Bangla Choti বাংলা চটি

Bangla Choti বাংলা চটি banglachoti

AN indian incest story


< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>I am Arnav, 20 years old young lad. I have been enjoying a good fuck with my mother. Let me share my nautral real experince with all of you. It all started when I was 14 years old. I was just getting to know about the wonderful word ‘fuck’.
Before I proceed I should explain my family environment. I am the only son to my parents. My mum got married at a very young age, so by the time I was 16 she was only 34 years old. My dad is a successful business man with only weakness for ladies.
He used to enjoy fucking lot of new gals especially prostitutes out there. Also he was avid fan of blue films ( I found about all these later). There have been frequent quarrels because of these between my parents. To tell you my mum has got a fuckable terrffic figure.
She has a big boobs and well shaped ass. She was very sexy lady but my dad said he wants to have variety so he used to fuck different girls weekly. Since my bedroom was just besides them, I could hear the loud voices coming from there bedroom.
This has become daily routine and my mum was totally unsatisfied with dad all times. I couldn’t understand how she was withstanding her desires etc. One day I came quite early from the school, the door was not locked from inside, so I went straight to my bedroom.
I could hear moaning sounds coming from my parents bedroom. Out of curiosity I crawled through the key-hole and to my surprise I could see my lovely mum spread-eagled on the bed with a banana inside her pussy.
She was moving it in and out rapidly and making lot of loud noises. This was the first sight of a nude women and in the first instance I was lucky to see my mum’s pussy. It was cleanly shaven with a few bunch a hair on its top.
I could see the redneed inside her cunt as the huge banana go inside and come out. She was enjoying these moments and I don’t want to disturb her. Also for the first time my dick went on to get harder. It was my first erection and this was with my mum.
I don’t know what to do with it so I started rubbing it back and froth as the banana is moving. I got intense pleasure from it and finally a thick white splash came out of it. I climaxed, I climaxed with my mum. After that I went inside my bedroom and was pretending to be asleep.
I could hear the doors of bathroom and found that my mum was cleaning herslf. Later while going to kitchen she noticed me in my room sleeping and came to me. I pretended sleeping like that, she checked and went off.
From that day onwards I sometimes used to come home early and masterbate along with my mum. I think she might have suspicion but she kept quite. It has become a habit to watch my mum and masterbate even sometimes in night
when my dad has left her for fucking other girls and she used to masterbate. One night it was my exam and I was studying in my room, dad has not come yet and mum was in her bedroom. As I said it has become a habit to check whether she was masterbating,
I peeked into her room and found that she was watching a blue film. She was taking deep breaths and from seeing her I found that she was very much excited. She was also fingering her pussy.
As the film continued I saw a women getting gang banged by 8-9 guys in very possible hole of her and she was enjoying it. I also started materbating along with my mum. In between the door bell rang, I immediately slipped to my bedroom and my mum
also shut down the vcr and went to open the door. Both my mum and I haven’t climaxed and were in the same heat. My dad came as usual but this time she brought a sexy young gal along with her. That gal was wearing just middy and full blouse, most of her boobs are revealing.
On seeing this my mum got outraged and asked what he was doing. My dad said that he couldn’t get hotel room so he was bringing her to house. My mum got furious and told she is as well horny for which my dad replied go and fuck
with any guy you want and I will not object to that. Telling that both went to bedroom and locked the door. My mum don’t knowing what to do came to my room and started crying. I hold her in my arms and started consoling her.
She put her hand down and somehow it got on my erect dick. She immediately got up as if she got an idea and started undressing in front of me. I couldn’t understand what was happening and sat still. After removing everything except bra and panty,
she asked me whether I would like to fuck her. I was shocked and thrilled. I have been waiting for this moment and I don’t thought this would come so ealry. She said the dad has given permission to her to fuck any guy and I would prefer you.
I was over-joyed and removed all my clothes and stood naked. The erect dick was at 90 degrees and mum took hold of it and put her in her mouth. It was absolute joy, reaching the shores of heaven, I made a huge ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
And let the dick move in her mouth. After sucking me for sometime she laid back and removed both her bra and panties and put my dick in her cunt. It was very lovely to feel the moist cunt lips encircling my erect dick.
I felt the tenderness of her boobs and warmth of her pussy at the same time and for the first time. We fucked furoiously like we have been wating for long. Both our bodies heated by blue film were trying to release their tension in each other.
While we were fucking, we started hearing moaning and graoning from the dad’s room. On hearing this my mum got more energitic and started fucking me from top. As the sound from the other room increased so as the fucking of my mum and I enjoyed immensely.
From that day onwards we started fucking as and when we want. Now my mum is happy as I am taking care of her health, My dad is happy because he get girls directly to house instead of hotels. Iam happy to fuck my mum’s pussy as and when I want.

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