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< dir=”ltr” trbidi=”on”>Jennifer and Jimmy were nervous all week. Jimmy was excited about the chance to go out with his mother on a real date. Jennifer, on the other hand, thought it was a chance to get her son involved with other people in school and give her some quality time with him. Besides, if they pulled this off, it would be an incredible boost for her ego.

Jimmy rented a tuxedo and his mom bought a dress but wouldn’t let him see it until the night of the prom.

Jimmy was ready early, waiting downstairs for his mom. He had never felt so nervous in his life, not only because of the charade but also because he was going out with him mom. The bow tie around his neck seemed to be getting tighter and tighter as he waited. He had a corsage in his hand, pacing the living room when she came down the stairs.

“Wow!” Jimmy exclaimed when he saw his mother.

She had on a slinky short gown. It was cut low, allowing a sexy view of the soft swells of her breast. It was silky and green, with the hem cut in triangles almost like a Peter Pan outfit, leaving expanses of her thighs exposed. She had her hair professionally done and put up on her head with little curls hanging down her cheeks. Her eye shadow matched the green of her dress. She wore matching four-inch high heels and was carrying a new purse. The gown was far too tight for underwear.

Jennifer spun around in a circle and said, “You like?”

“God mom, you look gorgeous,” Jimmy said looking at the back of the gown. It was cut all the way to the top of her hips.

“I don’t look to old do I?” she asked turning back to Jimmy with a worried look on her beautiful face.

“No, but I don’t care anyway. I’ll have the best looking girl at the prom on my arm,” Jimmy beamed.

“Thank you sweety. Ready to go?”

“Absolutely,” Jimmy said, fitting the corsage onto his mother’s wrist and leading her to the car.

The prom was a typical high school affair. It was being held in the gym, which was decorated with streamers and balloons. It was kind of corny but Jennifer loved every minute, feeling like she had gone back in time.

They had been there for a while and she and Jimmy had danced several fast dances when Todd came up to them and asked Jennifer to dance. He had his girlfriend Ronda with him and kind of pushed her over to Jimmy.

Jimmy’s eyes opened wide when he saw the dress Todd’s date was wearing. It was split down the front, almost to her naval, showing most of her incredible large chest. Jimmy swallowed hard and walked onto the dance floor with Ronda. It was difficult for his eyes to look anywhere besides her exposed breasts as Ronda moved to the music.

Jennifer and Todd danced across the floor as Todd led her away from Jimmy and Ronda. When the fast song ended a slow one came on and Jennifer started to return to Jimmy. She saw that he was in the arms of Ronda.

Todd grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his arms. As they danced, Todd pulled her close and put his hands on her hips. “So, how did you and Jimmy meet?” Todd asked.

“At a sorority party.”

“So, are you guys going ‘out’?” Todd said as his hands slowly slid lower on Jennifer’s hips.

“Yes, we are.”

“Jimbo’s a lucky guy,” Todd said, his hands moving even lower until his fingers moved under the waist, touching the bare tops of her ass cheeks. “Ummm, no panties, I love that,” he said as his hard penis pressed into her groin.

In spite of herself, Jennifer felt a little thrill go through her. It was such a boast to her ego to have this young, handsome guy interested in her, even if he was stuck on himself. She left his hands on her ass for a while and pressed her groin into his to give him a little thrill. She could feel his penis pulse against her. She almost giggled at her naughtiness.

When the song ended, Jennifer turned from Todd saying, “Thanks for the dance.” She walked back to Jimmy, leaving Todd standing there with his pants bulging with his erection.

Both Jennifer and Jimmy had a wonderful time at the prom. Jimmy was so proud of his mom and she thought that he was making a lot of progress in connecting with other kids in his class. She had seen him talking to a number of guys and girls.

They were sitting at the table at about 11 p.m. when Todd came over.

“Hey you guys, we’re leaving for my dad’s place now. Are you coming? It’s going to be a ball.”

Jimmy looked at his mom. She smiled and winked at him. “Sure, we’ll come for a little while,” Jimmy said.

“Great! It’s out on Driftwood Road, right at the end near the old lighthouse, you can’t miss it.”

A few minutes later Jennifer and Jimmy were walking into Todd’s family beach house. It was a large old three-story house. It looked like it had at least 20 rooms and had been totally remodeled inside and out. It was just off the beach with a large wooden deck in the back of the house looking out at the ocean.

“Great you made it,” Todd said walking up to them with two glasses of spiked punch.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said as she took the drink.

“You guys make yourself at home, I have some other guests to take care of. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Todd said with a smile and headed off into the crowd of teenagers.

The house was packed with kids, music blaring. Some of kids Jimmy knew but many he didn’t recognize. As he and his mom walked around, they found almost every room filled with partying kids, but not an adult in site.

“I wonder if Todd’s dad knows about this party?” Jennifer whispered.

Jimmy looked at his mother like she was clueless. “Not a chance.”

“Remind me not to leave you home alone anymore,” Jennifer scoffed.

Jennifer and Jimmy had been there for about an hour when Todd found them again.

“Hey guys, a couple of us are going down to the club room to play some games. Why don’t you come on down.”

Neither mother nor son knew what type of games he was talking about but agreed to go downstairs.

Todd led them downstairs where his girlfriend and four other couples were sitting on large pillows scattered around the floor. They were all in a circle waiting for Todd. There were fragrant candles placed around the room, casting a glow of shadows on the walls.

“Guys, you all know Jimmy and this is his gorgeous date Jennifer. They’re going to join us.”

There was a chorus of greetings from the guys and girls around the circle.

“Okay guys let’s get started. The first game will be charades. The twist is that the loser of each round will have to perform a ‘truth or dare’,” Todd said.

Todd walked over and sat with his girlfriend who was sitting next to Jimmy and Jennifer.

The games started. It was a lot of good-natured fun with everyone laughing and teasing. The worst thing that happened was that at one point, the losing team had to moon the entire audience. After that, things started to get a little more interesting.

Jimmy and his mother noticed a couple of the guys lighting up cigarettes. Then they started to pass them around. By the time the smell of the cigarettes got to them, they both realized that it wasn’t a normal cigarette but rather marijuana.

Jennifer had smoked a little marijuana in her younger days and Jimmy had tried a little a couple of years ago but neither was very familiar with how it would affect them.

When the cigarettes got to them, they both took light puffs and passed them on. Neither one of them wanted to risk getting high. What they hadn’t counted on was the fact that they were breathing the smoke all around the room.

It didn’t take long for everyone to start feeling the impact of the marijuana. It was very gradual for Jimmy and Jennifer, slowly and unknowingly making them high.

“Okay, the next game is a contest to see which couple kisses the best. Each of us will have five minutes. The winning couple gets a special prize-a ride in my BMW,” Todd laughed. “Agreed?”

Everyone but Jennifer and Jimmy gave a rousing yes. It was at this point that logic would have told mother and son to leave. However, the relaxing mood of the marijuana made the outrageous idea seem okay. Neither of them was thinking about the fact that they would have to kiss each other.

“Okay, Ronda and I will start it off. Bob, you keep the timer,” Todd said handing Bob a cooking timer that would ring a bell after five minutes. Then Todd turned to the crowd and said, “Just to make sure everyone can see, I rigged this little spot light up. He walked over to the wall and turned on a spot light that made the area between the six couples look like a small stage.

When someone was standing in the light, they wouldn’t be able to see any of the other couples on the floor but their every move would be illuminated.

Todd and his girlfriend walked to the center of the room and embraced. “Is there anybody still out there?” he asked comically, looking out at the darkened room.

There was a round of applause and hoots from the couples watching.

Suddenly the room got very quiet as Todd and Ronda turned to each other. Their lips met. There were murmurs in the crowd as they kissed passionately. Everyone watched their lips pull apart and their tongues touch. Then Todd sucked on his girlfriend’s tongue as she held it out to him. Then she did the same for him. All the time, his hands were working down her back until they covered her buttocks. Their groins pressed tightly together. They began to hump into each other like they were having sex.

The crowd started to call out to them in encouragement.

“That’s it Todd, go to it,” someone called out.

“Come on Ronda, suck his tongue,” one of the girls said.

Everyone in the room started to get excited as they watched the two teenagers kiss. Just as Todd’s hand came up to Ronda’s breast and squeezed, the timer went off. Then there was a loud groan from the crowd.

When the two separated, one of Ronda’s breasts was half out of her gown. She either didn’t notice or didn’t mind because she made no move to cover herself. Everyone in the room broke into applause.

“Thank you, thank you.” Todd and Ronda bowed. Ronda’s heavy breast flopped completely out of her dress as she bent over. There were more catcalls and hoots from the crowd. “Now it’s Bill and Lisa’s turn,” Todd said as he led his girlfriend back to their place on the floor. He turned to look at Jennifer and Jimmy then reached his hand over and squeezed his girlfriend’s naked tit.

Bill and Lisa took center stage. They wasted no time in getting into a passionate embrace. Their mouths worked together feverishly, trying to outdo Todd and Ronda. They started swaying together like they were dancing without moving their feet. Bill knelt, almost like he was dirty dancing, then ran his hands up and down Lisa’s thighs. He stood back up and reached down and pulled her dress up until her panties were visible. He reached behind her, pushed his hands into her panties, and grasped her bare ass, their lips locked together again. His hands moved further down until it looked like they were pushing inside Lisa. Bill began to push her panties down her thighs. Just as he let them drop to the floor, the bell went off.

There was a quiet pause in the room when the two parted. Bob and Lisa were both breathing hard as Bill held her gown up, baring her pubic hair. Suddenly the crowd broke out in wild applause. Bill and Lisa bowed to the audience. Lisa picked up her panties and threw them into the darkened room as Bill led her back to their place on the floor. The panties landed on Jimmy’s lap
“Jennifer and Jimmy,” Todd called out.

Jimmy and his mother jumped when they heard their names. The effects of the marijuana had made them forget that they were required to participate. Suddenly they realized the predicament that they were in.

“Wow mom, what are we going to do?” Jimmy whispered.

Jennifer sat there, biting her lip, her mind unable to focus on resolving this problem.

“Come on, come on,” Todd said and stood up in front of the two. He pulled Jennifer to her feet and Jimmy followed. Todd pushed them into the center of the room.

Soon mother and son stood facing each other. Their eyes locked together.

“Hey, come on you two or you forfeit,” someone yelled.

Jimmy took his mother in his arms, his hands shaking.

Jennifer watched as his lips approached hers. Suddenly she moaned as her own son was kissing her. Within seconds, the other kids were forgotten.

Jimmy could feel his heart pounding in his chest and his head was spinning. He opened his mouth and felt his mother’s tongue enter. Their mouths worked together, their tongues fighting for possession of one another’s mouth.

Neither of them was thinking about the audience when they heard whistles and hoots. It seemed that the passion that the two felt for each other was broadcast to the entire room. Although they hadn’t made any sexual overtures, the audience could feel the electricity coming from the mother and her son.

When the bell went off, Jimmy and Jennifer continued kissing, their bodies heating up, grinding together and projecting a sexual tension to the entire room. Soon every couple in the room was kissing and moaning. Hands went up dresses and fingers went into panties. There were six hard penises tenting pants.

“Alright, alright, times up you two love birds,” Todd said, getting up and pulling the two apart. “There are a few more people that still have to compete.”

Jimmy and his mother sat back down. Their bodies were shaking in excitement and they were breathing hard. They both knew that they had gotten carried away but also knew that the kiss had turned them on like nothing had ever done before. It was wrong but yet it felt so natural. They sat staring at the open floor, silent, their chests heaving, waiting for the next couple.


“Derrick and Donna,” Todd called out.

Derrick and Donna got up, straightening their clothes as they went to the center of the room. Derrick was a black 6′ 4″ football player. His girlfriend was a petite girl who stood 5′ 1″. He was coal black and she was a creamy white skinned blond. She had on a skintight white dress and he was dressed in a black tux with black shirt and tie. The contrast was stark, even in the artificial spotlight.

Derrick had to bend far over to kiss his girlfriend. However, the kiss only lasted a few seconds as Donna quickly slid to her knees wanting to ‘out do’ the other couples. She began to rub her hands on Derrick’s groin, working up a giant bulge in his pants. Donna was just pretending but when she heard the hoots from the crowd, her excitement grew, making her bolder. She squeezed the large bulge in Derrick’s pants, outlining his equipment to the crowd. Her hand worked lovingly up and down the shaft.

Derrick moaned and pushed his hips at his girlfriend.

She smiled up at him and then reached up and pulled his zipper down. The rasp of the zipper brought the room to total silence. The only noise was a clock ticking on the wall and the heavy breathing of the audience.

Jimmy and Jennifer couldn’t believe what they were watching as they saw the tiny girl reach into her boyfriend’s pants. They watched as she struggled to pull Derrick’s long black cock from his pants. When it popped free, everyone in the room gasped. It was huge and already three-quarters hard.

With a moan, Donna squeezed her fingers around his penis, her hand unable to close around the swollen black flesh. She held it up for the crowd to see then brought it to her mouth. Their were more gasps in the room as her lips had to stretch wide to take the giant head into her small mouth.

Derrick and Donna’s moans were drown out by the moans of the other couples around the room. They all watched as she sucked the large head, holding the shaft in her tiny white hand.

Derrick’s penis was so long that it looked unreal.

He looked down and watched his girlfriend suck the head and jerk on the shaft. God she loved to suck my cock he thought. “Oh God baby, suck it,” Derrick moaned and grabbed Donna’s head, pumping his hips into her face.

Jimmy could feel his mother’s body moving in excitement next to him. He could feel the heat of her body as her hot thigh pressed to him. He slowly reached his hand over and placed it on her thigh, fearful that she would scream at him. When she made no move to remove his hand, he began to slowly rub up and down her the silk of her nylons. He heard her moan.

Derrick’s excitement was increasing rapidly as his hips began to move back and forth, pushing his penis into his lover’s mouth at a faster rate. He held her blond hair in his hands and began to work his penis in and out. As he pulled back, his back snake glistened with Donna’s saliva. Derrick began to moan as his excitement grew. Just before he felt that he was going to cum, Donna pulled away.

Donna looked up at her lover with a wide smile then licked his penis like an ice cream cone. She turned her head this way and that, making sure the entire room saw what she was doing. Finally she stood and reached up, putting her hands on Derrick’s shoulders. Then she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging his neck with her arms. Her gown slid up her thighs, revealing her naked ass.

No one noticed that the five-minute bell had gone off. Every eye in the place was on the two in the center of the room.

Jimmy’s hand had gradually insinuated itself under his mother’s dress and was working slowly higher. He grew bolder when he felt her bare skin just above her thigh high nylons. An involuntary moan escaped his lips when his fingers moved several more inches and found his mother’s swollen sex lips. He hadn’t realized that she was not wearing panties. He thought he might cum in his pants when she eased her legs apart, giving him access to her dripping hole.

In the center of the room, Derrick pulled Donna’s dress to her waist and reached down to grasp his long black penis. He lifted it and rubbed it against Donna’s dripping sex lips. Everyone in the room held their breath as they saw him place the large purple head against the tiny hole.

There were moans from the crowd as the swollen head began to stretch the lips. It looked like he was shoving a black log up her tunnel. There were audible gasps from the room as the head slipped inside.

“Oh my God,” Donna breathed as she felt Derrick’s penis begin to slide into her body. She had felt it many times before but this was special because she could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on them. She knew that they were all watching as his penis slowly disappeared into her. The wild situation and the marijuana made it so much more exciting.

Jimmy felt his mother push her hips up at his fingers. He took that as an okay to press his finger between her dripping lips. The marijuana was making his head spin and his hand was shaking as he pressed a finger deep into her body. He had fingered girls before but it had never felt like this. He could feel ever inch of swollen flesh inside his mother’s vagina. He moved his finger around, touching every spot he could reach. Her warm juice coated his finger and ran down his hand.

Donna began to move up and down slowly, trying to take more of Derrick’s large organ inside of her tiny hole. She had never gotten more than half of him into her but that was more than enough. Gradually she increased her movements until her hips were moving up and down in a steady tempo, aided by Derrick’s large black hands on her ass cheeks.

Everyone in the room could see white foam streaking Derrick’s black penis as Donna’s juice was worked into a froth. They all watched as the two made love in the middle of the floor like a stage show. However, the couples on the floor were also busy with each other. There were hands on penises, fingers in vaginas, and lips attached to lips.

Jimmy couldn’t take anymore and he turned to his mother and brought his lips to hers. He was elated when she didn’t resist and let his tongue press into her mouth like his finger was pressing into her lower hole.

Suddenly there was a loud bellow from the center of the floor. Everyone looked back at the two lovers in time to see Derrick’s knees buckle as his penis apparently unleashed a torrent of cum into his lover’s tiny hole. Donna groaned in climax as well when she felt her lover’s sperm spray into her womb. It didn’t register to her that he wasn’t wearing a rubber and she wasn’t on the pill.

However, Derrick knew. He had never cum in her before. The excitement of what was happening made him pump a huge load of cum into Donna. Her hole couldn’t possible hold all of his juice. It only took a second for his thick juice to begin to run down his penis and drip from his balls.

When Derrick let Donna stand on the floor again, they were surprised that there was no applause. Everyone was much too busy.

Todd pulled away from his girlfriend and stood up, his clothes in disarray and his zipper down. “Alright, I think we are going to skip the rest of this game because I think you’ll agree that we have a winner. Now I would like to move to the next game. I want every guy to switch with the guy next to him. We each have fifteen minutes with our friends partner.”

Jimmy had pulled his finger from his mother and was sitting up. His mom was still on her back, her chest heaving in excitement. Jimmy saw Todd standing in front of him. It took him a minute to understand what Todd wanted. It felt like he was moving in slow motion as he stood, then watched Todd take his place next to his mother. He was so lightheaded that he felt like he was floating as he stepped over and looked down at Todd’s date. She held her arms open to him.

Jennifer’s mind couldn’t focus on what was happening. She knew that Jimmy had moved and could feel Todd crawl next to her. Then she was in his arms and his lips were on hers. She moaned as Todd’s tongue pressed into her mouth.

Jimmy was surprised that Ronda’s dress top was down, baring both of her huge breasts. He didn’t hesitate when she pulled him into her arms, pressing her large breasts to his chest. His lips sought and found hers. When he pulled away, he could see that her eyes were hooded over in pleasure. He bent his head and began to suck on her breast, bringing a moan from her lips. He took the other breast in his hand and began to squeeze it. His hand looked so small compared to the size of her tit.

Jennifer and Todd were still locked in their embrace. His hand had found its way under her dress and his fingers were running gently up and down her dripping lips.

“Oh my God,” Jennifer moaned, her drug fogged brain unable to sort out what was happening to her. Her hips pushed up into Todd’s finders as he pressed his fingers into her. Suddenly, Jennifer’s legs tightened around his hand. There was a roaring in her brain as waves of pleasure started at her toes and worked up her body, exploding in her head. When one wave ended, another began; making her feel like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. “Oh yes, oh yesssss!” she hissed, the pleasure running through her without stop.

Ronda heard Jennifer moan and looked over and saw Todd fingering her. She sat up and pushed Jimmy onto his back. Then she knelt at his waist, opened his pants and pulled his hard penis out. “Oh wow,” she said when she saw the size of his equipment. Then she used her hand to pump up and down his long shaft, squeezing a clear drop of juice out of the tiny slit. She lifted one large tit and brought the nipple to the dripping head of his penis. She moved the tit around, coating her hard nipple with his clear juice. Then she moved the tit up to Jimmy and let him suck his juice off the nipple.

Ronda looked one more time at her boyfriend and saw that he was occupied. She turned back to Jimmy and like a moth to a flame her mouth lowered until she took the pulsing head between her lips.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” Jimmy moaned in pleasure.

Jennifer heard her son moan from somewhere far off. She pulled herself away from Todd and looked over. She gasped as she saw Ronda sucking on his penis. As she watched the young girl work on her son, she felt her own excitement begin again.

“Suck me,” Todd said as he quickly pulled his penis from his pants.

Jennifer looked at the swollen member Todd held in his hand then looked over at her son and saw that his eyes were closed in pleasure. She turned and took Todd into her mouth.

“Oh God yes, suck me Jennifer,” Todd said loud enough for Jimmy to hear.

Jimmy heard his mother’s name and opened his eyes and looked over at Todd and his mother. It had to be a dream he thought as he saw his own mother sucking on Todd’s penis. He sat up to get a better look, shaking his head and closing his eyes then reopening them. The scene did not change. His mother was sucking on Todd’s penis. Then he felt Ronda’s mouth on him again. Now he pictured his mother sucking on him as he pushed Ronda’s head up and down.

“That’s it Jennifer, suck my cock. I’m getting close baby. I’m going to cum in your mouth,” Todd hissed in excitement, wanting to make sure Jimmy heard him.

When Jimmy heard these words, his own penis spasmed. Without warning his swollen head expanded and began to pump his juice into Ronda’s willing mouth.

When Jennifer felt Todd tense, she prepared for his cum. Seconds later he was pumping a river of cum into her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly, drinking his thick sperm. “Mmmm!!!” she moaned as Todd’s juice kept pouring into her mouth as quick as she could swallow. God his cum tasted good she though as she used her hand to milk him into her sucking mouth.

The last pulse of Jimmy’s penis matched the last squirt of Todd’s cum. Both boys fell back on the floor in exhaustion.

“Todd,” Ronda called to her boyfriend.

Todd got up and moved over to Ronda. Jimmy crawled back over to his mother. He could see his mom lying on her back, her eyes closed. He laid down next to her and whispered, “Mom are you okay?”

“Yes,” she answered in a barely audible whisper.

He bent and gently kissed her lips. She opened her mouth again for him. A little ripple of excitement went though him at the faint taste of sperm on her lips and in her mouth. He moaned and sucked her tongue.

When he pulled away he looked down into her swimming eyes. They looked glassy and the pupils were dilated, even in the dark room. He whispered, “Do you want to go back upstairs?”


As Jimmy pulled his mother to her feet, he saw Todd between his Ronda’s legs, his pants around his knees, his hips moving up and down, and her legs wrapped around his back. He could see in the dimly lit room that others were in the same position. He could hear the slapping sounds of sex and hear their moans. The room was still filled with marijuana smoke.

Jimmy led his mom back upstairs.

“I need to find a bathroom,” Jennifer said.

“Okay, I’ll get us a drinkJennifer looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a little messed up and her dress was a slightly wrinkled. She straightened her clothes and hair, put new lipstick and touched up her makeup.

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Suddenly the bathroom door opened. “Hi, I’m Shelly,” a young girl said and walked into the bathroom.

Jennifer was surprised as this was not a public bathroom make for multiple guests.

“Do you mind if I use the facilities?” she asked.

“Uh, no, go ahead,” Jennifer said and watched the young girl pull her dress up and her panties down then sit on the toilet.

“You’re here with Jimmy Henson aren’t you?” Shelly asked.

“Uh yes, he’s my s…uh my date,” Jennifer said. “I’m Jennifer.”

“I know,” the young girl smiled brightly, her eyes sparkling.

Jennifer thought it was a strange situation to be having a conversation with someone sitting on a toilet. Then she heard the hiss of pee as the girl relieved herself. Jennifer felt her face turn red with embarrassment.

“You’re pretty,” Shelly said.

“Thank you,” Jennifer murmured nervously, then had to smile at the strangeness of the situation. “You’re very pretty too.”

The young girl wiped herself without a hit of self-consciousness and flushed the toilet.

Then Jennifer watched as the young girl pulled her panties up and let her dress fall. Jennifer felt her face flush again as she saw the girl’s eyes catch her watching.

The two women walked out of the bathroom together.

Jennifer stood talking to Shelly as she watched the kids moving around the house as if they were in slow motion. Everything was so surreal; a fog in her head creating a mellow relaxed feeling. Even after what had transpired in the clubroom, there didn’t seem to be any guilt. She realized that it had to be from the marijuana that she had inadvertently consumed.

“Are you okay?” Jennifer thought she heard. Suddenly she realized that Shelly had been taking to her.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” she asked.

“I said that I understand that you are going to State College?”

“Uh…uh yes I am.”

“I think I might want to go there. I’ve already applied,” Shelly said standing close to Jennifer.

Jennifer could feel the girl brush her breast against her arm and felt a little unwanted shiver go through her.

“That’s a pretty ring, may I look at it?” Shelly asked.

“Sure,” Jennifer said and held her hand up to Shelly.

Shelly took her hand in hers and looked at the ring. “You have beautiful hands,” Shelly said, rubbing the skin softly.

Again, Jennifer felt a little shiver. She looked at the girl and saw that her eyes were looking at her face, not her hand. Their eyes held each other’s for several seconds, which seemed to Jennifer like so much longer in her drug haze.

“Here’s your drink Jennifer,” Jimmy said as he came up to the two women.

Jennifer pulled her hand from the girls, like she had been shocked.

“Mot…uh…Jennifer, I going to take a quick ride with Jerry in his new Corvette,” Jimmy said excitedly. “We’ll only be a couple of minutes.”


When Jimmy had left, Shelly said, ” Have you seen Todd’s dads library? It’s amazing.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Come on, I’ll show you,” Shelly said and took Jennifer’s hand and led her down a long hall and into a large room.

It was obviously a man’s room, with leather chairs and animal trophy’s on the walls. There was a large fireplace with rifles above the mantle. Two of the walls were lined from floor to ceiling with books.

“There are some great books here. Let me show you,” Shelly said and pulled a rolling ladder over. “Will you hold this for me?” she asked sweetly.

Jennifer held the ladder as Shelly climbed to the top. Naturally, Jennifer looked up as the young girl climbed. She couldn’t suppress a gasp when she realized that she was looking directly up Shelly’s dress. Even in the dim light of the room she could plainly see her bare ass and puffy sex lips between her legs. She was surprised that she was naked under her dress. Obviously, at some point she had removed her panties. Jennifer didn’t know when since she thought she had been with her since they left the bathroom.

When Jennifer’s eyes focused higher, she saw the young girl staring down at her. Jennifer looked away quickly but not before their eyes met. Jennifer’s heart began to beat wildly. God, she had never had any interest in women before she thought. What was wrong with her? Then, she remembered watching that movie and fast forwarding to the part where her neighbor was being eaten by her female friend. Suddenly she could feel her juice dripping down her thigh.

Shelly climbed back down the ladder slowly, a book in her hand. “This is a very interesting book,” she said and led a compliant Jennifer over to one of the leather couches.

As the two women sat down, Shelly’s warm thigh pressed to Jennifer’s. Shelly sat the large book on their laps. The title was embossed on the leather cover “Isle of Sappho, A Pictorial Review.”

Jennifer knew what Sappho meant but was still shocked when Shelly opened the book to a drawing of two women, one on her knees with her head between the other’s legs. There was writing on the pages but Jennifer couldn’t focus her eyes on the words.

“Aren’t these wonderful drawings?” Shelly said, touching the pictures sensuously with her finger. She flipped several more pages, each one depicting more drawings of women making love.

Jennifer’s breathing was increasing as her heart began to pound even harder in her chest. She could feel the lips of her vagina throbbing and juice pouring out of her. She turned to answer the young girl and saw that her eyes were looking at her face. Jennifer felt helpless to stop her when Shelly moved her lips to hers. She felt the young girls tongue enter her mouth. Her lips were unlike any man she had ever kissed. They were soft, wet and pliant, spreading over hers with a warmth that made her body tremble.

The book on their lap fell to the floor, making a thud in the otherwise quiet room. Shelly’s arms wrapped around Jennifer and held her tight as their passion grew.

Jennifer could hear little moans coming from somewhere. Then she realized that it was coming from her throat. She squeezed her thighs together when she felt Shelly’s hand touch her knee.

It didn’t take a lot of pressure for Shelly to open Jennifer’s legs and push her hand higher until it was caressing the warm flesh above her nylon.

Jennifer pulled her lips from the young girls and murmured in a breathless whisper, “Don’t! What are you doing to me?” However, there was no conviction in her voice.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” Shelly whispered lovingly.

Soon, Shelly’s searching fingers were moving along the bare thigh above Jennifer’s nylon tops. It was Shelly’s turn to moan when she felt the wet and swollen lips of Jennifer’s vagina. Her fingers gently pried the lips apart and pressed inside. When Jennifer moaned, Shelly pressed her lips to hers again.

“Oh God,” Jennifer gasped when Shelly pulled away and began to push the top of her gown down. Jennifer again felt helpless to stop her.

When Shelly had her breasts free of her gown she said, “Wow, your breasts are gorgeous. Look at the size of those nipples. Oh God,” she moaned and bent her head.

Jennifer looked down as if she were watching two other women making love and watched Shelly suck her hard nipples into her mouth. It was as if she were floating above the room, disembodied from the activity on the sofa. Yet, the electric pulsing emanating from her nipples and charging directly to her clit made her very much aware that she was involved.

Shelly sucked one nipple then the other, covering them with her saliva. She used her tongue to gently lick all over the soft skin of her breast, her eyes looking up at Jennifer. Then she pinched one nipple as she bit the other, bringing a long low moan from Jennifer’s lips. Suddenly she sat back and looked at the Jennifer. Jennifer was laying back now, her eyes half closed, and her breasts heaving. She was ready Shelly thought.

Shelly leaned close to Jennifer and whispered, “I’m going to eat your pussy. I want to suck your sweet juice into my mouth. I can’t wait.”

Jennifer moaned and her legs spread apart without a conscious thought. Then she watched as the pretty, young girl went to her knees between her legs. She was paralyzed with fear and excitement. Their eyes met as Shelly slowly pushed her dress up her thighs.

“Lift up,” Shelly whispered.

Jennifer’s hips lifted, allowing Shelly to push her dress above her hips.

“Oh God’s your pussy is beautiful,” Shelly said excitedly. She bent her head and began to kiss up Jennifer’s thighs, making sure Jennifer could feel her hot breath on her thighs. Slowly she worked up Jennifer’s thigh until her tongue was licking the soft skin above the nylon tops.

Jennifer was beyond excitement now. She thought she might pass out as she felt the young girl licking her thighs, teasing her, avoiding her swollen sex lips. “Oh please,” she moaned.

“Please what?” Shelly asked, her mouth poised above Jennifer’s pulsing vagina.

“Oh God, oh God, please suck me,” Jennifer hissed. “Ahhhhhhh!!!” she screamed when Shelly’s mouth clamped onto her swollen lips. Jennifer hands went to Shelly’s head and her thighs lifted up and wrapped around her neck, her hips sliding down the sofa.

Shelly was in heaven. She liked sex with boys but she loved women. She loved to eat them, to suck their juices, to bring them pleasure. Jennifer’s juices were the sweetest she had ever tasted. Her juice literally poured out of her forcing Shelly to suck quickly. Still, it overflowed her lips and poured down her chin.

“My God, Jesus, ohhhhh!” Jennifer moaned as she humped her hips into her lovers face. She had been eaten many times by Jack but nothing compared to this. Maybe it was her drug induced state or maybe it was the skill of her teenage lover, either way her body was responding like never before.

Suddenly Jennifer shivered and clamped her thighs tightly around the poor girl’s head. “Yes, yes, yes, eat meeeee!” Jennifer moaned as a climax ripped through her.

Shelly practically drowned from Jennifer’s spurting juices. Yet she would gladly have drowned in order to please her lover. As often happened when she was with a woman, her own vagina spasmed in pleasure, and a strong climax went through her, making her suck even harder on her lover’s wet hole.

Finally, Jennifer relaxed back on the sofa, her thighs easing the pressure on the girl’s head. She looked down and could see Shelly’s eyes smiling up at her, her tongue still working inside her vagina. Jennifer was surprised when Shelly reached up and began to tweak her nipples again. She saw Shelly pull back, stick her tongue out, and lick her still swollen clit.

“Ohhhh!” Jennifer moaned again, a new ripple of excitement running through her. “Oh God,” she moaned when Shelly began to suck her swollen clit. “Shelly, Shelly, no, no,” she moaned; however at the same time, her hands went back to the girls head.

Jimmy had looked in just about every room on the first floor for his mom and thought he would try the one last room. He walked into the library and saw the back of his mother’s head. She seemed to be slumped down on the sofa. He walked over, concerned that she had passed out.

Soon Jennifer’s body was tensing again, nearing another climax. She heard a gasp come from behind her. When she opened her eyes she saw Jimmy standing behind the sofa looking down at them. “Oh Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned as she went into another spasm of pleasure.

Jimmy couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched his mother climaxing on this girls mouth. He could see the girl’s eyes looking up at him, yet she didn’t stop her sucking.

When Jennifer’s shaking stopped and her legs fell from around her neck, Shelly pulled her mouth away and wiped it with the back of her hand. Then she bent and kissed the swollen lips one last time and stood up. “Thank you Miss Henson.” Then she walked out of the library, smiling at Jimmy as she passed.

“Miss Henson?” Jimmy said to himself then realized what she had said. My God, she knew he thought.

Jimmy sat down next to his mother and pulled her exhausted body next to his. His mind was reeling with the thought that if Shelly knew that Jennifer was his mom then others probably did as well. He figured that his mom hadn’t really comprehended what Shelly said since she hadn’t reacted. He started to say something to her but realized that she was lying heavily against him. She was asleep.Jimmy must have dozed off as well because when he awoke, he looked at the clock and it was almost 6 am. The sun would be coming up in a little while.

“Mom,” Jimmy whispered, gently shaking his mother.

Jennifer stirred briefly but then snuggled back into Jimmy’s arm.

“Mom, I think it’s time we went home.”

Jennifer opened her eyes uncomprehending for a few seconds. Then she realized where she was. “Oh God I must have fallen asleep. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I fell asleep too. I think it’s time to go.”

“Okay,” Jennifer said quietly, her memory of what had happened earlier slowly coming back to her.

As they walked out of the quiet house, they saw sleeping kids all over the place. Some were half-dressed and some were passed out from too much alcohol.

When they got to the car, Jennifer hesitated. “Jimmy, I’m sorry that I got carried away earlier,” she apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize mom,” Jimmy said. “I had a lot of fun tonight.”

Jennifer looked at him with a funny look on her face. Was he being truthful, she thought?

“I did mom. It was wonderful being with you. I think we both got a little carried away, but it’s okay. I love you mom,” he said sincerely.

“I love you too sweetheart,” she said as she hugged him to her side. Jimmy, let’s go down to the beach and watch the sun come up.”

“Alright, I’ll get a blanked from the trunk.”

Jimmy and Jennifer walked hand in hand down the sandy trail through sand dunes. It was getting brighter by the minute as the sun tried to break across the water. They found a spot between some sand dunes and Jimmy spread out his blanket.

It was a warm May morning and there was a soft breeze rustling the tall grass across the dunes. Jimmy took off his tuxedo jacket and put it around his mothers shoulders then put his arm around her. They sat and watched the waves rush up on the shore and the sea gulls circle and screech as they begin their morning quest for food. The sparse, puffy clouds in the distant sky were a mixture of crimson and white as the sun began to work it’s magic.

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Jimmy felt his mother looking at him. He turned and looked at her face and saw a look he had never seen before. He searched her eyes, wondering what she was thinking. Then he felt her hand touch his face and guide his lips to hers. Their lips pressed together in a slow and gentle kiss. Jimmy hesitated to use his tongue until he felt his mother press hers into his mouth. He moaned and let her tongue inside.

Jennifer pulled away and searched Jimmy’s eyes. “Jimmy, make love to me,” she whispered.

Jimmy sat there stunned for a second.

“Please make love to me. I want you inside me. I want to feel you. I love you.”

“Oh God mom, I never thought I would hear you say that. Are you sure? It’s not…it’s not the marijuana is it?” Jimmy asked, not wanting to take advantage of her if she was still feeling the effects of the drug.

“No Jimmy, it’s not the drugs. I’m as sure as I have ever been about anything in my life. I have been looking for a man to give me tenderness and love, someone that knows me and loves me for me. I’ve been a fool. That man has been right beside me all along,” Jennifer said, her eyes filling with tears. Then she lay back on the blanket and opened her arms to her son.

Jimmy bent over and kissed his mother’s lips again and brought his hand up to caress her breast. He heard her moan as his hand slid down into her gown and pulled her breast out. He moved his head back and looked into her eyes one last time, searching for acceptance. He saw everything he wanted in her loving eyes. Only then did he bring his mouth to her hard nipple.

Jennifer gasped as she felt her son sucking on her breasts like he had done so many years ago.

Jimmy was surprised when she pushed him away briefly and sat up. He was relieved when he saw her slide the top of her gown down until both breasts were free. He moaned when she pulled him back to her breast.

Then Jennifer spread her legs willingly when she felt her son’s hand move to her thigh. Her vagina was pulsing with need as his finger found her and slid inside.

Jimmy began to push his fingers in and out of his mother’s sopping wet vagina. He could hear her little whimpers as his lips continued to suck on her nipple. When he pulled back he could see her face contorted in pleasure. Suddenly he stood up and began to pull his clothes off like a mad man. He threw his clothes in a pile on the sand next to the blanket. When he was naked, he stood over his mother and looked at her lying below him, her top below her breasts, her dress pulled up her thighs. His own penis was throbbing in front of him, dripping his juice in long silvery strands.

Before Jimmy could return to his mother, she got to her knees, her face inches from his pulsing penis. She looked up at Jimmy then reached out, her hand shaking, and grasped his shaft in her hand. Briefly she looked up at her son before she opened her mouth and took the head inside.

Jimmy couldn’t believe that he was watching his mother suck on his penis. It was just like the million fantasies he had masturbated to in he last couple of years. His eyes were wide with excitement as he watched her cheeks suck in, her hand moving gently up and down the shaft. “Oh God mom,” he moaned as his hips began to move back and forth.

“Mom, mom, stop!” Jimmy said in panic as he felt his climax approaching.

Jennifer pulled away and smiled up at her son. She reached down and pulled her dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her thigh high nylons. She lay back down on her back, looking up at her son, waiting. Her knees feel apart in invitation. She watched Jimmy kneel between her legs and look down at her spread open crotch, his face shadowed by the growing light behind him.

Suddenly Jimmy realized that he was in a position he had fantasized about since he was fourteen years old. He had wanted this but never expected to get the chance. Without a thought, he bend down and began to kiss his mother’s warm thighs. He heard her moan as he slowly kissed closer and closer to her warm and swollen sex lips. His mouth opened and he covered her vagina.

“Ohhhhhh God Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned as she felt her son’s tongue push deep into her body. “Oh yes, eat me, eat me.” Jennifer’s legs came up and wrapped around Jimmy’s head. She had liked Shelly’s mouth but this was so much better. He was doing this out of love and not just sex.

Jimmy sucked his mother’s juices into his mouth and swallowed. She was sweeter than he had fantasized. There was no fantasy that could possibly equal the reality that he was now experiencing. He sucked her swollen lips into his mouth and flicked his tongue across them with his tongue. He could feel her body quiver.

“Oh God, oh God,” Jennifer moaned. Suddenly her body tensed and shuddered. “Oh yes, I’m going to…ohhhhhh I’m cummmiinnnnggg.”

Jimmy held on to his mother’s convulsing body, her hips bucking into his face and her hands held his head tightly to her crotch.

It took some time before Jennifer’s body stopped shaking with pleasure. She opened her legs and let Jimmy pull his smiling face away from her wet groin. She held her arms open and welcomed him. Their lips met in a very wet and emotional kiss.

“Oh God Jimmy, fuck me now, fuck your mother,” she said.

Again, Jimmy hesitated and looked at his mother’s lust filled eyes. He reached down and brought his penis to her swollen lips. “Are you sure mom?” he asked, giving her one last chance to change her mind.

“Yes,” she hissed and wrapped her legs around him, her arms grasping his back. She pulled with all her strength. “Ohhhhhhh!!” she moaned as she felt her son’s long shaft slide into her body.

At that moment, the morning sun broke across the horizon in a flash of brilliant light. Neither Jennifer nor Jimmy noticed. Their senses were consumed with pleasures of the body.

Jimmy had never felt anything as wonderful in his young life. He could feel her warm hole welcome him inside, caressing him, squeezing him. It was better than he could have imagined. He looked down at his mother and whispered, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” His hips began to pump in and out, gradually increasing his speed.

“Yes Jimmy, fuck me, fuck me. Oh my God, oh my God. Yessssss!” Jennifer screamed as another climax began deep inside. Her fingernails dug into his back and her teeth bit into his shoulder.

The squeezing of his mother’s climaxing vagina was more than the young man could take. His body tensed as his balls tightened. “Ohhhh!!!” he moaned as his sperm rushed up the shaft and exploded into his mother’s body. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” he moaned as his mother’s sucking vagina drained him of everything he had.

Finally Jimmy collapsed onto his mother’s welcoming body.

Mother and son lay holding each other, watching the sun climb into the morning sky.

“I love you,” Jennifer whispered to Jimmy.

He smiled and pulled her tightly to him.

“We had better get moving before some jogger finds us,” Jennifer said.

Jimmy groaned and pulled away to get dressed.

“My, you were excited,” Jennifer said as she looked down at her overflowing vagina. “I’d better clean this up or I’ll ruin my gown.”

Jimmy watched his mother start to use the blanket to wipe her sperm covered crotch. “Wait,” he said. “I’ll take care of that.”

Jennifer looked at her son in confusion as he walked back over and knelt between her legs. “Oh my God Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned as she saw her son bend toward her crotch.

Jimmy opened his mouth and began to suck his mother’s overflowing hole.

A few minutes later, mother and son walked hand in had to the car. Before his mother could get into the car, Jimmy turned her around and grabbed the lapel of his tuxedo jacket that was around her shoulder again. He pulled her lips to his as a group of kids walked out of the house and passed them by.

When they pulled apart, Jennifer looked at her son with tears streaming down her cheeks and said, “Jimmy, I don’t know what is going to happen now but I know I want you. I can’t see how something so right could ever be wrong. I love you and I need you.”

“I love you too mom.”It is amazing how one’s world can change in a single day. In Jennifer and Jimmy’s case, it was one night or more specifically, one morning on a deserted beach. Neither Jimmy nor Jennifer knew what that one night of love would mean to their lives. They only knew that their life would never be the same.

On Sunday, Jennifer and Jimmy were in a fog, almost a hangover. They could remember most of what had happened at the party but neither one of them was prepared to discuss it. They slept most of the day, getting up to eat dinner and watch some TV then go back to bed. There were few words spoken.

Jennifer was concerned about the moral and legal implications of what she had done…not to mention the fact that she was the adult and should have controlled the situation.

Jimmy, on the other hand, felt that he had taken advantage of his mother. He hadn’t known that there was going to be drugs at the party and worried that his mother’s surrender to him was somehow related to that. The moral and legal implications didn’t really enter his mind yet.

It was in this state of mind that they awoke on Monday morning. At breakfast, they barely looked each other in the eye. However, when the other was not looking, they stared, their hearts fluttering with an excitement and a closeness that they had never felt before.

“Are you going to be home at your normal time?” Jimmy asked his mom, his voice sounding loud in the quiet kitchen.

“Uh yes, I have a late meeting but I should be home by six. Why?”

“Well, I just thought I would fix you dinner. Maybe I can pick up some steaks and throw them on the grill.”

“That sounds wonderful sweetie,” Jennifer said, looking at him and thinking for the millionth time what a wonderful son she had. He was as good a lover as she had ever had. Suddenly there was an unwanted flashback of Sunday morning on the beach. She felt her face become flushed and she looked away.

“Great, I’ll have everything ready when you get home. Love you,” Jimmy said and kissed his mother briefly on the lips. He almost lingered longer but fear made him pull back and hurry out of the house.

The first person Jimmy saw at school was Todd. He was the one person that he really didn’t want to see.

“Hey Jimbo,” Todd said out of the window of his car as he pulled up on the parking lot in his BMW.

“Hi Todd,” Jimmy said, continuing to walk.

Todd parked his car and hurried to catch up with him. “Great party Saturday night huh?” Todd asked.

“Yea it was good,” Jimmy said in a noncommittal tone.

“You and Jennifer disappeared. We were looking for you because we all had breakfast together.”

“Uh, sorry but Jennifer had to get back to the dorm, finals you know.”

“Yea, I guess we’ll be there next year. Listen Jimmy,” Todd said, for the first time not calling him Jimbo. “I want to apologize because things got a little out of hand at the party. I wanted to have a little fun but I didn’t expect it to go that far.”

Jimmy stopped and looked at Todd. He searched his face to see if he was being truthful. He wasn’t sure what he saw in his eyes but it almost appeared that he was being sincere.

“Hey man, I know I can be a real jerk and I admit I am attracted to Jennifer. If you want to punch me in the mouth for that, go ahead,” Todd said with a smile.

“I don’t want to punch you Todd,” Jimmy said, beginning to believe that Todd was trying to apologize. Besides, Todd weighed about 30 pounds more than he did.

“Everybody says you are a good guy Jimmy. I know I put on a big show, driving around in my fancy car, but I’m not so bad.”

“Todd, why are you telling me this?” Jimmy asked, trying not to sound irritated.

“I don’t know man. I guess that I just don’t want you to think that I’m a jerk and I wanted to apologize for acting like one.”

“Alright, apologize accepted,” Jimmy said, with a little smile in spite of himself.

“Great man, see you around,” Todd said as the two shook hands then parted.

Jennifer had a very difficult time concentrating on her work that day. Several people had asked her what was wrong. She made up an excuse of a headache, which wasn’t entirely false. The thoughts and emotions that were running through her were almost overpowering–love, fear, doubt and a thousand worrisome questions. What if someone found out? Did anybody know? She knew that several people, including Jimmy, had seen her giving Todd oral sex. God what if Todd’s parents found out that some 35-year-old mother was having sex with their teenaged son, not to mention sex with her own son? Moreover, there was something in the back of her mine. It was a nagging thought that she couldn’t put her finger on. Then her face paled as she remembered Shelly.

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