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mom son sex story from india


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>The story your about to read is a true one . Most people wont beleive it, but I promise you this story is 100% true and no part of this story has been fantasized. Due to the incestuous matter readers are strongly warned about what they are about to read.

I came from a middle class family in Goa. My dad got married to my mom when she was 20. My dad used to work in the U.K. and I barely remember him coming him to visit us. He used to come once in 2 years.

By the time I was 13 my mom and dad got divorced. Dad got married of to an NRI girl in the UK. I was left alone with mom. My mom was very active and ambitious and she got a job as the head dietician and therapist in a leading fitness center in goa. Her salary was more than enough for the 2 of us. When I was about 15 my mom put me in a boarding school in Bangalore. She used to come and visit me 2 to 3 times a year. I used to enjoy with my mom as she was quite an active and sporty woman. She used to take me bowling,, go-karting and a lot of different adventure sports. She was almost like my best friend. After completing my 12th (2001).I got into an engineering college and I took a small room for myself. During my first semester I borrowed a human digest magazine from one of the boys. When reading the stories I came across a story of love between a mother and son. This really turned me on. When masturbating my moms face came to my mind. I tried to remove the thoughts but they grew deeper and deeper. I started looking at porn incest sites on the net searching for more mother son stories. Reading these stories it made me want my mom more and more.

The time came when my mom came to visit me at the end of my first semester. I remember it was raining that day and my mom came in wet in her salwar. I couldn’t move my eyes from her lucious body. I had become a completely different person around her. My whole body was going wild. My mom came and hugged me with her wet clothes. This made me more wild. My mom changed up into shorts and T-shirt and went to sleep as she was tired. My whole body quivered at the site of her lying on the bed. I wanted to remove her clothes and make love to her but I controlled. I went to the toilet and relieved my self. I felt much better. After her nap my mom changed into jeans and T-shirt. The afternoon we spent going for lunch and roaming around. I was quite proud roaming around with such a young looking lady, who no one would have guessed was my mom. After dinner we came back to my room. My mom into her night gown.

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My body went mad again. I wanted to make love to my cute and sexy looking mom. But I controlled my self again by masturbating. Since there was only one bed we had to sleep on the same bed . It was normal for us because I used to sleep with mom on the same bed before. But before I didn’t have such incestuous feeling for my mom. So today was gonna be a different day. My mom felt asleep hugging me. I too fell into deep sleep. At around midnight I woke up again. I saw my mom still hugging me and sleeping I to turned towards her and hugged her . As I looked at her legs I saw her nightgown had come up exposing her thighs.

I was horny again. This time I wasn’t ready to relieve myself. I kept my hands on her thighs and started rubbing ny hand against them gently. I then moved my hands up to her thighs gently so as not to wake her up. I felt her soft and silky skin. I move my hands up hoping to touch her panties and slide my finger inside them. But to my luck she wasn’t wearing any panties. My hand was on her smooth buttocks. They were warm and soft. My dick had come to its hardest. With my hand on her butt, I wasn’t sure what to do next.

I was afraid my mom would get up. I really loved my mom as my mom and as my friend. I didn’t want to break this relationship. But I couldn’t help it, I knew I couldn’t leave like this all my life. So I moved my hand to my moms pussy hoping whatever might happen next might be the best. I felt her soft pubic hair as I slowly moved my finger in between her soft mounds of flesh. My mom twitched a bit. I didn’t stop I continued fingering her pussy. Then I heard my mom moan. I still continued. My mom gave out slow moaning sounds. After sometimes my mom woke up with a shock. I got scared and pulled out my finger. My mom looked at me and asked me what was I doing. I told her I was sorry and I couldn’t control it. It just came out naturally. My mom looked at me for sometime and then came close to me and kissed me slowly on my cheeks and then moved to my lips. We were French kissing for atleast 12 minutes. When we were French kissing, I slowly lifted my moms night gown up. While my mom removed my shorts and undies. We were both completely naked in front of each other with no shame for what we were about to do. I moved my mouth slowly to her light brown nipples, licking them slowly. I was surprised at my mom for having amazing round breasts at her age. I started sucking on them as my mom caught onto my hair and was moaning. I moved down her body slowly licking her belly button and then to her pussy. I moved my tongue through her soft bush into her warm mounds. Her pussy was the best I have tasted till date. I licked every corner of her pussy. My mom held onto me saying “don’t sweetheart, don’t sweetheart”. I continued licking her pussy till she climaxed. She the took my cock and started sucking it. She took the whole thing in her mouth and chewed on it like mad. My dick had become rock hard and was beginning to pain. I took it from her mouth and moved it to her pussy and started moving it in and out. My mom began howling again.

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My dicks virgin knot broke of and it began bleeding. It was paining like hell but I continued. I kept on pumping her till both of us climaxed and began moaning loudly. I removed my dick quickly and spread my cum on her breasts. We were both weak and lying on the bed holding each other tightly. We weren’t aware of what we just did. I opened my eyes early in the morning. I thought everything what happened the night before was just a dream when I turned around and I saw my mom lying nude by my side. I was happy and ashamed of what happened. I caught my mom and went to sleep again.

I woke up a little later on and saw my mom crying in a corner. I put my shorts and ran quickly to her. she turned to me and said she was really sorry about what happened the night before claiming that it was her fault. I comforted her saying that it was human and nobody’s fault. She again hugged me and asked me if I loved her. I told her that I was ready to die for her. she was so touched by this words that she again kissed me on my lips and we were French kissing again we kissed each other for 5 minutes when my mom moved her lips and told me this could not go on. I knew my mom wanted to have more sex with me by the way she kissed me. She didn’t want me to carry this guilt with me. But I knew I couldn’t carry on without making love to her. so I told her that I could not continue without her. I told her that I felt like heaven last night and I wanted more. I didn’t care what relationship was going on. I had her as my mom, my friend and my lover.

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My mom agreed saying that she did not have sex once since dad left and I filled up that empty space. We made love again then this time without much guilt.

To this day we have sex although not so regularly. This was supposed to be a secret between me and my mom. But this story although a taboo for many people is really precious to me, so I asked my moms permission to post it without mentioning anyone’s name. Since sex with my mom I have confidence and have pleased 3 different girls. But I haven’t got enough pleasure as I got from my mom. To this day my moms my angel.

I know many of you will want to believe this as I had shared my experience on the net and many people thought I made it up. But I guarantee you’ll guys that there is such thing as incest in this world. I am telling you’ll guys that there is such thing as physical love between mother and son which is hidden.

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