Bangla Choti বাংলা চটি

Bangla Choti বাংলা চটি banglachoti

The Family Became Incestuous


I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.


I was teaching Ramesh’s two daughters Geeta and Seeta and at the same time I fucked Munia Boudi continually. Geeta has got her father’s fair complexion and she had a gorgeous body, about 5’-6” tall and wide as usual. That time at her 17 year age she got a bulky body and I guessed her boob’s size was 36D. Seeta’s complexion like her mother may be darker than her mom. She was then only 11 and her newly puffed up lemon size tits was visible over her frock. Geeta sat on a chair at one end and Seeta sat on the bed at other end and I sat in the middle of long side of the table. The bed was so high and Seeta had too stooped forward to write on the table, that time the front part of her frock hung down and her lemon size tits were clearly seen. I regular saw the tits and became erected.

Meanwhile my another colleague Mr. Hrishikesh’s of clerical section requested me to teach his niece Barsha (daughter of his younger sister) and to take the responsibilities of her education for passing the upcoming HSC examination. I clearly discouraged him that I have no time to spare for his niece. But he requested with more distressfully and explained some causes to consider. I thought that it is a critical condition and anxious, what can I do for this poor girl. At last I found a way, if Mr. Ramesh agrees, then I could teach the girl with Geeta and Seeta at a time in a table. But there are two options that I have to propose Mr. Ramesh and niece Barsha has to come Mr. Ramesh’s house to study.

I expressed the all situation to Mr. Hrishikesh and he told me that he has no problem Barsha will go anywhere I want. I told him that I would inform later after talking with Mr. Ramesh. Mr. Ramesh agreed without any hesitation and I informed Mr. Hrishikesh to send his niece from the next Sunday to Mr. Ramesh’s house at 3:00 PM. That day when I reached there, Geeta asked me about Barsha and talked something about her which was fully unwanted to me.

She told SIR, I KNEW THAT YOU WILL TEACH BARSHA WITH US. SIR, NEVER DO SUCH WRONG, SHE IS A DULL STUDENT AND VERY HAUGHTY. SHE IS SO HAUGHTY THAT DON’T WANT TO TALK OTHERS. ALL FOR HER EXCESSIVE BEAUTY, YOU MUST SPOIL YOUR CAREER IF YOU AGREE TO TEACH HER, PLEASE SIR DENY HER TO TEACH. I didn’t listen to her advice and as usual Barsha reached there next Sunday. The table was small and congested. I moved aside to Geeta and placing a chair in between me and Seeta I called Barsha to sit there, as she doesn’t touch Geeta.

But Geeta started misbehaved with this nice girl in every step. Geeta was hissing in anger, I couldn’t understand her intention, why she is doing such, I thought. Thus three days passed but in the fourth day Barsha couldn’t tolerate Geeta’s insulting languages, she told me SIR, I’M GOING, I NEED NOT STUDY. She went away weeping. (Please enjoy the story with Barsha titled “The Best Gift – Virginity”).

The days Barsha came I sat closely near Geeta and sometimes my knee collided with her and my feet touched her feet. I thought she must be displeasured for that but I noticed that when my body touched her she avoided it that she didn’t realize. After Barsha went away again we rearranged our sitting position and continue. Meanwhile, once office sent a notice to spare all chairs for two weeks. There a seminar was arranged and may persons would be joined in the seminar, so a huge number of chairs required. Each quarter could keep at least one. Mr Ramesh’s had no dining table or chair, so we fell in a great problem about sitting. In the next day I saw there only one chair at the table. I asked Geeta about the sitting arrangement but she couldn’t give any solution. At last I came to a decision and told I HAVE AN IDEA, GEETA, YOU WILL SIT ON THE BED. Seeta countered soon THEN WHAT I AM DOING? SHOULD I STUDY STANDING FOR THE WHOLE TIME?

I smiled and told OH NO, YOU HAVE NOT TO STAND FOR THE WHOLE TIME, I CAN LET YOU SIT ON MY LAP, IF YOU HAVE NO OBJECTION. Geeta giggled and told SEETA, IT’S NICE, YOU WILL FEEL COMFORTABLE. Seeta also agreed at my proposal. I slid my chair slight backward and Seeta sat astride on my lap. Within few minutes Seeta’s touch aroused my carnal desire and my penis began to erect hard. I combined my thighs tightly that my penis couldn’t rise up. Seeta was sitting on my lap while reading and standing on her feet while writing. I gave her some math problem to solve and she was solving standing on her feet. My penis forcefully pushed and wanted to rise upwards but I concealed it within my thighs.

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Suddenly a mosquito bit hardly on my leg and I had to move my leg. As soon as my erected 8” long rigid penis became free it sprung upwards and hit Seeta’s pussy. I became very confounded and frightened that Seeta must react severely. But amazed me Seeta did not react at the incident. My penis stuck with her pussy but she had no reaction. After few minutes she sat on my lap and my penis rubbed her pussy hard and my penis head reached at her chest. She took her left hand down and grabbed my penis and measured from head to base and pressed few times. I became so astonished that I could not make any movement. After that she again stood up and while writing she grabbed my penis and rubbed with her pussy.

After few minutes I regained my courage and touched her thigh, she wore knickers so her thighs were bared. I caressed her thigh and gradually lifted my hand upwards, once my hand reached at her crotch; I grabbed her pussy over the knickers and pressed. Seeta parted her legs wider to give ample space to my hand, I caressed her pussy by inserting my finger into the slit and rubbed her clitoris. After few minutes I pulled her knickers down and the elastic band went down easily. I kept it at her knees and then grabbed her bared pussy and began to rub her slit and clitoris. I felt that her pussy was still bald, pubic hairs didn’t grow; I like to sniff and lick these pussies very much. I tried to insert my finger into her orifice but only I could insert my little finger into her narrow canal. I felt slight slippery damp at her orifice.

Seeta carefully dragged my lungi upwards and brought out my penis from the lungi and rubbed the penis head with her pussy and the pussy damped with the pre-cum oozing form my penis tip. For the whole time I rubbed my penis head with her soft tender slippery pussy. As the room was locked so nothing fears from others. In the next day as usual I sat on the chair and Seeta astride on my lap. Soon my penis erected and I myself dragged my lungi and made it bared. My rigid penis stiffed upwards and touched Seeta’s crotch. I felt that my penis touched with her bare pussy. I kept my hand on her pussy and realized that she didn’t wear her knickers. For her knee touched long frock, it was not understood.

As Geeta sat on the bed so she had to stooped forward nearly lie down on the table for writing. When she stooped I saw her deep cleavage of the voluptuous breasts. I stared at her cleavage and once I caught by her. She dragged her kamiz to cover the cleavage. I again stared when it became uncovered and she noticed that and smiled as well as poked her pen on my hand. Soon I realized Geeta’s intention and misbehaving with Barsha, it was her jealousy, nothing else. I could understand another thing and being happy that Geeta likes me and if I try I could fuck her in future. When she looked at me I winked at her and she again smiled and poked on my hand harder.

That day after fucking I told Munia Boudi that I have forgotten about Geeta wanted to solve a math problem. When Boudi went for bathing I went to Geeta’s books and taking her notebook I wrote “Tomorrow you must wear a very low-cut garment, I want to see your voluptuous things which you have kept hide inside your bra. I don’t like bra, so avoid it, otherwise I will not come to teach you.” In the next day when I reached, I saw that Geeta wore a kamiz which was loose fitting and low cut, I also realize that she didn’t wear bra. She smiled at me. When she was writing I could see about 45% of her voluptuous breasts. The black aureole also visible but I couldn’t see the nipples. The next days till chairs returned I rubbed my penis with Seeta’s pussy and watched Geeta’s nice breasts. It made more enjoyable when I fucked her mom after ending the teaching.

I touched Geeta’s knee with my knee but couldn’t touch her crotch. Sometimes I stretched my hand beneath the table and hardly could touch her nice soft boobs. The situation was at my favor and Geeta was agreed to let me fuck her at any time but it was not possible for the place. I thought about that, how could I fuck this virgin girl and didn’t get any solution. At last my wife went to see her parents and my quarter became free and informed it to Geeta. She agreed to go my quarter. I proposed m that Geeta has to gain some practical experience on chemistry and I have the apparatus in my quarter. So Geeta has to go my quarter for few days. m agreed to spare Geeta to go my quarter but Seeta will accompany her. I accepted his proposal.

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The next Sunday, after finishing tuition I told Geeta in front her mom to reach my quarter within 8 PM. The two sis went out for playing and I fucked Munia Boudi and returned to my quarter and was waited for Geeta. At about 8:15 PM the two siblings reached there. I told Seeta to wait in the drawing room that the laboratory is well protected and it is safe for her to stay there. I switched on the TV and entered into my bedroom. I closed the door and locked, Geeta was smiling to watch my activities. She banteringly asked WHERE ARE THE APPARATUS? I smiled and abruptly yanked her hand and placed on my 8” long and 7” perimeter penis which was already erected and became rigid like an iron rod. She grabbed it and astonishingly expressed OH MY GOD, HOW LONG AND FAT!! I didn’t waste time and hugged Geeta soon and began to kissing her. Her voluptuous breasts were smashed with my chest.

I soon unzipped her kamiz and removed from her body. I told her earlier not to wear bra, so her voluptuous boobs were bared. The boobs were so nicely plump and soft, those were stiffed and firm. The black nipples were stiffed inside the wide black aureole about 3 inches diameter. I grabbed both breasts and began to squeeze hard and screwed the nipples with my thumbs and indexes. I kneaded the breasts firmly and cruelty. The breasts were as well as soft and hard inside it. Then I took one nipple into my mouth and began to suck and was kneading other. I interchanged the both boobs for sucking and kneading. Then I began to kissing her breasts wall and biting severely. Geeta was slightly moaning in ecstasy.

I kissed her cleavage and then move downwards and at last I kissed on her naval hole and then down and there was her shalwar. I soon untied the string of the shalwar and dragged down, the shalwar slipped downwards she moved her legs to remove the shalwar from her legs. I reached her pubic and sitting on the floor I began to lick her pubic surface, it was cleanly shaved and I saw the starting point of the pussy slit and the pussy lips. The pussy aroma is the most favorite to me, so I inserted my nose into the slit and began to sniff. She parted her legs to give me easy access for sniffing her pussy. I sniffed across the slit lining and reached the end of the pussy, there was no visible clitoris and the pussy was a camel toe pussy.

I pushed her to make her sit on my bed and when she sat on the edge I grabbed her both ankle and pulled forward and she lay on her back on the bed. I parted her legs wider and the whole giant pussy was visible to me. The fat lips made a deep fissure between them and the pussy was looked like a human mouth. I again sniffed the sexy sweet aroma of the pussy and it made me mad for fucking her hard. I parted the pussy lips with my thumb and then a tiny clitoris I saw at the middle of the pussy and beneath it a round pink curve and a dark deep hole which was damped with sticky saliva. I raised her one leg on my shoulder and it made her pussy opened. I stretched my tongue and touched with Gaeta’s tiny clitoris, she quivered with the touch. Then I began to lick the pussy slit and pussy lips and the whole pussy including groin and pubic surface. I licked her pussy for about five minutes. Pre-cum was oozing like a stream and I tasted the brackish saliva.

Then I got up and told her to suck my penis. She got up and sat on the floor and grabbed my penis tightly, she felt its rigidness and yanked downwards and inserted the head into her mouth. She surrounded her tongue with the circumference of my circumcised penis head and I was enjoying much the act. I held her head and began to move to and fro to make a mouth fuck and once my penis inserted deep into her throat and touched her epiglottis and she puked. I pulled out my penis from her throat and laid her on the bed again then I parted her legs wider and parting her pussy lips by one hand I opened the orifice of the pussy hole and bending my penis downwards with other hand I set my penis head at the orifice. Then I applied a forward pressure and my circumcised strawberry shaped penis head easily popped into the pussy canal and cupped there by the orifice. I then gave another jolt and my penis forwarded more one and a half inches and obstructed there by the hymen. She felt some pain and told me to leave the game. I assured her that I would not let her get pain and I will move my tool more carefully.

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Then I yanked and shoved my penis within that space for few times and then gave a heavy jolt and my penis inserted about half of its length slitting the hymen. A strange scream came out from Geeta’s throat. I doubted that Seeta must hear the screaming and some questions may be gathered in her mind. Geeta’s body became stiffed and she pressed my body with her legs. I rested for few minutes keeping inserted my penis into her pussy hole. Then I began to caress her, I smooched on her cheek and chin and eyes and lips. I sucked her lips and kneaded her plump breasts. After about three minutes I asked Geeta about the pain and she informed me that it was degraded. I asked her if I start my penis moving or not she alluded me to start. Then I yanked my penis and saw blood strain at the body of my penis. I didn’t care about that and shoved again and with some more jolt I shoved the whole length into her pussy hole.

I then began to move my penis pushed in and pulled out my penis into Geeta’s pussy hole, the hole was tight enough and the pussy wall grasped my penis tightly. Her pussy was biting my penis often. I asked her about the pain and she told me that the pain was already been relieved. So I began to drive my penis with forcefully and rapidly. Thap thap thap thap thap thap thap pok pok pok pok pok pokat pokat sounds were producing for the friction between her pussy lips and my pubic surface. Geeta began to moan AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AHA HA AHA HA AHA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HAH AH and was swaying her waist. I was quietly fucking her virgin pussy and wanted to get pleasure as much as I could. But soon Geeta began to moan loudly AAAAAAH AAAAAAH I’M FEELING STARNGE, OOOOOOOH OOOOOHHHHHH AAAAAAAAH I’M PEEING OOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH and spurted her semen drenching my penis head, I felt the warm flow with my penis head. Then I again began to fuck her.

I rolled her body sideways and lay on her flank and raised her one leg on my shoulder, thus the orifice of the pussy became flourished and I shoved my penis again and began to fuck. After fucking about 10 minutes or so I stooped on her body and began to play with her plump breasts and caressing her nipples. After few minutes I felt that her nipples became hard and stiffed, then I understood that she became again horny. I then started to fuck her anew. I got down her body from the bed and she stood on the floor. I told her to keep her hand on the edge of the bed and she made her body stooped forward bending 90°from her waist. Then I stood behind her and her flourished pussy lips looked very nice. I inserted my penis into the pussy and began to fuck standing on the floor. I grabbed her waist and began to fuck with more strength. After that I stooped my body and grabbed her hung breasts and began to press.

Then I placed her body on the bed keeping the legs outside the bed from her waist and started fucking. Geeta began to moan again loudly AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH. I fucked harder and harder and at last after about more 35 minutes her orgasmic process competed again and she became very tired. I hugged her for few minutes and caressed her nicely, I was kneading her breasts and sucking her nipples. I again began to drive my penis anew. After about five minutes more I came to my ejection and I yanked my penis out of her vagina and unloaded. I caressed her for more few minutes and we both exchanged smooching and sucking lips and tongue. Then we dressed and refreshed in the bathroom and she combed her hairs and then went out. I saw Seeta became asleep there; Geeta awoke her and went out for their house.

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