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My Mom Bela


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My mom Bela, age 30, sleek figure, 36 bust, silky black long hair had applied for a model hunt for some advertisement. The Ad was suppose to be that of a Long Hair Video. She filled up her form last week. It was
saturday afternoon, I was back from school and Bela (my mom) was watching soaps on t.v. I was studying in 8th grade. My papa and sis were not in town as they were to attend some marriage that weekend at some remote town.

Bela was 5’8″ tall lady. She had a sleek figure. Her attractive long hair was one of her best asset. She used to get aroused if someone played with her hair or opened her hair bun w/o her knowing it. She had black
long waist length hair. Every single hair on her head was straight. People staying around us used to get attracted towards her hair and everytime they see her hair used to praise her hair and beauty. Every uncle or say male relative of mine tried to touch her hair or play with her hair but she never allowed them to do it
and so their desire to play with her hair was not fulfilled. That afternon, door bell ranged. I opened the door, a
stranger guy asked me to call “Bela Madam”. I asked mom to come on door. That guy asked mom to attend an audition / screen test at a local studio same day around 8pm. Mom was happy to know that she was selected by “Long Hair Video” people for audition. That guy left, I closed the door and we both went to her bedroom which had a huge mirror. She was very happy and was literally dancing. She asked me to go to my
room as she wanted to take her own time in getting ready for the audition. She had 3-4 hours with her to do so.

By this age of mine, my incest feelings towards my mom were already matured. I had spent hours and hours playing with her hair at night when she used to sleep beside me. Her milky melons or say breasts were second best attraction for me. I used to slowly touch her breasts and squeeze them at night when papa used to be away and I got chance to sleep next to her. Her beauty was like that of Indian actress “Bela Kapadia”. I had made a special opening or say a hole in the her bathroom for capturing her wet hair + nude scenes.
Just as she went inside the bathroom, I followed her. She took off her suit first. She stood complete nude in front of my eye hole. She turned her back towards me thus giving me the complete view of her nice ass and
her hair bun. My eyes were running over her nude back and got stuck in her lustrous hair bun. She slowly removed her hair stick with one hand and shook her head to let all her silky hair cascade over her bare back. Her back slowly covered her entire back till her waist. Her hair reached almost her hips. This view was
marvellous. My dick was completely errect. She turned on the shower and was done with her bath in another 15mins. I ran to my room just as she turned off her shower. She came out of bathroom in her bathrobe. She came to my room with her hair dryer as electric plug/socket was not working in her bedroom. I pretended to read my book. She opened her wet hair bun and my entire bedroom was covered with her fragrance. By 7pm, we were ready to leave our house for studio. At studio, a guy opened the door and asked our names. He took us to another big room with lots of lights and a camera placed in it. Mom introduced herself to the co-ordinator and he made both of us sit in another room attached to the same room. There was a huge t.v. in our room from where we could see the things in front of camera. There were very few people next to camera and lights. I was seeing some shoot for the firsttime in my life. Even mom was excited but nervous.After 10-15 mins, a guy came and asked my mom to follow him. He asked me to sit in same room and see shooting through huge glass opening on the wall. Mom returned after 10mins, she was briefed on what kind of role / dialog it is. I asked mom, what will you be doing in front of camera ?
she replied “I will be brushing my hair, combing it and at the most washing it , may be a guy will do all these”I was shocked “A guy” She said “Dont worry, i wont do anything wrong. But I knew that papa was away and so she might go naughty.” I smiled. I was getting butterflies in stomach on hearing the script. I was madly awaiting the shooting of such wonderful scene. I wished i was that guy. Mom was again called in another room. She came back to me after 15 long minutes. She was happy, she told me that director turned out to be his college friend and has selected her for the actual shooting which is suppose to happen in an another hour.
I was happy too to know this. We both then went to make-up room where a hair-dresser cum make-up artist was assigned to beautify mom’s looks as per requirement of the Ad. But he didnt seem to be a good guy. He made me and mom sit on chairs in front of the mirror. He asked my mom to wrap a towel and come
back. She did so. He opened all her hair while standing behind her. He started running his fingers through her hair. He then started applying make-up on mom’s face and neck. He then asked mom to reveal her cleavage a little by sliding her towel a little downwards. Mom disagreed. He went and called the director to convince
mom. I was seeing all this. Director took my mom in a corner and convinced her. She was Ok with it now. I was happy as something good was coming next. Mom came back and sat on same chair next to me in front of mirror. I could see soft buldges above her towel. I felt like squeezing them. I was sitting next to her on a chair and makeup guy was standing behind her. He slowly opened her hair bun. He combed her hair with a comb for few mins. He then came in front of her and sat on a stool of similar height. He asked my mom to look above
towards the ceiling as he wanted to do some makeup on her neck towards her breasts. She did so. Makeup guy looked at me, winked and then kept his hands on her breasts over her towel. He started unfolding her towel thus started slowly revealing her boobs. He revealed her breasts a little and did some makeup from lower neck till partition inbetween her boobs. Bela’s huge melons were looking very tempting. The makeup guy was again and again seen adjusting his pants. I knew he too must be getting jerks in his pennis as Bela was so beautiful. He then requested my mom to be patient as he would further reveal her cleavage for makeup as it is must as per requirement. Mom seem to be very comforatable till now. Makeup guy got a pair of brushes with him. He then sat on floor next to Bela’s legs. He started applying some foundation on her open thighs. She was getting tickling there and couldnt control. She started moaning a little. Makeup guy slowly and gradually rubbed her soft brushes on her thighs thus arousing her for the coming scenes. Mom was aroused by now but was controlling her feelings.

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Mom was given a white dress and asked to wear it. She immediately changed her clothes in another room. She was looking gorgeous in that dress. The dress was great too as it started from her breast till her upper
thighs. Her cleavage can be seen though boobs were under the dress. She had too give up her bra as the dress was backless. I asked mom about her open back, she said “Krish, it is for my long hair to be seen in its full glory”. I smiled.I was more happy. Curiousity in me to see my mom’s hair flow over her bare back was increasing. I was asked to take my seat in previous room from where I can see the shoot from a huge t.v. screen. I was given soft drink and accompanied by two guys in the same room to see the shoot. They were talking among themselves. After sometime, Bela came in the view. Those guys started passing dirty comments on her figure. One guy said “what a babe, man. Look at her boobs, I feel like massaging her.” Another replied “Yaar, I feel like licking her entire body”. I couldnt tolerate this but being new to the place and too younger than them, quitely sat there.
Mom came and stood in front of the camera. All light men/ spot boys etc left the set. Only camera man, irector and Bela were in my view. I was surpised on this. Mom’s hair was tied in a huge bun over her head. Her
skin was glowing. I could hardly hear what director was asking her to do. She seemed to be very happy and smiling all the time.
Shooting started. Everybody was quite. Camera started. Mom was standing in front of camera alone for few seconds. A smart looking guy came and stood next to her. They both faced each other. That guy smiled at mom. He kept his palms on her cheeck. Took his face closer to hers and planted his lips on hers. I was shocked to see this. Scene was turning interesting and hot. Mom turned her back towards the camera. The smooch was deepening. Back of my mom was facing the camera and so was her thick huge bun. The guy kept his hand on her bun and shook it. Her silky long hair cascaded over her back. The smooch was still
continuing. He used both of his hands to completely open all her hair. He started running his fingers through her hair. I was erect. I wanted to join them. But couldnt. This contiued for few more minutes and suddenly it was all dark.Camera started after few minutes of darkness. I was anxious to see what has happened in this time. Camera started. Wowwww !!!! Mom was sleeping completely nude on floor with all her hair covering her breasts and vagina. She was smiling in front of camera. she seemed to be consumed some liquor and was not under control. I stood up at my seat. Guys around me threatened me and made me sit and watch the screen. Mom was lying on a mattress. All her long silk was shinning over her body. Same guy came and stood beside her. He got a bucket of water and poured it all over her body slowly. All her hair turned wet thus revealing her
huge melons. She started rubbing her palms over her breasts. That guy sat on floor beside her and started revealing her boobs out of her hair. He rubbed her titties and mom started moaning. He then stood beside her. He bent on her and took her hair in his hand from back of her neck. He then slowly pulled her hair making her stand nude next to him. He covered both of her boobs with her wet hair. He took a comb and started combing her wet hair. Making sleek streaks on her silk. One more guy came in to the picture. He sat on floor between her legs and immediately started licking her clit. She started moaning. She tried kicking off that guy twice but she didnt seem to have power to do so and then submitted her to the pleasure she was getting.
I was shocked and ran out of the door and went to the room where this all was happening. A guy with a big knife in his hand made me sit in the corner and watch. Both guys started rubbing her boobs and nipples. All
her wet hair was over her body partially covering her private parts. Both guys took out their 9inch long cocks and started inserting from both sides of my mom’s holes. She was moaning loudly. After 10mins of fucking her hardly, the guy with knife threw me on nude body of mom. I was erect. The guy with knife asked me to comb
my nude mom’s hair. He made me sit in her lap and suck milk from her nipples. He made me smooch her and play with her hair. He made me insert my 5″ cock in to her vagina and jerk. He made me smell her hair and dig my face in to hers.After all this, I and mom were left alone. We both came back home after few hours.
Those movie people kept her calling on weekly basis for similar shoots. She enjoyed it too. She hide this from my dad. By the time I reached college. We used to spend long hours in bed together. I start with playing with her hair and end up fucking her holes.

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