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Chapter 1

Jimmy Henson wasn’t sure when he noticed his mother, Jennifer, as a woman for the first time. His first recollection was when he was 14 years old. It was early on a Sunday morning when he walked by the bathroom and saw her through the slightly opened door. She was standing at the vanity in her panties, her breasts bare, putting on her makeup, and getting ready for church.

Jimmy always thought that his mother was pretty but had never thought of her as an object of desire. All of that changed when he saw her that day, almost naked except for a pair of blue panties. Her breasts were medium sized and firm, with a slight perky upturn to them. The nipples were large and brown, covering most of the front of her breasts. The little panties were snug, outlining, and emphasizing the lips of her sex, forming a crease down the middle. She was the vision of every sexy woman he had ever seen.

He noticed that there didn’t seem to be much, if any, pubic hair. That seemed strange to him but he figured that some women had more hair than others. Several weeks later he knew the answer when he secretly watched her shave herself while taking a bath.

From that day forward, Jimmy was totally fascinated with his mother. Even though he felt bad about it, he would peek in on her at every opportunity. He was also ashamed that he had gathered a large collection of her panties and hidden them in his lower dresser drawer under his gym clothes. Whenever he felt he could get away with it he would steal another pair from the clothes hamper and use them to masturbate.

Jimmy’s adolescence masturbation fantasies were exclusively of his mother now. He would lie in his bed at night with his penis wrapped in the silk of her panties, the smell of her perfume and the vision of her body making his head spin.

As he grew older and learned more about sex, instead of fading, the fantasy occupied his every sexual thought. He could see his mother on her knees sucking on his penis. He saw her on her back with his shaft buried between her legs. He imagined her on her hands and knees with his penis sliding into her tiny anal passage.

Jimmy’s peeping also grew more daring, causing him to risk being caught on many occasions. He even drilled a hole in the door to the bathroom so that he could watch her take her bath and do other unmentionable things.

When Jimmy was 17 his father and mother split. He knew that the marriage had been going downhill for several years so he wasn’t surprised by the divorce, but it still hurt, forcing him to make a decision on which parent he was going to live with. Jimmy elected to stay with his mother of course.

There was one benefit to his parents divorcing; now he had his mother all to himself. He was the man of the house and childishly thought that he was all that his mother needed. He would take care of her.

Therefore, it was quite a shock when she began to date again. He was crushed that there would now be other men in her life. Obviously, Jimmy didn’t like any of the men his mother went out with and he made it quite clear, often being rude when her dates would arrive. He knew that his mother was much too good for any of the jerks that she dated.

It was near the end of his senior year, and Jimmy had just turned 18 when he saw something that made his testosterone level go into overdrive. His mom had been dating this guy named Fred. He didn’t even know his last name, nor did he really care. Jimmy figured that it was just a platonic relationship and would end after a few dates. The relationships never lasted very long anyway and he was proud to play a part in that.

Jimmy was waiting for his mother to get home one Saturday night as he often did. He would lie awake waiting for her to come in and kiss him goodnight as he pretended to be asleep. He loved his mother’s fresh smell, the scent of her hair and her delicate perfume. Those soft lips on his cheek would send chills down his spine.

That night, he heard the front door open then close but his mom didn’t come up the stairs. He got up and crept to the top of the stairs to see what was taking her so long. What he saw burned an image into his brain that would last a lifetime.

Jimmy’s mother had let Fred come into the house and they were standing in the foyer together. Fred had his arms around her and they were talking quietly.

Jimmy strained to hear what they were saying.

“Come on baby,” Fred whispered as he tried to kiss Jennifer.

“No Fred, I told you, Jimmy’s home,” Jennifer protested.

Fred would not to be put off. His hand came up and cupped a breast in one hand as he kissed her neck. “Just a quickie baby and I’ll go,” Fred pleaded.

“Fred,” Jennifer scolded.

“Please baby, my cock’s so hard it feels like it’s going to explode in my pants. You know you have been turning me on all night. God, when you rubbed my cock in the restaurant I thought I would come right there. You can’t leave me like this.”

“I don’t know,” Jennifer said, softening her tone. It wasn’t very nice to tease him so unmercifully but she just couldn’t help it anymore. When she got excited now days she found it very difficult to control herself. Unfortunately, she had excited herself as well as Fred tonight.

She looked up at the stairs, as if that would help her make a decision.

Jimmy moved back into the shadows, hoping that his mom hadn’t seen him. His penis was already hard and tenting his pajama bottoms. His heart was pounding in his chest with a combination of jealously and excitement.

When Jimmy peeked back downstairs, his mother and Fred were kissing passionately. Fred had opened his mother blouse and pushed her bra up, covering her breast with his hand.

Jimmy’s head was spinning as he watched his mom’s boyfriend play with her exposed breast. He watched him squeeze the soft flesh and pinch the nipple until it was sticking out like a pencil eraser. Then he watched as Fred’s head bent and sucked the nipple into his mouth. He heard his mother moan and saw her grasp the back of his head, holding his lips to her heaving chest. Her eyes were closed and her face was a mask of lust.

“Oh God,” Jennifer groaned, her own excitement beyond control now, causing her ignore the risk. She didn’t try to stop Fred when his hand reached down and pushed her skirt up, reaching for her bare crotch. Jennifer suddenly knew that leaving her panties at home, as she often did now, was a mistake. She knew that Fred has seen her bare crotch several times tonight as she intentionally spread her legs for him.

Jennifer regretted that she had been such a slut tonight. She just could not understand why her hormones seemed to be running wild at 34 years old. Maybe it was the divorce and the opportunity to date again. Oh the other hand, maybe it was her age. She had read that a woman was at her peak when she was in her 30’s. Jennifer hoped that it would not get any worse or she would be looking for men on the street.

Jimmy watched as Fred’s hand moved under his mother’s skirt. He tried to resist but finally gave in and pulled his throbbing penis from his pajamas. Slowly he began to stroke himself as he watched his mother and her boyfriend making love in the dim light of the foyer.

Fred pulled his hand from under Jennifer’s skirt then quickly slid his zipper down and pulled his hard penis from inside. If the two in the foyer hadn’t been so involved, they would have heard a gasp from the top of the stairs.

Jennifer let Fred take her hand and place it on his shaft. She moaned as she felt the hot flesh in her fist. Her hips began to move back and forth, her vagina dripping juice down her thighs now.

Fred pushed Jennifer against the wall and pulled her skirt up around her waist roughly. Then moved between her thighs saying, “That’s it baby, I knew that you would come around. You want this cock don’t you? You want my big cock in your cunt, tell me?” Fred asked.

“Yes, yes, God yes, fuck me,” Jennifer hissed as she pulled on the hard shaft in her hand.

“Okay baby, get ready, get ready to get fucked,” Fred said crudely as he lifted one of her legs and held it in his arm. He pushed her against the wall. Then he placed the head of his penis at her now swollen sex lips. “Oh God baby,” he moaned as he slid the swollen head into her warm hole.

“Ohhhhh!” Jennifer moaned quietly in surrender when she felt the large organ stretch her vagina. She had to give it to Fred; he did have a very large penis. It stretched her so good, touching all the right places. Unfortunately, that was about the extent of his sexual prowess.

Jimmy watched as his mother was held against the wall, Fred’s hips moving back and forth. He could see the shaft of his penis, wet with his mother’s juice, as it sawed in and out of her hole. His own hand was moving rapidly up and down his shaft in time with Fred’s thrusts. He could almost feel his mother’s warm tunnel wrapped tightly around his own penis.

“Oh yes baby, that feels so good,” Fred moaned as he began to move faster. His lips covered hers again and his tongue pressed deep into her mouth.

Jennifer pulled her mouth away and gasped for breath. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she said breathlessly. “Oh yes, so deep, so deep,” she moaned, almost delirious with pleasure as the large head pressed against her womb.

Fred began to pound into her hard, almost lifting her off the floor with his thrusts. “Ohhhhhh God baby,” he moaned as the head of his penis expanded and began to spurt his pent up sperm deep into her grasping vagina.

Jimmy moaned along with Fred, his own penis pulsing in his hand as he looked down and saw his mother’s beautiful face, so serene yet filled with passion. Suddenly he lost control, his penis exploding, shooting his juice across the hallway and against wall on the other side. He trembled with his release, his knees collapsing under him causing him to fall against the wall and slide to the floor. It was the most incredible and intense climax Jimmy had ever had.

“Oh God Fred, not yet, not yet,” Jennifer moaned in frustration as she felt his cum fill her hole.

“Ohhhh God, oh God!” Fred hissed, his penis shooting spurt after spurt deep of his sperm into her. Soon her vagina couldn’t hold any more juice and it began to squeeze from her stretched lips and drip down her thigh.

Jennifer moaned in frustration as Fred’s penis began to deflate and then slowly slipped out of her body. Her pulsing hole remained stretched open, allowing his juice to run out and across the tops of her nylons and down her leg. Normally she loved that feeling, but now it was just a symbol of Fred’s selfishness.

“Sorry baby, you just make me so hot that I can’t control myself,” Fred said and pulled away, letting Jennifer’s leg drop to the floor and stuffed his shrunken penis back into his pants. “I’ll call you,” he said as he kissed her lips quickly and hurried out the door.

Jennifer leaned back against the wall in frustration and moaned. God, when was she going to find a man that was at least a little concerned about her pleasure she thought. Feeling sexually frustrated she made her way up the stairs.

Jimmy barely had time to wipe his spend from the wall with his tee shirt before his mother came up the stairs. He was in his bed with the covers up to his neck when she walked into his room to kiss him goodnight.

He pretended to be asleep as she kissed his cheek. As her soft lips touched his cheek, he could feel himself start to harden. He could smell her sweet perfume. However, there was also another smell, the more pungent odor of sex. The vision of her stretched hole dripping juice down her thigh flashed into his mind as she bent over to kiss him. God how he wished that it were his juice running down her thighs. Suddenly his hard penis was tenting the bed sheets, pulsing with a life of it’s own.

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“Oh my,” Jennifer said quietly when she saw the tent in the sheet. It must be one of those nocturnal erections that Jack used to have at night she thought. Suddenly she had an almost irresistible urge to reach down and grasp the sheet-covered penis. Without thinking she reached her hand under her skirt and rubbed her swollen and wet sex lips. She watched the organ under the sheet throb, almost as if it sensed that she was standing there.

God that’s my own son she thought to herself and quickly turned and left the room.

Jennifer hurried into her bedroom and fell back on the bed in frustration. She pulled her skirt up and brought her hands to her sloppy sex lips. Her fingers pushed into her sperm filled hole, working quickly to bring her pleasure. She used the copious sperm to coat her swollen clit, rubbing her fingers across the little nub rapidly.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she whispered to herself as her fingers worked their magic, a fantasy growing in her mind. She could see her handsome lover’s head buried in her groin, his lips and tongue working tirelessly to give her pleasure. Then, when he had satisfied her with his magic mouth, he pulled away and brought his large organ to her pulsing vagina. He slid deep into her, slowly working in and out just the way she liked it. He used his long, fat shaft to make her climax repeatedly before he took his own pleasure, squirting a huge load into her welcoming hole. Then her imaginary lover slid back down her body to sooth her sore vagina with his lips. In her mind she grabbed his head and turned his face up to her for one last look; his face looked very familiar.

“Oh my, oh my God, Ohhhhhh!” she moaned as pleasure quickly overtook her, her thighs clamping on her fingers as if on her lovers head. Suddenly she realized why she recognized the face between her leg…it was Jimmy’s face! Her hips bucked up and her body tensed as chills raced up and down her spine. “Uh…uh…ohhhh,” she moaned as her body convulsed in climax.

As soon as she stopped shaking, Jennifer turned over and buried her face in her pillow, sobbing in shame.

Outside her door, Jimmy had been peeking on his mother, watching her masturbate. In his mind, her mouth was wrapped around his swollen penis, sucking him, her hand holding his churning balls. He moaned aloud as he shot his second load of the night into a pair of her silky panties.I don’t look too bad for a 34-year-old mother,” Jennifer said to herself as she looked in the mirror.

She saw a very attractive woman in the mirror, shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and freckles across her nose. When Jennifer was young she hated those freckles but now…now they seemed cute. In fact, she thought that the freckles helped make her look much younger. She knew that she could easily pass for her early twenties. Jennifer was often asked for id in bars to prove that she was old enough to drink.

How times change she thought. When she was in her twenties, she would get furious when she was asked for age identification. Now she would display her driver’s license with pride. Someday she thought she would try to pass herself off as a twenty-year-old to some young guy in a bar and see what happens.

As Jennifer continued to look at herself in the mirror she felt a wave of sadness come over her. She knew that on the outside she appeared to be a confident and aggressive businesswoman. While she put on a good show, in fact, she was not feeling very good about herself anymore. Her paradox was that while she wanted wild and nasty sex, she also wanted tenderness and love. She wasn’t certain that she could have both.

Since the divorce she had often felt rejected, lonely, and sometimes depressed. Her friends told her that that was normal and she would get over it. They said she just needed a good man.

On that point, she could agree. It would be nice to have a man around the house again she thought. A man that could give her the incredible pleasure she so desperately wanted and be there in the morning when she awoke.

On the other hand, getting married again didn’t seem that attractive to her. She was not sure that she wanted to get married again. However, she was young and she knew that might change. Who knows, maybe she would find a rich guy and start a whole new family she thought.

Jennifer had always wanted more children but Jack was against it. In fact, Jimmy was an accident. She wasn’t even sure Jack would have married her had she not gotten pregnant.

At 16 years old, Jennifer had been young and head over heels in love with Jack. He was the college athlete, good looking and sophisticated, sweeping Jennifer off her feet. However, there was hell to pay when she got pregnant after the first time they made love in the back of his car. Both families went off the deep end, insisting that they get married. They would never hear of an abortion or adoption.

In truth, Jennifer would never agree to that either. She didn’t want to be a teenaged mother but she wasn’t about to shirk her responsibility for a human life. She didn’t fault women that chose not to have a baby; abortion just wasn’t in her makeup. Therefore, she accepted her parents decree. Their marriage was quietly arranged when she was three months pregnant and before she began to show.

Unfortunately, forced marriages seldom work out. She and Jack tried for 17 years but their views of the world were very different and with each passing year they grew further apart.

Jack wanted the high life, parties, travel, and career opportunity. She wanted more simple things, kids, a stable family life, and a loving husband.

It was early in the marriage when Jennifer realized that she needed to protect herself. She knew that if the marriage didn’t work she would be left with barely a high school education and a child to feed.

It took a great deal of personal effort but she went to night school and got her college degree while working as a secretary in a large advertising firm. She had worked hard and earned everything that she got. Now she had the career and money. She was a senior vice president of a marketing company with 40 people reporting to her. It was rewarding and paid a great salary, but it was also a high-pressure job. She would have gladly given it all up for a house full of kids and a good man.

While Jennifer firmly believed in equal opportunity for women, she also believed that woman should have the right to choose her career path. A soccer mom and domestic engineer didn’t seem so bad to her anymore.

Then there was Jimmy. He had always been a good kid, getting good grades and never causing her any trouble. He had grown into a tall, handsome boy like his father. He had piercing blue eyes, sandy blond hair and a smile that would melt her heart. Even more important, Jimmy seemed to be a lot more loving and caring than Jack every was. She thought he would make someone a good husband someday.

He was certainly good to her. Since the divorce, Jimmy had gone out of his way to help her. He was always there when she needed him to hug her and comfort her when life got too stressful. He seemed so sensitive and caring, bringing her flowers on mother’s day, her birthday, and even when she was just feeling blue. Why couldn’t she find a man like him she thought?

Recently she had grown concerned about Jimmy though.

Unfortunately, in order to advance her career, Jennifer had given up many things. She wasn’t home near as often as she wanted to be and she had to move twice in less then a year. It had been hard for Jimmy to leave his friends. However, while he had never complained, she could see subtle differences in him. He was quieter and less outgoing then before. She also knew that he had no use for the men she dated. It was easy to tell that he was jealous and up to a point, that was cute.
However, Jennifer was mainly concerned because Jimmy seemed to stay home far too much since they had moved here a few months ago. She was worried that he didn’t have any close friends, male or female. He rarely went out and never brought anyone home. She had yet to meet anyone from his high school.

Then there were the panties she found in his drawer last week. She had wondered where her panties were going and had suspected something. Jennifer wasn’t sure if that was entirely normal but she realized that Jimmy was still a teenager with raging hormones. Since she felt a confrontation could be detrimental, she decided to leave the panties in the drawer. Then she had surprised herself when she took off the pair she had been wearing that day and put it with the neatly folded ones in the drawer.

Maybe worse than the fact that her son was collecting her panties was the wetness that she felt between her legs as she walked out of his room that day.It was 8 p.m. Saturday night when Jennifer walked into the living room and saw Jimmy watching television.

“Not going out again tonight Jimmy?” she asked with concern in her voice.

“Nah, just thought I would watch a couple of movies I rented,” he answered.

“You know, staying home all the time makes Jimmy a dull boy,” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Yea, yea, yea,” he answered lightheartedly. “What about you, why are you home? No hot date with ‘Fred’?” Jimmy added with sarcasm.

“Fred and I are not seeing each other anymore. We had a parting of the ways.”

“Oh really, that’s too bad,” Jimmy said, barely able to contain his glee. “So I guess you are stuck here with me.”

“Looks that way…a fate worse than death,” Jennifer said in mock horror. “What are you going to watch, maybe I’ll join you?”

“I got ‘Terminator 2’ with Arnold Schwartznager. You know the ‘I’ll be bach’ guy and some romance flick the guy at the video store said was really good.”

“Well, I’m not much on the Terminator type movies but I might like the romance one.”

“Let’s watch them both. You watch ‘Terminator 2’ with me and I’ll watch the ‘chick flick’ with you. Deal?”

“Deal. How about I rustle up some popcorn and something to drink?” Jennifer said.

“Great, I’ll get the flicks ready.”

“Give me a second to change into something more comfortable and I’ll be back down.”

“Hurry, I can hardly wait for Arnold to start killing people,” Jimmy laughed.

Jennifer just moaned, rolled her eyes and hurried upstairs.

A few minutes later she came in from the kitchen carrying a large bowl of popcorn, lemonade for Jimmy and a bottle of wine for her.

Jimmy did a double take when he saw what she had on. She was wearing a pair of purple, silk pajamas with a V-neck top and baggy leg shorts. He felt a little shiver go through him when he saw her breasts swaying freely under the shiny silk of the top.

Jennifer also felt little tremors running through her body as she walked into the living room. She loved the smooth feeling of silk on her nipples as they bounced when she walked, not to mention how silk felt on the smooth skin of her pubic mound. She knew that every woman would shave and wear silk if they could feel the way it rubbed the sensitive skin. She had just shaved so her smooth pubic area was extra sensitive right now.

Jennifer sat on the sofa while Jimmy lay on the floor.

When Jimmy turned to look up at his mother, his breath caught in his throat. From his position on the floor, he had a perfect view right up the leg of her baggy silk shorts. He got the closest view that he had ever had of her vagina. Her foot was on the coffee table as she leaned over to the side to pour a glass of wine. That caused her legs to separate, letting Jimmy see her entire pubic area. He could see her smoothly shaven outer lips and the wrinkly, pink inner lips hanging out. The sexy display only lasted a few seconds but was enough to give Jimmy an erection and fuel his fantasy for days to come.

“Why don’t you come up here with me?” Jennifer said. “I’ve got the popcorn.”

“Uh, uh okay,” Jimmy answered, wondering how he was going to get there without her seeing his erection bulging from his sweat pants. Then he saw an afghan on the chair next to him, grabbed it, and carried it to the sofa with him.

“Oh thanks sweety,” Jennifer said helping Jimmy spread the blanket over their laps. “It is a little chilly in here. I should have worn more but I love the silky feel of these pajamas.”

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“No problem. Now are you ready to watch Arnold do his thing?”

“Bring on the mayhem,” Jennifer answered in resignation.

The two of them watched the movie quietly. Jennifer drank nearly half the bottle of wine. Eventually she was feeling a little tipsy and leaned into her son. “You don’t mind if I snuggle next to you, do you?”

“I’ll snuggle with you anytime you want me to mom,” Jimmy said as he put his arm around his mother and pulled her to him.

“You’re so good to me,” Jennifer said sincerely then lifted up and kissed his cheek.

Jimmy felt his face burning as his mother’s breast rubbed against his arm and her wet lips touched his face.

When the first movie was over, Jimmy got up and put the second one in. “This should be more to your liking,” he said and sat back down, pulling his mom back into his arm.

The TV screen lit up with the movie but surprisingly there were no introduction credits. It went immediately to a blond woman sitting on a sofa in a very skimpy, almost transparent outfit.

Jimmy and Jennifer thought that was strange but continued to watch as the woman spoke.

“I’m making this movie especially for my man Ron, the camera man,” the pretty woman said into the camera.

“What did you say the title of this movie is?” Jennifer asked as she sat up.

“Sleepless in somewhere, with Tom Hanks, I think,” Jimmy said.

“That doesn’t look like…” Jennifer started to say and stopped leaning forward and looking closer at the screen.

Two men walked into the room and sat next to the woman.

“Wait a minute, I recognize that woman,” Jennifer said. “I see her all the time at the market and she’s on the PTA board.” What the…?”

Both Jimmy and Jennifer’s eyes opened wide as one of the guys turned and kissed the blond, placing his hand on her breast. The other guy reached his hand between her legs and began to rub her crotch.

“Oh my God, this is some kind of mistake,” Jennifer said, realizing that someone had put this tape back in the box by mistake and returned it to the video store.

“Oh shit mom, I’m sorry,” Jimmy said as he started to get up.

“Wait, wait, let’s watch for a minute,” Jennifer said, her curiosity overcoming her shock. She was also feeling the effects of the wine, making her logic questionable.

The two watched as one of the men pulled the woman’s top down then both of them bent their heads to suck on her nipples.

“Good God, it’s a porn movie and her husband is filming,” Jennifer said almost to herself, her excitement beginning to grow.

It only took a minute for all three of the people in the movie to get naked. Now the woman was on her knees, alternately sucking on one large penis then the other.

Jennifer felt her heart pounding in her chest as she watched the sexual display in front of her. She forgot that her son was watching the same thing right beside her.

The woman looked at the camera as she held both penises close to her mouth and said, “Look honey, don’t these two cocks look delicious?” She smiled and sucked both cocks into her mouth at the same time.

“Oh my God,” Jennifer whispered, hardly noticing that her sexual juices were soaking though the crotch of her silky pajamas.

Jimmy looked over at his mother waiting for her to order him to shut the tape off. However, her eyes were focused on the television, showing no indication that she wanted him to stop the movie.

“Now sweety, do you want to watch me get fucked by two cocks at the same time, one in my mouth and one in my pussy?” the woman asked.

The blond woman didn’t wait for an answer before she got on her hands and knees. One man moved between her legs and the other stood in front of her. She sucked the penis in front of her into her mouth and the man behind her pushed his into her welcoming vagina.

Jimmy could hear his mother breathing heavily as she watched the three on the screen having sex. He watched his mom out of the corner of his eye, waiting for the word to stop the movie. Jimmy finally shrugged and sat back to watch the movie as the excitement in the room grew.

Jennifer suddenly realized that she was watching a porn movie with her son and turned to him. “Jimmy, we should…” she started to say as she looked over at her son. She gasped when she saw him sitting next to her with his hand under the afghan, moving up and down. She opened her mouth but no words came out. Again she looked at the screen and saw the man that had his penis in the woman’s mouth had pulled it out and was shooting his cum directly into her face.

“Ohhhh!” Jennifer moaned in spite of herself as she saw the nasty action on the screen.

The woman turned to the camera, cum dripping from her face and said, “Do I look beautiful sweety? Do you like another man’s cum all over my face? Oh God honey, Ralph’s cumming in me now,” she hissed as her eyes hooded over in pleasure.

“Uh…Jimmy,” Jennifer tried to say but stopped again when the two men left the screen and the woman turned around and lay back on the sofa. She looked at the camera and crooked her finger at her husband as she opened her legs. He vagina was literally running with cum.

“Oh my God,” Jennifer almost screamed when she saw the husband crawl between her thighs and bury his face between her legs.

Jennifer looked over at her son and saw that he was totally focused on the screen, his hand moving rapidly in his lap. When she looked back at the screen, she saw the scene fade out and thought it was all over. She sighed in relief. Almost immediately, the screen lit up again as the same blond lady was lying naked on the sofa, her legs spread wide. This time another woman, also naked, walked into the room.

Jennifer’s hand went to her mouth to suppress another gasp as the woman knelt between the woman’s legs and began to eat her. She recognized this woman also. She lived two doors down.

“Oh God sweety, she’s eating me so good,” the blond said to her husband as the grabbed the head of the women between her legs.

Jennifer heart was racing so fast that she thought she might lose consciousness. Without her control, her shaking hand went under the blanket and slid under her pajama bottoms. Now as her son sat masturbating next to her, she began to rub her extremely swollen sex lips.

Jimmy heard his mother whimper and looked over at her. He saw her eyes hooding over and her hand moving under the blanket. He couldn’t take any more. “Ohhhh!!!” he moaned, his hand pumping up and down as he watched his mother. His penis throbbed and began to shoot his cum all over his stomach.

Jennifer saw the woman on the screen climaxing into the mouth of her lover and heard her son moaning next to her. She began her own climax, trying desperately to keep her own moans down. Instead, she made little whimpering noises, her thighs squeezing her hand between her legs, her body trembling.

The screen suddenly went dark. Mother and son sat quietly, neither moving, their breathing still labored.

“Uh…I guess I’ll take this back tomorrow and tell them I got the wrong movie,” Jimmy said, breaking the silence. “Maybe I can get my money back,” he added with a self-conscious chuckle, trying to ease the tension.

“Yes…uh…good idea…uh, take it back,” Jennifer said as she got to her feet, her legs almost too weak to hold her. “I…think I’ll go to bed.”

The following morning, Jennifer was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper when Jimmy came downstairs, ready for school. He walked into the kitchen quietly, got a glass of orange juice and put a bagel in the toaster. He noticed that his mother was still in her bathrobe.

“Not going to work this morning mom?” Jimmy asked hesitantly.

“Yes, I’m just going in a little late this morning.”

“Mom…I’m…uh…I’m sorry about the movie last night.”

“Jimmy, it wasn’t your fault,” Jennifer said, her face red with embarrassment. “It was the rental place. I’ll take the movie back and give them a piece of my mind.”

“I can drop it off after school,” Jimmy said.

“No that’s okay, I’ll do it. I don’t have to be in to work until ten this morning.”

“Uh…Okay, see you later,” Jimmy said, a confused look on his face. He bent over and kissed his mother on the cheek, “Love you mom.”

“Love you too sweety.”

Jimmy was barely out the door when Jennifer had the movie back in the VCR and the TV on. She opened her robe, revealing her nakedness. As the movie came on, Jennifer spread her legs and moved her hand between her thighs. She fast-forwarded the movie to the point where the blond woman had her female lover between her legs eating her. She couldn’t believe how much that part of the movie turned her on.

Jimmy couldn’t believe his eyes as he peeped in the window and saw his mother masturbating on the sofa, her legs spread wide. It was even harder to believe that she was watching the two women in the movie make love.The next couple of days were difficult for Jimmy and Jennifer. Neither one of them knew what to say about the evening on the sofa. They were both embarrassed but there was also something else. There was an excitement in the air and a tension that was hard to define.

Finally, Jennifer broke the ice because she knew that their conversation the other morning had only skirted around the real issue. The fact was that she had let her son watch a porno movie and worse yet, she had masturbated with him.

“Jimmy, can we talk about the other night?” she asked while they were having dinner.

“I thought we already talked about that mom,” Jimmy said, looking down at his food, dreading the coming conversation. He was afraid that she had seen him spying on her while she was masturbating on the sofa.

“We’re both adults now so I think we can discuss this like adults. I should have stopped the video when we first saw it come on. It wasn’t right for us to watch that. It was the personal property of someone else.”

Jimmy looked up and sighed. “Mom, I thought you said we could discuss the other night like adults?”

“We are!”

“No we are not. Listen mom, I was embarrassed as much as you about what happened. But let’s be honest, I enjoyed watching the movie and so did you. That’s the adult way to talk about this,” Jimmy said, watching his mother blush. “Mom, you are an attractive woman and I’m not too young to understand that you still have needs and desires. I also know that your boyfriends lately have been a bunch of jerks. I’m sorry about that. And me, I’m a kid with raging hormones,” Jimmy said with a smile then got up, came around the table, and knelt down. He looked up and saw that his mom had tears in her eyes.

“God, I’ve been a terrible mother,” Jennifer sobbed.

“You have not,” Jimmy said as he took her hand. “You are a wonderful mother and I love you.” Then he added under his breath “more than you can know.” “I’d like to be friends with you mom and that means being honest. Mom…uh…this is hard to say but…God…you are the most desirable woman on earth to me. I have a confession to make.” Jimmy took a deep breath and continued. “Mom, I have been peeking in on you for years. I have also been stealing your panties. There I’ve said it,” Jimmy sighed like he had just relieved himself of some gigantic burden.

Jennifer looked at her son and saw tears in his eyes. “I know Jimmy. I found the panties and of course I have seen you peeping at me. But it’s not right you know…you’re my son. However, I’m not sure you are that unusual. I think many boys have a crush on their mothers.”

“It’s more than a crush mom. I…I…I love you.”

“Jimmy, I think you just need to date some nice girls and have some fun,” Jennifer said, surprised at her son’s revelation but trying not to show it.

“I’ve tried that but girls my age seem so silly and…and they’re not you.”

“Alright Jimmy, I admit that I have had feelings for you that…that a mother should not have for her son. But we have to control them. It’s not right. We have to live close together in the same house for a few more months until you go to college. Promise me that you will try to control yourself.”

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Jimmy felt his heart soar. She had admitted that she felt more than a mother son relationship. He was smart enough not to press it. “I know we have to control it mom and I promise I’ll try,” Jimmy said, smiling now. “I’ll stop peeping on you.”

Jennifer had a smile on her face now. “And what about my panties?”

“Ah come on mom, I can’t go cold turkey,” Jimmy said with a little boy smile, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously.

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to go out and buy some more, I’m running short,” Jennifer chuckled nervously, relieved that they had gotten everything out on the table.

“Mom, there’s something else,” Jimmy said.

Jennifer looked at her son with a question on her face.

“I uh…I peeped on you and Fred the other night. I saw you having sex in the foyer,” Jimmy said. He wasn’t just being honest now. He wanted to see his mother’s reaction.

“Oh my God,” she said, obviously shocked.

“It’s okay mom. I told you that I know you are still a young woman with needs. But I’m glad you dropped that jerk,” Jimmy said.

Jennifer’s head was spinning. She was silent for a long time. “Alright Jimmy, since we are being honest, I didn’t take the movie back right away. I watched it again,” Jennifer said, her face turning red.

Jimmy thought about saying that he knew because he had watched her. Then he figured honesty could go too far and kept his mouth shut.

“I guess we’re even huh?”

“Even,” Jennifer said and bent over and hugged her son, still embarrassed at what he had apparently seen in the foyer.Jimmy and Jennifer tried to act like a normal mother and son after their conversation. However, there was a sexual tension in the air now because both of them knew how the other felt. They tried to laugh it off, making jokes about sex or the dirty movie and laughing. Unfortunately that just served to remind them of that evening, intensifying the tension.

While Jimmy tried hard, he was unable to keep his promise not to spy on his mother. He would still sneak around and peek on her. Unfortunately, one day he was outside the bathroom peeking through the hole when he lost his balance and fell right into the bathroom on the floor at his mother’s feet.

“Oh God mom, I’m sorry,” Jimmy apologized as he scurried to get off the floor onto his knees. He tried, but it was impossible to cover his hard penis as it stuck out of his pajama bottoms.

Jennifer stood looking down at her son, surprised that he was still spying on her. However, what surprised her more was the size of her son’s penis. He wasn’t a little boy anymore. In fact he was much larger than his father.

Suddenly she realized that she was staring and her face turned bright red. “Jimmy, you promised,” she said, trying to deflect her embarrassment.

“I know mom, I’m terrible,” Jimmy said sincerely.

“Alright,” Jennifer sighed in resignation. “If we are going to live in the same house, I guess we have to get over this peeking fetish you have.” Jennifer looked at her son and shook her head like he was a petulant little boy. Then her hands slowly untied the belt on her bathrobe. She let it slide from her shoulders and drop to the floor at her feet, leaving her in her panties.

“Ohhhh God,” Jimmy said as she stared at his half naked mother.

Jennifer stood like that for several minutes, letting her soon get his fill of her bare breasts. Her breathing was starting to become erratic, making her breasts tremble.

Then Jimmy watched in total shock as she turned her back to him and placed her fingers in the sides of her panties. His breath caught in his throat as she slid the panties down her ass cheeks. Jimmy thought his penis was going to squirt right there. Her ass was gorgeous. It was still perfectly shaped and the skin was totally blemish free.

Then he watched as his mother slowly turned around.

“Get your fill Jimmy Henson,” Jennifer said as if she were exasperated with his naughtiness. She was acting like it was a lesson to her son. Yet, her body was trembling with excitement. She felt the blood rushing to her pulsing sex lips and could feel them getting wet.

Jimmy’s eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at his mother’s private parts just inches from his face. He was so close he could see a little shimmer of wetness on her swollen inner lips. He could even smell her. It almost looked like the wrinkled inner lips were trembling.

Jimmy knelt paralyzed as he knelt on the floor, his penis throbbing and dripping his juice to the tile below. He had to force his hands to remain at his sides. He wanted to touch her, to touch himself, to bury his face in her wet crotch.

“Now get out of here and let me get my bath,” Jennifer said, feeling like she would climax herself if she let him stare for much longer.

Jimmy hesitated for a second, getting one last look at his beautiful mother then hurried out of the bathroom and rushed to his room to masturbate.

Jennifer got into the tub and used her fingers to bring herself pleasure. After she was satisfied, she lay back in the tub and thought about what had just transpired. She wanted to feel ashamed or guilty, to chastise herself for being so wanton. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the feeling at all. On the contrary, she felt proud of her body and of the fact that she was liberal enough to do something so daring. Maybe the shame would come in the next couple of days but for now she just enjoyed the feeling of being able to turn on a young, good looking man.

The following day was Saturday and she and Jimmy had slept late. She got up and was fixing breakfast in the kitchen, wearing a pair of shorts and a blouse tied below her breasts. She was humming to herself when Jimmy came up behind her and put his arms around her waist.

“Good morning,” he whispered into her ear and kissed her neck.

“Hi sweety,” she said bending her head to the side, giving him more room to snuggle.

“Did you sleep well last night?” he asked, his hands lightly holding her stomach.

“Very good, thank you,” Jennifer answered as she felt her son’s hands begin to slide up until she could feel his knuckles touching the underside of her breasts. The room suddenly got quiet as Jimmy’s hands rose higher, turning over until they were cupping her breasts through her blouse. Instead of pushing him away, Jennifer leaned slightly back until she could feel her son’s excitement pressing into her buttocks. Her heart began to pound in her chest. “Jimmy,” she whispered. Suddenly she came to her senses when she felt him begin to ease his hands under her blouse, his warm fingers grazing the lower slope of her naked breasts.

“Jimmy no!” she said and pulled away from him. “Sit down, I’ll have breakfast ready in a minute.”

Jimmy reluctantly pulled away and sat at the table, a little smile on his face.

They ate breakfast, taking about what was going on with them today. Jennifer had a lot of running to do and Jimmy was going to mow the lawn and work around the yard.

When Jennifer got home later that evening, she found Jimmy sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Jimmy, why aren’t you going out with your friends?” Jennifer asked.

“Come on mom!” Jimmy said in frustration.

“Alright, alright, it’s none of my business. Hey, why don’t we go out for pizza then?”

It only took Jimmy a second to say, “Sure, that sounds like fun.” He hid his excitement at the opportunity to go out with his sexy mom.

“Let me get changed,” Jennifer said with a big smile and hurried back upstairs, just as excited as Jimmy.

Fifteen minutes later she walked into the living room. She was dressed in a tight sweater and a short pleated skirt. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She had just a touch of makeup on. The freckles across her nose gave her a clean and fresh all American girl look. The total effect was to make her look like a much younger girl.

“Mom!” Jimmy exclaimed in shock.

“What’s the matter, don’t you think your mom can pass for a high school girl?”

“Uh…yea…uh God mom,” was all Jimmy could say.

They went to the local Pizza Hut and got a table. They were eating their pizza when two of Jimmy’s school acquaintances came over to the table. The two guys were the BMOC at his high school. Normally they wouldn’t even talk to Jimmy. He knew that one of the guy’s father was some big shot doctor. The kid drove around in a BMW 735i.

“Hey Jim, what’s going on?” The tall good-looking one asked.

Jimmy could see him looking at his mother. Suddenly Jimmy felt proud that he was out with a good-looking girl. They didn’t need to know that it was his mother. That would be incredibly embarrassing.

“Not much Todd, how about you?”

“Umm, umm,” Jennifer said, clearing her throat, wanting to be introduced.

“Todd Stanton, Benton Radcliff, this is my mo…uh…this is my girlfriend Jennifer,” Jimmy blurted.

Jennifer’s eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Wow, where have you been keeping her Jimbo,” Todd said, looking at Jennifer like a lecher.

“Uh…uh she’s a sophomore over at State College,” Jimmy lied. He looked over and saw his mother smiling at him. At least she’s not mad at me he thought.

“Neat, State College huh? What’s your major?” Todd asked, turning to Jennifer.

“Nuclear Physics,” Jennifer said, making up something totally ridiculous and getting into the charade.

“Cool. Beautiful and smart too,” Todd smirked, trying to flirt with Jennifer.

“Smart enough to know what a great guy my boyfriend is,” Jennifer returned, reaching over and taking Jimmy’s hand.

“Say Jimbo, you bringing this doll to the Senior Prom next week?” Todd said in his typical arrogant voice.

“Maybe. I haven’t really thought about it.”

“If you do, I’m planning on having a party afterward at my dad’s beach house. I’d love it if you two can make it.”

Yea, Jimmy thought, you would love it if my mom could make it. Todd was such as cad. “Well, I’m not sure Jennifer can make it,” Jimmy said dismissively, wanting to get rid of Todd and his friend.

“Come on Jennifer, the prom is not so hot, but the party is going to be a lot of fun.”

“Well, maybe we can make it, we’ll have to see,” Jennifer said, looking at Jimmy and smiling.

“Nice to meet you Jennifer and I hope to see you there. See you later Jimbo,” Todd said as he and his friend left.

“What an ass,” Jimmy said.

“He seemed cute to me,” Jennifer said in jest.

“Yea, cute like a snake. He thinks he is so hot because he’s the star quarterback on the football team, is dating the prettiest girl in school and is driving a BMW 735i.”

“That may qualify,” Jennifer laughed.

Jimmy realized what he had said and laughed. “Yea, I guess you’re right.”

“Well, are we going to the prom?” Jennifer asked only half facetiously.

“Yea, right,” Jimmy said with sarcasm.

Jennifer’s lips went into a pout. “Are you afraid to show your college girlfriend around at school.”

“Mom,” Jimmy said and rolled his eyes.

“You know what? It would be pretty wild if we did go to the prom,” Jennifer said, almost thinking aloud.

“You can’t be serious?” Jimmy asked incredulously.

“Well, we fooled your two friends just now. The fact is, I’ve never met any of them, so they would have no way to know. It’s crazy but don’t you think it could be fun?”

Jimmy sat silently for a few minutes, thinking about what his mother had said. Then his face lit up with a smile. “Why not. I don’t give a flying fu…uh I don’t care what those guys think. It would be pretty wild,” Jimmy said smiling broadly now, the idea appealing to him for a number of reasons. “Let’s do it.”

“Great, but I’ll have to go out and get a dress and some shoes and a pocket book and get my hair done. God, I’m excited now,” Jennifer beamed.

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