shoulder hunch and leaned down, the bra slipped forward; she held the cups as she hung the bra on the shower rail. I could see side boob, heavy pale side boob. Next she put thumbs under each side of her panties and pulled the panties down in one smooth practiced motion, stepping out one foot at a time dropping them on the floor by her feet. As she pulled off the panties I had gotten a great view of her butt hole, puckered, closed and small, surrounded by pale fuzz with some darker hairs lower connecting into her pubic hair which I could see was dark not bushy and barely covered her vagina. I could make out the base of her outer lips; the sight was seared into my porno memory banks. Quickly I had looked up to see the side of her right breast as she moved to remove the panties. I saw side nipple on one boob as they swung down, the nipple was big and dark. My penis was stretching for gold.

She stood up fast; all I could see was naked back and butt.

Then she yelled loud and unexpected, I drew back onto my heels away from the bathroom door, my entire brain had been concentrating on Mom’s naked body, “GOODNIGHT HONEY, see you in the morning.” She shouted assuming I was in my bedroom. I got up fast ducked out of her bedroom, sprinted to my bedroom door and yelled back,

“Goodnight Mom.”

My penis felt like it would remember the sight of naked Mom without my brain to help. I jumped into bed and jerked off for an hour savoring every view of my naked Mom’s body in my mind until I could hold it no more. I came more fully than I ever had. The minute I thought of Mom’s body again I was hard. Eventually I went to sleep, my cock was sore in the morning.

Friday morning I woke up fast. My rock hard cock was awake before me. I started jerking off slowly, partly because my penis was still a little sore from last night, partly because I had deliberately limited my fantasies. I had jerked off the night before on the memory of my naked Mom, ass, asshole, pussy lips, boob and nipple views, and cleavage and maximum skin.

I usually wake 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, Mom knocks and opens my door a minute before the alarm sounds. I sleep naked under my bed sheet. Lying on my back, letting go of my cock which was erect and lying on my stomach pointing at my head I slipped my bed sheet mostly to one side. I slide a bare leg out from under the sheet, put my arms in weird positions laying on my pillow above my head, opened my mouth and breathed deep. My penis and balls were literally peaking out from under the sheet. Mom would be able to see pubic hair, one testicle, the length of my penis, only about a third of the body but the whole length. The head of my cock was one third visible. Nothing moved I waited, I twisted my head to check the clock.

She knocked and opened the door in one movement same as usual, I froze. There was a pause, not long but there was a delay. My eyes were closed I could only sense her looking at my crotch, for maybe 6 seconds, compared to the usual sequence of events each morning this was a long pause.

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“Morning sweetie, get up it’s seven” Door closed. It was all over fast but I knew there had been a look. My bedroom faces east and is light and airy she must have seen my erect penis.

I went downstairs after my shower, ate some toast and drank my tea, said hello to Mom.

“Morning sweetie, we stayed up too late last night.”

“Does that mean I get my money back?” I asked, Mom laughed out loud which was rare.

“No honey, poker is for keeps, you lost fair and square, if you had won would you give back my money?” I actually suspected I would especially as it was food money for the house.

“You know Mom I think I would”

“Well you’re an idiot son,” she said. She was not laughing.

“When you play poker you play to win and you play all out. Whatever it takes use every skill and option to stay in and win.” I was staring straight at her face, she looked intense I realized she was telling me something important something she had learned through experience, I would realize in a moment she was wearing a partially see thru night gown and underwear.

“You have to play all out, if you have a great hand you find a way to stay in the game, never duck a winning hand they do not come by very often. If it does not win and you played all in you should not feel bad if you lose.”

“Son I could tell you stories about poker games when all was nearly lost and through perseverance and some luck your father or I came back to win from near impossible situations.” This is when I realized Mom and Dad had played poker for more than 20 pounds and probably won and lost big bucks a few times in their past.

“Son, in poker you can take the chances you would be crazy to take in life. You can lose all your money but its money you took into the game along with your skill, talent and luck and at the end of the game you stand up and walk away. In life if you make a wrong decision and things turn out badly you cannot stand up and walk away.” This had to be the longest and most intense conversation I had ever had with my Mom. Her nipples were pointing at me through her bra and night dress. I stared at her erect nipples, she realized what I was staring at, turned and stepped away.

“Go to work son.” I went to work.

Dad came home Friday afternoon; Mom had bought and cooked very good steaks for all three of us, she told him to thank me for the food, never explained why. My father seemed exhausted and did not ask.

Monday I got paid, early Tuesday Dad went out of town back to some recently re-named Eastern European country to show them how to program and set up an industrial filtering system or 2.

Tuesday night with money in my pocket but no starter motor I was watching the 9.30pm movie on TV. Many Tuesday night movies were ‘B’ movies with second tier actors and female nudity. Tonight was no exception, The Hot Spot; a pretty good movie featuring a naked Jennifer Connelly and feisty Virginia Madsen. The movie also featured a plot, some suspense and action. Mom appeared in the room seemingly every time there was a sexy or naked actress scene. The second time I got a witty comment the third time,

“What are you watching dear?”

“Great looking naked women Mom” I answered and then just in case she missed my pause,

“These women look fantastic Mom.”

“Well they are young and beautiful, sweetie”

“Firm and beautiful more like”

“That’s enough of that”

“But Mom I am a growing teenager; there is nothing better than female nudity.”

“Hmmm” she muttered continuing her walk through the room to the kitchen.

My brain switched on,

“Mom how are you enjoying my boxers?” Neither of us had said a word about the poker game the previous week.

I had acquired some new playing cards going so far as to walk into town and buy 2 new decks with matching backs.

“Honey they look great and fit well” she was being funny, a good sign.

“I got paid Monday; I really want those boxers back do you want to play again?”

Silence followed. Maybe she had not heard me I was about to speak when she did,

“How much do you have?”

“One hundred and ten pounds how about you?”


As my readers have guessed I am no poker expert however I do know poker is not really a game at all. Mom had added to my awareness with her competitiveness chat but even I knew the overwhelming rule of poker is; go into a game with the same stakes as your opponents or you will be in trouble.

Poker is about betting and bluffing, cash helps you win. The more you have the higher you can raise, the bigger you can bluff, the more hands you play the better chance you have. You always know how much money your opponent has in front of him or her, that information is a huge part of the game.

“Okay sweetie, let’s play cards”

“Where Mom?”

“How about the same place as your last pathetic attempt at winning”

“Those are my favorite boxers I am going to win them back.”

“Mom, I’m wearing shirt, shorts, tee shirt and underwear, you have to wear the same number of clothes just in case.”

“No way honey, I am wearing what I am wearing. This is not a strip show, this is an exchange of cash and you lose your cash to me” This conversation was carried on loudly as I rushed upstairs to grab my two new decks of cards placing one in a side pocket.

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“Mom you are not even putting up as much money as me, at least we have to carry similar clothes values to keep the game fair just in case.”

“Then shouldn’t you be wearing 10 shirts and twenty pairs of pants to have a chance” she nearly laughed but it came out as a sneer.

“Okay sweetie hold on.” She pushed her bedroom door closed just as I walked up to it. Two minutes later it opened she was wearing a skirt down to her knees and a dark blue blouse that covered whatever was underneath.

“Let’s go honey, deal”

“Mom you are wearing only 4 pieces of clothing aren’t you?” I needed to be sure. I did not want her playing with fifty pounds in cash versus my 110 in cash and my low value clothes. In my mind her bra and panties if we ever got that far were worth a lot of money. Naked Mom is worth quite a bit to a horny teen.

“Of course honey”

I side shuffled, slowly and dealt.

“Ante up five pounds sweetie”

“What about a two pound ante Mom?”

“No, we have more cash to play with, let’s play sweetie” I was beginning to think Mom had a little gambling problem. It was OK to be confident but she seemed to think she was invincible. At this stage all I wanted was my underwear back, some cash for a starter motor and some partial nudity featuring my Mom.

We played a few hands I won the same number of hands as her but for bigger pots.

All hands had been played for cash so I asked,

“Mom I thought you would be playing with my boxers, where are they?

“Laundered clean and feeling very comfortable son”

“You’re wearing them?”

“Yes dear and they look fabulous.”

“Well if you keep playing like this you may need them, I joked” She looked surprised and counted our cash. I had one hundred thirty she had thirty left. I had to be careful about mentioning clothes removal but wanted to make sure it was at least “on the cards.”

“Oh honey, I thought I was doing better than that, I really need this cash for the house.” A week ago I would have caved immediately, offering to repay some or all, I was now tougher and meaner.

“Tough titties Mom only play with what you can afford to lose.” I was loudly shuffling the playing cards on the bed spread, cutting the deck and shuffling the cards like a real dealer. She lifted her head noting the shuffling and looked straight at me no sound no movement but I thought I saw a little respect in her eyes.

“You are right son, let’s play.”

I took a lead from her, feeling good and winning for once.

“Mom can you get me something to drink please?” she looked at the bathroom door and started to get up turning away from me as she walked towards the bathroom. I quickly placed the deck we were using in an empty side pocket of my shorts pulling out the other deck I had bought at the weekend putting the top of the deck onto itself to look like I was finishing a cut just in case my Mom was looking. She returned with a glass of water which she handed to me. I took a mouthful and went to place it on the floor next to me.

“I’ll take it honey,” she leaned forward, took the glass and placed it on the night stand.

“Ten pound ante,” I ordered, it was time to push the envelope, she looked at me eyes flashing was that anger or respect. I dealt the cards slowly.

“OK honey, I assume my blouse is still worth five?” it was actually a different blouse than last week like last week buttoned high with long sleeves that covered everything.

“Yes Mom,” she unbuttoned the dark blue blouse down the front slowly. Much slower than last week when she had water on it.

“Did you get the water out of the blouse last week?” I asked hoping the memory of naked me and Mom in a bra would ease any doubts she might have today.

“Yes thanks honey it looks fine” if I was hoping for immediate cleavage I was disappointed. Mom was wearing a silky camisole basically two thin straps holding up a square silky top that crossed her chest and back above the cleavage line, tucked into her skirt. I was sure she was wearing more than 4 pieces of clothing because I could make out the outline of her bra through the very thin silk. Unless she had on no underwear and she had already admitted to wearing my boxers she was cheating. I kept quiet something told me to wait before calling her out.

“Okay Mom, nice top, just add 5 pounds to the pot.” I smiled nodding at the camisole

“Thank you sweetie,” she threw in 5 one pound coins.

“How much is my skirt worth sweetie?” She took me by surprise, winning Mom was bossy and decisive, losing Mom seemed less sure of herself.

“Well Mom my boxers were only worth four pounds last week, therefore your skirt can’t be worth much, how about two pounds?” I am sure her pale skin paled as I watched her face.

“Oh honey this is a one hundred pound skirt, it must be worth more”

“Does Dad know it is a 100 pound skirt?” I retorted. That was probably a mistake-mental note do not bring up Dad when you are negotiating the value of your mother’s clothes during a poker game on her bed. Mom looked suddenly very parent-like and unsure of where she was and what she was doing. I jumped in.

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“I am sure you got it on sale, just like my 2 pound tee shirt, how about five pounds?”

“Fair enough,” she replied quickly.

“I bet five,” I said fast throwing in five coins. She was sitting on the bed with her legs folded under her body; we were in the same positions as last week. My Mom with her back to the headboard, now sitting on the pillow, me diagonally opposite perched on the left front corner of the bed nearest to the bathroom.

She reached down to the clasp and zipper on the side of the skirt and undid both. She sat up straight her back against the headboard raised both legs straight in front of her parallel to the mattress and started to slide the skirt down her body jiggling her butt from side to side as she tugged on the skirt. Her breasts were moving around in the bra underneath the camisole. The skirt was sliding down but I was getting tired watching her.

“Mom shall I help?”

“Yes please dear,” I leaned forward and pulled the bottom of the skirt with both hands it slid down fast, her legs looked smooth and long. I managed to run the outside of one finger down one leg as I pulled the skirt off. Her skin was smooth.

She was wearing my boxers they were not very long I could see a lot of leg and thigh. Up one leg of the boxers I saw a glimpse of color. Panties of some sort, she was cheating.

She folded the skirt and placed it on the bed in front of us. She had twenty five pounds cash and the clothes she was wearing. I had one hundred fifteen in cash. It occurred to me I could use my clothes to avoid using cash.

“I raise ten,” I said ignoring the fact she had not officially called with the skirt. I unbuttoned my shirt. Mom glared at me, I realized she was thinking about the cash, the clothes she had left, the game and the position she was in. I talked fast, I wanted to see skin and win.

“Mom I assume my shirt is worth five, same as your blouse and my shorts are worth five same as your skirt. Although I think you might look better on the beach.” I hoped the clothes value statement combined with the vague non-sexual compliment might distract her from her increasingly bad financial situation in the game. When I mentioned the cheating issue things could get ugly.

“Err honey, I thought you were betting with cash?”

“Fair’s fair Mom” was all I had to say.

“Yes dear”, she looked down at the 25 pounds in front of her, looked at me and peered through me at the wall.

What she did not know was that I knew the cards she was looking at in her hand. I had sorted the cards carefully in my room. It actually took longer than I thought because I had to be sure of which ones she would discard when we took new cards after the first round of bets. To ensure I got the cards I had placed in the deck I had to guess how many she would change. One thing was certain she was looking at three queens and needed cash to raise the bet to win back her losses and I am sure in her mind clean me out and win again.

Mom knew 3 queens was a winning hand. All the previous hands we had played had been won on one or two pairs and even a high card. I had not fixed the first deck because there were not enough cards in the pack to fix that many hands, plan B had been to bring out the crooked deck either if I was losing by too much or as now winning enough to force a big hand.

Mom was still looking through me, I looked into her eyes bringing her back to the moment and then looked up and down her body, eyeing her long smooth legs and thighs and trying to look through the camisole.

“Mom, I am surprised you had to cheat playing your son at cards,” I started.

“What do you mean young man?” knowing she guessed I meant cheating at the cards themselves.

“We agreed to only wear 4 pieces of clothing.” Mom looked confused, guilty and then brave.

“Honey I am only wearing” she began

“Mom I can tell you’re wearing a bra under the camisole and I know you are wearing panties under my boxers,” I interrupted. She looked down at her legs,

“You rushed me when we started, I did not mean to put on too much.”

“Well take it off,” I exclaimed forcefully. Part of me was worried she would quit and walk away, although neither of us was in any position to ‘tell my father’ Mom was still Mom she could quit whenever she wanted I knew I would return the cash at the end of the day if harassed to do so although she did not know that. Attack seemed like a good strategy to go with my cheating.

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